“Let’s go and eat.” Seeing that he didn’t want to say anything, Liu Yang didn’t ask anymore.
He got up from the floor and walked to Shao Mingwei’s side.
Shao Mingwei handed him a bottle of mineral water.
After he finished drinking, he took his bag and walked outside the basketball court. 

The basketball court is next to the Q University’s family homes, which had houses for rent.
This is the old campus of Q University.
But the accommodation’s conditions are naturally not first rate.
There were even rooms that had eight people.
Students who don’t want to stay in the dormitory will rent a room in the family homes.
It is not only close to the campus but also better than the dormitory environment.
Even if the rental fee is not low, there’s not too much loss.

Going out from the basketball court and turning left, you have to go through a small path to get to the main road.
On one side of the path is the unit building of the family homes and the thick poplars planted at some unknown time.
Every spring, the school will be full of white poplars; on the other side is the wire mesh that surrounds the basketball court.
This path is not wide, and it can’t even accommodate two cars side by side.
In summer, the verdant and lush treetops of poplars can cover the entire path and it is very shady.
When the boys who play ball rest, they will carry cold carbonated drinks to hide from the sun under the trees.
However, at night, the intertwined lush leaves will block the moonlight and some part of the streetlights, making it difficult to see people on the way.



Shao Mingwei and Liu Yang came out of the basketball court, talking in whispers.
It was completely dark, and it was difficult to see the road in some places, so Liu Yang turned on the flashlight of his mobile phone.
There was a burst of light in the dark road, and the two of them walked towards the streetlight with the help of the flashlight.
Unexpectedly, in the dark, a tall and thin man with a book in his hand came out.
Liu Yang looked intently.
It was Zhao Sheng.

He and Zhao Sheng had never gotten along.
As a result, when they saw each other, they would pretend that they did not.
Shao Mingwei also saw Zhao Sheng, but he was in a bad mood, so he just faintly looked at him and looked away without any pause in his footsteps. 

In fact, Zhao Sheng saw the two from a distance, but today, he had an extremely guilty conscience and didn’t plan to find fault.
However, the moment Shao Mingwei looked at him, he was inexplicably simulated.
His fighting spirit rose, and he sneered at Shao Mingwei.
He took a step forward and was about to say something, but unexpectedly, Shao Mingwei only glanced at him and then kept on walking until he passed him.
As if treating him like air.


Zhao Sheng’s eyes widened.
The sneer at the corner of his mouth froze, and he was instantly furious.

After a few seconds of silence, Zhao Sheng suddenly walked over and deliberately amplified a malicious voice.
“It feels good to fuck a man, right? Shao Mingwei.”

Shao Mingwei’s footsteps stopped abruptly, and all of Zhao Sheng’s targeting, final exam results, the anonymous email that the professor received, and Zhao Sheng’s words just now flashed in his mind…


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Liu Yang’s heart thumped.
He turned around and roared at Zhao Sheng, “Stupid cunt, what nonsense are you talking about! Believe it or not, I’ll beat you up!”

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Xglaalcu tlr affat, tf rjlv, “Tbe ags ab rjs bcf wbgf kbgv.”


Zhao Sheng was taken aback.
When he reacted, he was abnormally enraged, but seeing Shao Mingwei’s pitch-black eyes, he was a little scared.
He kept struggling, but the strength contained in his thin body and Shao Mingwei’s lean body was incomparable.
Except for shaking the wire mesh behind him, his restrained neck remained motionless.
His neck was strained, but he still showed might, although powerless.”What? You want to fight inside the school?”

At this time, pedestrians passed by in twos and threes on the road and kept looking at them, but fortunately, the illumination was very dark and vague.
For fear of attracting attention, Liu Yang frowned and said viciously to the passerby, “What are you looking at? Scram, scram!”

His tone was rude and unreasonable, so others quickly walked away, not wanting to cause any trouble, and after a while, no one but the three of them could be seen on the road.

Shao Mingwei did not answer Zhao Sheng’s question.
The strength of his hand did not loosen, and he asked instead, “Was it you who sent the photos?” 

Zhao Sheng pretended to be dumb.
“What photos?”

Shao Mingwei’s fist against his throat pressed harder, Zhao Sheng’s face flushed with discomfort, and he immediately changed his words: “Yes…so what if I sent it? You think I won't dare admit it?”

He recalled the scene that day.
After the final exam was over, he went to the library to return the books he had borrowed before the exam.
He was just about to pass by the bookshelf and leave when he suddenly saw Shao Mingwei sitting at the table.
A good-looking man was lying next to him.
He looked familiar, but because of the distance, he couldn’t clearly discern so he didn’t care much.
Except for Liu Yang, who was unusually not around Shao Mingwei, everything was pretty normal.
He rolled his eyes and was about to turn around and leave when he saw Shao Mingwei lowering his head, kissing the sleeping man beside him. 

Zhao Sheng’s pupils instantly shrank, and he clenched the school card in his hand.
He looked at Shao Mingwei, who had a faint smile after the kiss as he continued to read.
He suddenly felt a burst of disgust and excitement at obtaining handles, and at the same time, he felt an inexplicable resentment and jealousy.
He stood there for a moment, and when Shao Mingwei put down the book again and looked at the man, he raised his phone.……

Shao Mingwei was silent for a moment, and said in a calm voice, “Why are you doing this? I haven’t provoked you.
As for the research, even if I were included, you’re guaranteed to have a place in Professor Xue’s laboratory.”


Zhao Sheng glared at Shao Mingwei.
Even though he couldn’t breathe well, he could still spout infuriating words.
“I just… I don’t like you… what do you think? I…just don’t want…to see you!”

Shao Mingwei’s expression was freezing, palm turning into a tight grip on Zhao Sheng’s neck.
He pressed him against the wire mesh.
He has never been so angry.
First, is because he blames himself for not restraining his intimacy with Min Yu in public.
In fact, his first thought when the photos came out was whether they would affect Min Yu.
With Min Yu’s identity, he was afraid that it would cause him harm, and Shao Mingwei was even the reason for it; the second is because of Zhao Sheng’s ugly words and his repulsion to seeing his capricious mentality causing harm to others.
He always felt that Zhao Sheng was just childish and competitive, but he didn’t expect him to be a person that can make one feel sick. 

Zhao Sheng had never seen Shao Mingwei’s anger exposed like this.
The sense of oppression and the pain in his neck made him breathless.
Suddenly, he was aggrieved and scared.
His eyes were red for a moment, and even glistening with water.
He grabbed Shao Mingwei’s wrists with both hands and pushed them out.
“Fuck you Shao Mingwei… As for you… Xue Tanqi likes you so much… How could it be possible to expel you, and I, cough, cough, cough… I don’t know your partner, how can I be so bored and tell others? If you don’t believe me, ask… if anyone else knows…”

Liu Yang watched from the side.
He didn’t understand what was going on at first.
He was a little confused.
But after hearing that, he now understands that it’s most likely Zhao Sheng who took the photos and sent them to Mingwei’s mentor.
As for the partner… Mr.
Min’s face flashed across his mind.
Seeing Zhao Sheng crying out pitifully, Liu Yang said, “Mingwei, you take it easy.
Don’t strangle this kid to death.”

When Shao Mingwei heard Zhao Sheng say that he didn’t know Min Yu and that no one else knew, he breathed a sigh of relief, and the strength in his hand relaxed a little, allowing Zhao Sheng to breathe.
He suddenly said to Zhao Sheng, “Do you think I care about the research?”

Zhao Sheng panted and looked at him as if to say: rubbish! 

Shao Mingwei shook his head.
“It would be a lie to say I don’t care, but it’s not as important as him.”

Zhao Sheng knew who the “he” he was talking about, but he didn’t know why he suddenly felt so sour.

After saying that, Shao Mingwei suddenly cooled down, thinking of Min Yu’s gentle expression and voice, and said with deterrent force, “So you’d better shut your mouth, and don’t let me hear even a bit of strange rumors, otherwise I won’t be afraid of doing things.
You can give it a try.”

He let go of Zhao Sheng, and Zhao Sheng immediately bent down and coughed violently, his snot and tears streaming down his face. 

Shao Mingwei looked at him condescendingly with cold eyes, and said, “You can tell the instructors, tell the school, and tell everyone that I’ve beaten you up.
I won’t stop you.”

Unexpectedly, Zhao Sheng looked up and said hatefully, “I won’t! Why should I listen to you?”

Shao Mingwei was noncommittal, only stretching out his hand.

Zhao Sheng, who was stroking his chest, paused, unwilling and afraid that Shao Mingwei would start again.
He unlocked his phone and handed it to him with some fear. 

Shao Mingwei opened the album to find the photos to delete and returned the phone to him.
“Do you have a backup?”

Zhao Sheng said firmly, “No.”

Shao Mingwei looked at him for a while and said, “You better not have it.”

Seeing that the matter was almost settled, Liu Yang didn’t ridicule Zhao Sheng as usual, and said to Shao Mingwei, “Let’s go, ba.
Let’s go and eat.” 

Shao Mingwei picked up the ball and carried the backpack that fell to the ground.
“Let’s go.”

Zhao Sheng bowed his waist and leaned against the wire mesh, raised his head, and watched the two walk away.
His face was mottled with tears.
He touched his strangled neck with red marks, and said in a low voice, “Fuck.”

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