icong told me before and I didn’t believe it, but now I think you’re chatting with your partner.”

“Really not.” Shao Mingwei smiled helplessly.

Liu Yang hooked Shao Mingwei’s neck.
A big, tall one hung completely on Shao Mingwei, instigating him.
“Aiya, we are all good brothers here.
Just tell me, ah… Are you still afraid that I will dig your walls? You see, how can I possibly dig it?”

Shao Mingwei was dizzy from his shaking.
Fortunately, the sound of the bell for class rang.
The teacher stood up from the chair behind the podium to prepare for class.
He quickly said, “Class will start.
Sit down quickly.” 

The teacher in front coughed, and Liu Yang sat back reluctantly.

After school in the afternoon, Shao Mingwei and Min Yu arranged to meet at the gate of the school.
Liu Yang also made an arrangement with Cheng Xiaoshen at the entrance of the school.
The two packed their school bags and walked out.

“Ai, Mingwei, did you see the pre-registration form the counselor put into the group chat for fast-tracking members of the honors student society into the graduate program?” Halfway through, Liu Yang suddenly remembered something and smacked his head.
“I forgot that with your grades, you can be directly admitted to a graduate school.”

“Seen it,” Shao Mingwei paused when he heard those words, then walked forward and asked, “Do you want to sign up?” 

“En,” Liu Yang scratched his head and explained, “Our department has only a few places for postgraduate studies.
It’s definitely not my turn yet, and I don’t have the perseverance to take the entrance exam for graduate schools… I took a look at the requirements of the honors student society.
In terms of grades, I think it’s good enough, and I also have enough student work experience.
At that time, I will work for two years and then go to graduate school.
After finishing graduate school, I will have fresh graduate status.
I think it’s very suitable for me.”

Shao Mingwei pondered for a moment, then nodded.
“I think it’s good too.”

“Right, ba! I will consult my parents about this in the evening, and if they agree, I will fill in the pre-registration form and submit it.” Seeing that Shao Mingwei also agreed with his decision, Liu Yang proudly made a shooting movement with his imaginary basketball.

Shao Mingwei smiled and teased him, saying, “The student work of the honor students society is generally administrative-related.
I’ve seen the notice, and it says to select full-time student working members to strengthen the construction of the team of counselors.
You may do a counselor’s job or something.
At that time, you can’t be a hot-tempered child or else you won’t be able to perform your student work properly.” 

Liu Yang laughed heartily.
“I know, mama Shao.”

The notice from the honor student society reminded Shao Mingwei of the question he had to put aside because of his hesitation for a long time on where he would go after graduation.
Now, it was officially put on notice for consideration.

Of course, he wanted to continue his studies, but he forced himself not to forget the hundreds of thousands of yuan he owed Min Yu.
Maybe Min Yu won’t bother about it, but Shao Mingwei can’t just ignore it.
He doesn’t want to continue just being a student while with Min Yu.

This young man was eager to grow into a mature man and was impatient to be involved in real work and enter society.
In his relationship with Min Yu, he will take personal responsibility for the small family that they will build in the future rather than be dependent on his lover in case of emergencies and just be powerless. 

It’s just that at this time, Shao Mingwei didn’t realize that such a way of thinking was immature in itself.
His thinking fell into misconceptions and was influenced by the hidden chauvinism in his bones.
Even if he knew that he might not reach Min Yu’s height after decades of hard work, he still wanted to try his best to get closer to him, take responsibility, and take care of him.

He was stubborn and taciturn that he was starting to drill to the tip of the bull's horn.


Translator’s corner: I’m late again I’m so sorry.
I was unwell yesterday, I consumed too much caffeine yesterday that my heart was beating so fast, I felt dizzy and nauseous and my muscles were shaking.
It took a while before my body finally calmed down, however after that, my stomach started to hurt like crazy.
It felt like it was being burned inside, I couldn’t focus on editing so I decided to just sleep early.

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