Fortunately, Shao Mingwei’s eyes were swift, so he quickly stabilized his hand right away and held the plate firmly.
He frowned and looked at the person at his side, who deliberately bumped him.

Before he could say something, Liu Yang, who had an impetuous personality, couldn’t hold himself but say, “Zhao Sheng, what do you mean by this? Such a wide road and you purposely run into Weizi?”



Zhao Sheng snorted, “Liu Yang, Shao Mingwei himself, hadn’t said anything yet.
Why are you in such a hurry? Following other people's rump all day, are you not afraid of losing your face?”

“You!” Liu Yang was growing impatient and just wanted to beat him up right away. 

“Liu Yang,” Shao Mingwei pulled him, “let’s go.” After leaving a short word, he directly left without even saying a word to Zhao Sheng.


Zhao Sheng was proud and arrogant and couldn’t stomach being ignored by others, so he exasperatedly screamed behind them, “Shao Mingwei! You hurt Xi Zi’s feelings and made her upset.
Just you wait for me!”

Shao Mingwei shook his head helplessly after hearing his words—he came and provoked him just because he was jealous.
Doing this, he apparently appeared like a naïve child.
With unfaltering footsteps, he quickly walked out of the canteen with Liu Yang.

Liu Yang beside him suddenly cackled.


“You should’ve ignored him, now you’ve made Zhao Sheng furious…” But before Shao Mingwei could continue talking, Liu Yang somewhat said acrimoniously, “He doesn’t even look as good as you, not even as tall as you, and his grades are inferior to yours, too.
His position compared to you is really insignificant, and besides, Xi Zi still likes you.
Sooner or later, he’ll be dying out of jealousy.
And you may not know what he looks like when you turn back, but when the two of us left, his whole face turned black! Just like a piece of charcoal.”

Shao Mingwei was amused by his use of analogy, and couldn’t help saying, “Why do you always want to retaliate every time he looks for trouble?”

Liu Yang curled his lips.
“I just can’t bear to see the way his nostrils flared up.
If only you don’t care about having a dispute with him, I have already taught him a lesson long time ago to make him honest.”

Shao Mingwei smiled back, then warned him seriously.
“You’ll teach him a lesson? Fighting violations will cost you a demerit, it’s not worth it.” 

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“P xcbk, P xcbk.”

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Shao Mingwei wanted to talk to Professor Xue about the matter of not enrolling in a postgraduate course, so he waited for the assistant advisor to finish her report to Professor Xue. 

After waiting for ten minutes, the assistant advisor also bid farewell to the professor.

“Professor Xue.” Shao Mingwei stepped forward and was already prepared to talk about the matter of his postgraduate education.

“Mingwei ah, it happens that I also want to tell you something,” Professor Xue said with a smile.

Shao Mingwei seldomly saw Professor Xue in a good mood, so he grew somewhat curious, and said, “You say it professor.” 

“It’s like this, my wife has a good friend, and her family has a teenage daughter and her daughter’s grades did not reach the standard result.
And her plan was to let us find a good student that could help her child make up her lessons.
Her living condition is very good, so the pay is not a problem.
I think you’re quite suitable.
What do you think?”

Shao Mingwei felt a little doubtful, so he asked, “Why not find a qualified professional teacher instead?”


Professor Xue shook his head.
“This girl is too unruly.
She had a couple of professors that her mother had hired, but all of them suffered from her temper.
Her mother planned to try to hire a young student.
Her daughter was a junior high school student, so you might be able to teach her.”

Shao Mingwei thought that there seemed to be nothing wrong with the offer, so he simply agreed. 

Professor Xue said, “Then I will give you her contact information so you two can discuss with each other.”

Shao Mingwei nodded, then agreed.

“Mingwei ah, I see you have lost a lot of weight this time.
Were you too tired recently?” Professor Xue asked with concern.

Professor Xue didn’t know the situation in his family, so Shao Mingwei had to force a smile without explaining anything, and said, “It’s all right, Professor.” 

Seeing that he didn’t want to say more, Professor Xue decided not to pry too much and merely said, “I know that you know how to measure.
Youngsters who’s willing to work hard are a good thing, but if you have time, you also need to relax and take a break or you could try going on a date.
You see, at your age, you look like an ascetic monk.”

Shao Mingwei never expected that Professor Xue, who always emphasizes that learning should be treated with single-hearted devotion would say something like this.
Knowing that he was doing it for his own good, he felt warm in his heart.
He smiled and said, “I know.”

Professor Xue packed up his things.
The two of them intend to go to the cafeteria to have dinner.

Shao Mingwei hesitated when he said, “Professor Xue.” 


Shao Mingwei opened his mouth, “It’s nothing… I just want to ask what you want to eat later.”

“Oh! I remember, the head chef of the cafeteria has recently endorsed a jiangzhouhua dish.
My wife has started paying attention to my diet lately that even a bit of oil is not allowed to touch me.
It’s really difficult, let alone try and eat this jiangzhouhua.”

Shao Mingwei laughed and said, “Okay.” 

As soon as the conversation was interrupted, the courage he once had was pierced like a deflated balloon whose gas rushed out ever so quickly.
It is rare for Shao Mingwei to be so indecisive.
He silently laughed at himself.
He had no other option but to put the matter aside for the time being.

Afterwards, Shao Mingwei contacted the employer, and when he heard the other party introduce herself as Ms.
Min, he was taken aback, then he silently reminded himself to not be oversensitive and stop associating everything he could think of to Min Yu.
Min’s husband is surnamed Qi, and her daughter’s name is Qi Jingchun. Mrs.
Qi discussed with him that every Saturday and Sunday, each make-up lessons will last for three hours, from 2:30 until 5:30 in the afternoon.

Shao Mingwei said that it’s okay.

The other person’s family lives in a well-known local residential area.
A little far from Q University, but sending a driver to pick him up is not really necessary. 

Shao Mingwei immediately checked and learned that it was possible to take two buses to reach the destination and so he tactfully declined.

This way, Shao Mingwei took the job with alacrity.


In the third week of make-up class, Shao Mingwei got off the bus as usual.
Entering June, the weather immediately rose.
The sun is shining magnificently at the peak of the afternoon, turning into a blistering heat.

Qi’s living condition was not only good, as what Professor Xue said at the beginning, but it turned out to be very good.
Despite being born with a calm nature, when Shao Mingwei entered the well-known residential area for the first time and saw the exterior design of Mrs.
Qi’s house, he was a little shocked. 

After getting off the bus, you still have to walk for ten minutes to reach the destination.
When Shao Mingwei arrived, there were small beads of sweat on his forehead and his face showed a slight redness.
The housekeeper opened the gate for him and hurriedly brought him a glass of water and towel, then suggested that he could just let the house driver pick him up.

Shao Mingwei had a humble and honest personality, and he is a very good-looking person.
Even the housekeeper treats him favorably and is very fond of him.

Shao Mingwei rejected the housekeeper’s suggestion and went upstairs.
He knocked on Qi Jingchun’s door and heard a crackle and rattle inside the room, then a while later, a voice sounded “come in”.

Shao Mingwei pushed the door in and said with a smile, “What are you doing?” 

Qi Jingchun looked from her left and right.
Shao laoshi, what will be our lesson for today?”

Shao Mingwei didn’t think that she really wanted to know, but he still said, “Factors.”

“Ah—evil mathematics.” Qi Jingchun’s face looked like she had nothing left to live for.

Shao Mingwei amusedly opened his schoolbag and took out the reference books with marked learning key points.
Although Qi Jingchun is a bit mischievous, she’s very smart.
Only she doesn’t put her mind into studying.
Her several former teachers were all vexed by her happy-go-lucky attitude, but Shao Mingwei made the summarized learning key points in a neat and tidy manner that can be easily understood.
But more importantly, the young girl was smart and could easily understand. 

Qi Jingchun’s mischievousness dwindled down a lot, and she started studying seriously.
When her monthly exam results came, a little improvement could be seen.
Qi repeatedly thanked Shao Mingwei and even insisted on sending his pay in advance.

When they took a break, Shao Mingwei was thirsty, so he went downstairs to drink.
Below the corner of the stairs, Mrs.
Qi, who is currently at home, can be seen chatting with someone in a relaxed and affectionate manner.
Seeing him come down, she greeted with a smile, “Shao laoshi, what’s the matter?”

Shao Mingwei replied, “I came down to drink…” Before he could finish speaking, he had already descended to the first floor and was already facing the person that Mrs.
Qi was talking to.

When the person saw him, he showed a bit of a surprised expression, dispelling the suspicion that flashed in Shao Mingwei’s mind. 

Shao Mingwei reacted quickly and greeted him.

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