Chapter 49

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Like Min Yu said, until the day of New Year’s Eve, he and Shao Mingwei really did not find time to meet each other.
Not only was he busy with company matters, but all sorts of social gatherings, large and small parties like wine-drinking parties.
Min Yu has let Ren Yiqing filter out the unimportant invitations, but still, the frequency of these gatherings coming once or twice a day occupies all of his time, excluding work.
In fact, it’s been only a few days of not seeing each other but Min Yu felt some sense of regret in his heart.
He thought that when Shao Mingwei was in school; he was busy with his studies, and he also had to work, so spending less time together was inevitable.
However, now that Shao Mingwei is on holiday to celebrate New Year’s Day, he hasn’t gone to work part-time.
He had his whole day staying at home, but they couldn’t even find time to go out.
In previous years, he didn’t like these kinds of socializing, but this year seems to be especially intolerable. 

Shao Mingwei and Min Yu have been together for three months, although it’s not that long, they get along with each other well in all areas, coupled with the fact that they are both mild-mannered people, and have seldom quarreled, the two had actually felt that they have been living together for a long time.

On New Year’s Eve, Shao Mingwei and Shao Rong worked together to cook a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner.
Of course, Shao Rong can’t cook.
She is several years younger than Shao Mingwei and ever since she was a child, she has been pampered by her brother.
Losing her parents at a young age and suffering from a sudden illness, Shao Mingwei will unlikely let her take one step further into the kitchen.
Therefore, don’t look at Shao Rong lingering around Shao Mingwei like a little bee, she was only doing non-tiring handwork and the only hand-wrapped dumpling she made was as big as the palm of her hand and it was so soft it was unable to stand up.



After finishing the meal, the table was cleaned up, then the brother and sister sat on the sofa to watch the Spring Festival Gala.
The city promulgated a ban on fireworks and firecrackers.
For the last two years, there were still some people who set off fireworks despite the ban, and they were penalized a few times.
Shao Rong also didn’t have much interest in the Spring Festival Gala, her head bowed down, typing on her phone.
The host’s amusing conversation, along with the enthusiastic and festive singing and dancing, acted as a background sound.

Shao Mingwei clenches his phone.
He wanted to call Min Yu but hesitated.
He knew that Min Yu was different from him, and he was probably greeting many people today, so he was afraid that it would be inconvenient for him if he disturbed him. 

In the end, Shao Mingwei sent him the photos on WeChat of the New Year’s Eve dinner taken in the evening, followed by a sentence: made it with Rong Rong.


He put his phone down and put his eyes back on the TV.
This TV is no longer the small square box of the previous small rental house.
It’s neither big nor small, with a high-definition screen display and clear sound.
Shao Mingwei absentmindedly watched the uninteresting sketch when he received a request for a video call on his mobile phone.

It’s Min Yu.


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“En, I just finished eating.” Shao Mingwei replied.
He looked at Min Yu, who was dressed casually at home, and asked, “How about you? Have you eaten?”

Min Yu seemed a little helpless, but his temperament was filled with a relaxed air of joy from the gathering of relatives and friends during the holidays, and said, “I’ve eaten.
There are many relatives in the family, as well as juniors who eat and drink.
It’s not yet over.
They’re really noisy.
I sneaked out to come up and call you for a moment.


Shao Mingwei told him in a warm voice, “If you’re not full, go eat later and drink less wine.” 

Min Yu pursed his lips into a smile.

Shao Rong, who was playing with her phone, heard Min Yu’s voice and quickly ran to Shao Mingwei’s side, leaned in front of the camera, and greeted Min Yu.
“Happy New Year, brother Xiao Min!”

Min Yu looked at her with a smile and said softly, “Happy New Year too, Rong Rong.”

The two talked happily for a while until Shao Mingwei couldn’t help but finally say to Shao Rong in a high-sounding voice, “You watch TV, ba.
I’ll go to the bedroom and talk so I won’t be disturbing you.” 

Shao Rong looked at her righteous-looking brother in shock, thinking that if it weren’t for her keen observation and discovery that her brother and brother Xiao Min were lovers, she would have thought that her brother was really being attentive and considerate at the moment.
But she decided not to be a stumbling block on her brother’s love path so it was best to go with the wind and waves so she said in a well-behaved expression, “Okay, then said goodbye to Min Yu, “Goodbye, brother Xiao Min.”

Min Yu was listening to the brother and sister talk, then chuckled lightly.

Shao Rong watched Shao Mingwei leave without turning his head, then pretended to be a profound thinker and sigh deeply.
She picked up her phone to compose a message on WeChat to send it to Meizi.
She typed: Love really does change a person.

Meizi:? Are you in love? 

Shao Rong: How is that possible? Right now, I am living a life of a [cabbage on the ground”]good girl[/tn].

Meizi: ……?


In order not to hurt Meizi’s heart, Shao Rong kind-heartedly did not tell her the news of her male god’s love affair.

Although the one who is in love with the male god is also a male god, Shao Rong thought to herself, it’s still a perfect match. 

Shao Mingwei walked to the bedroom with his phone and saw on the screen that Min Yu was glancing at his side.
It seemed that someone was there.
He asked quizzically, “What’s wrong?”

Min Yu paused for a moment and explained, somewhat embarrassed, “A moment ago, didn’t you send me a picture of your New Year’s Eve dinner? I showed it to my mother.
Who would have known that the old lady wants to meet you after seeing it, so she let me ask you for a video call.”

Previously, Min Yu had told Shao Mingwei that his family already knew of his existence, so he was mentally prepared to meet Min Yu’s family, but he still did not expect the first meeting to come so suddenly.
He was stunned for a moment, realizing that the person next to Min Yu was his mother, and before he could react, he heard a soft voice of an old woman from the phone feigning dissatisfaction.
The voice that rang out from the microphone was somewhat similar to Min Yu’s voice.
“When in front of me you’re saying that I’m not old at all and now in front of your boyfriend, you’re calling me old lady, really?”

Min Yu looked sideways in front of the camera, drooping the tip of his eyes to look pitiful, and said coquettishly, “Mom.” 

Mother Min didn’t forget her business and said to her son, “Then you quickly let me meet Xiao Shao to say a few words.”

Shao Mingwei suddenly tenses up, and subconsciouslystraightens up his clothes and sits properly.

Min Yu couldn’t stop her, so he asked Shao Mingwei cautiously, “My mom wants to say a few words to you.
Is it okay?”

Shao Mingwei took a deep breath and nodded. 

Min Yu instantly smiled, his eyes turning crescent, then gave the old lady the phone.

Shao Mingwei raised the phone to the height of his face, his expression solemn.
The camera swayed, then a petite old woman with a gentle face appeared on the screen.
Her hair was gray, which was curled delicately into tiny curls, and she was neatly groomed.
Next to her ears were beautiful and shiny pearl hairpins, and on her ears were matching pearl earrings.
The dark red long-sleeved cheongsam was draped on with a milky-white shawl.
It can be seen that when she was young she was a great beauty, now that she’s old, she turned into an elegant and beautiful old lady.

Shao Mingwei said hello, “Hello auntie.
I’m Shao Mingwei, Min Yu’s boyfriend.” 

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