Chapter 50

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Mother Min has always lived a happy and beautiful life.
Even when she was old, she would always pay attention to her dress and grooming.
When she was young, she preferred people with beautiful skin.
At first, she had a good impression of Mr.
Min because he was very handsome.
Facing Shao Mingwei on the screen, who has a high nose and thick eyebrows, looking at it from every different angle, she was very satisfied, and he also answered well. 

The old lady spoke slowly and softly, gently asking how old Shao Mingwei was, what major he was studying, what were his hobbies and interests, and whether he was usually busy or not.
She didn’t mention the issue of Shao Mingwei’s family and parents and only talked about his studies, asking him if he needs any help.

Shao Mingwei thought that Min Yu had already told the old lady, and was very moved by Min Yu and the old lady’s thoughtfulness.
He then answered the old lady’s question politely and patiently and he wasn’t so nervous anymore, because, after the quick chat, he felt that Min Yu’s mother was a person you can easily get along with, which made him relax.



Min Yu sat beside, his arm around the old lady’s shoulder, smiling and watching Shao Mingwei answer solemnly as if answering a teacher’s question.
The doting, affection, and pride in his eyes couldn’t be concealed.
How could mother Min, who had nurtured him and knew him well, not notice it?

This young man’s eyes are clean and sincere, and she can see that the other party is a calm and mature person who cares and loves her son no less than her.
It dispelled the worry that Xiaoyu might be too invested in this relationship and will be led by the nose or will be deceived emotionally.
Seeing that the relationship between the two was so good, and her son’s happiness was clearly written on his face, mother Min also put aside her doubts about Shao Mingwei being too young and became more and more satisfied with Shao Mingwei, inviting him to come and chat at home when he had time. 

Shao Mingwei quickly agreed.


They had already been talking for a while, but Shao Mingwei didn’t realize it, so Min Yu spoke first and said softly, “Okay, mom, if you have anything more to say, let’s talk about it when you meet later.
Didn’t auntie just say that she wanted you to see you for something? You go quickly, ba.”

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Mother Min glanced at him and pretended to be dissatisfied.
“Why? You hate me bothering you two?”

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Min Yu smiled and said, “My mother really likes you.”


Shao Mingwei recalled his performance just now, but he was not satisfied.
He touched his nose and said with embarrassment, “Auntie is very kind.

Min Yu smiled.
“The old lady had two elder brothers and one elder sister.
She is the youngest girl among the brothers and sisters.
At that time, the family was in good condition.
She was pampered up until she grew up and when she married my father early, her husband continued to spoil her that not even a drop of water can touch her hands.
She’s a school professor and has never explored the outside world in her whole life except the school.
She has only been in contact with pure and simple students, and her mind is naturally pure and kind… Because of this, the old lady quickly accepted it when I came out of the closet, but in the end, it made her sad.
If my dad knew about it, he would definitely be angry.
He’s a long-winded man.”

Min Yu’s mood was a little low, so he made a joke to cover up his emotions.

Shao Mingwei wanted to touch his face across the phone screen, but because he lost his parents too early, he didn’t know how to comfort him, so he could only clumsily say, “You are very filial, uncle will be at ease.”

Min Yu answered softly, looking at him meekly with soft, black eyes.
His sudden sadness and longing for his father were eased by the youth’s sincerity and he thought that, in fact, the capable person in front of him was the one who really lost his parents early.
He knew secretly that he was being unreasonable and had distressed the young man who had been living a tough life. 

He and Shao Mingwei stared at each other silently for a while.
Min Yu listened to the vague noise from downstairs.
His cheeks were a little hot, so he bowed his head slightly in embarrassment and pursed his lips into a smile.

Shao Mingwei thought that this is his peony flower, and suddenly said, “I will love you like how uncle loved auntie, for the rest of my life.”

Min Yu was surprised that he suddenly spoke words of love so seriously.
He looked up at him in a daze and saw that the young man’s face was slightly red, but he was still looking at him intently.

No matter how calm and mature Shao Mingwei is beyond his age, when confronting his feelings and facing his beloved, he was still young.
He was so in love with Min Yu that he didn’t want the other party to be a little uneasy and unhappy, so he solemnly made a promise. 

Min Yu’s eyes bent like a crescent moon.
He had a soft smile on the corner of his mouth.
“Me too.

When it was the 16th day of the first lunar month, Q University started school, and students returned to their studies one after another.


Shao Mingwei’s university had always released their final grades during the winter break, but this year, they didn’t know what had happened because the students were not notified of their grades until the start of school.

Q University has a strong learning atmosphere and fierce competition.
Students are quite concerned about their grades.
Naturally, there are also a few numbers of students who are worried that they failed, so they wanted to know early to start preparing for the make-up exam.
After all, the make-up exams usually take place two weeks after the start of school.
The sooner you know you failed, the sooner you can start reviewing.
Therefore, a lot of people asked the announcement team when the results would be released.
It didn’t take long for the head of the Academic Affairs Office to give a fixed date of the notice and said that if there are students that are not confident in any subject, they should start preparing for the make-up exam as soon as possible.
He also pointed out that they have entered the last semester of their third year, so they no longer have the opportunity to retake the exam as before, but they needed to take and pass the failed exams in their fourth year instead.
In this case, if there are students who plan to apply to go abroad, a conflict in time might happen. 

Shao Mingwei is also very concerned about his final grades, but he is not worried about failing a subject, but feels that he wasn’t focused enough last semester and is a little uncertain about whether he can get first place.
He won the national scholarship for two consecutive years.
The small amount of 10,000 yuan from the national scholarship reward is more than enough to solve his tuition fees, which greatly reduces his burden.
So this year, he also doesn’t want to hand over the scholarship to others.

On the day of releasing the results, Shao Mingwei got up early in the morning and finished breakfast, and opened the academic affairs system to check.
Min Yu passed by and sat at the dining table, then asked with a smile, “It’s already out?”

“Not yet.” Shao Mingwei put his phone aside.

Min Yu knew he wanted to get the scholarship, and did not condescendingly say those unreliable chicken soups, only saying softly, “You can definitely do it.” 

Shao Mingwei laughed softly.
“Why are you more certain than me? You’ve got so much confidence in me?”

Min Yu tapped the tip of his nose with his finger, enticing him with his smiling eyes, then he spoke slowly and softly, “Then why do you think I have so much confidence in you…”

Shao Mingwei held his fingers and kissed him on the lips, and said helplessly: “Don’t provoke me early in the morning.”

Min Yu only smiled and did not answer. 

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