The Extra’s Return

Maturity Ceremony (1)

Inside Baron Warwicks office room, Gil stood like a statue.

In front of him was Baron Warwick who kept staring at him like he was ready to eat him.

With a sharp gaze, Baron Warwick began to speak in an interrogative tone.

”So all the drinks and food you gave Mesties had no effect on him? ”

”Yes, sir! I swear by the God of Light, that I am not lying. ”

Gil raised both his hands and spoke earnestly. Cold sweat started to form on his forehead. His body was shaking all the time. He was afraid of the punishment he would receive from Baron Warwick.

It had been three days since Baron Warwick had ordered Willa to give him a poisoned drink. But Mesties was still healthy. Not only that, in the past few days, Mesties had made a full recovery from the Hikikomori disease.

From there Baron Warwick began ordering Gil, who served as Mesties maid, to administer poison to Mesties. Of course the dose given is higher.

Indeed, Gil managed to give the poisoned food and drink to the Mesties. However, Mesties would just pretend to eat it and throw up afterward because he already knew that it was poisonous.

After pretending to eat all that food and drink, Mesties would always smile kindly at Gil and say, ”Ill repay you, Gil. ”

On the other hand, Gil always felt the hairs on his neck stand up every time he heard Mesties words.

And now, he had to face the furious Baron Warwick.

Baron Warwick rise from his seat and took a bottle of strange liquid from the drawer. He opened the bottle and poured the liquid into Gils mouth.

”I want you to test the effects of this poison. Don worry, I have the antidote. ”

”Ur! ”

Gil couldn help but give up as the liquid started to enter his mouth. After swallowing all the liquid, he coughed for a while before falling like a corpse. His body turned white, then his spirit floated.

”So its not in this poison that the problem lies? ”

Baron Warwick muttered to himself.

After a while, he had just given the antidote to the dying Gil. This is a story about the most unfortunate person in this mansion.

After Gil was taken out by another maid, Baron Warwick then circled the room before he muttered under his breath.

”Ghost Face, you can come out now. ”

”Oh, whats wrong? ”

Suddenly, a voice answered Baron Warwicks words. The voice came from an empty chair. Like a fart, it has sound but no form.

”Show yourself. I don want to talk to someone invisible. ”

”Okay, okay. ”

The person named Ghost Face is then seen on the chair. He sat casually with a black robe that covered every inch of his body.

What the person called Ghost Face was showing was a stealth technique. It belonged to a high-level mana manipulation technique that consumed a lot of mana.

”So, what is your request, Lord Noble? ”

Ghost Face spoke in a contrived tone. Because his face was covered in a cloak, his expression was nowhere to be seen.

Even without seeing the expression on Ghost Face, Baron Warwick still knew that he was being ridiculed.

Its fine that you
e acting like this now. But later Ill throw you away when you
e useless. Thats how Baron Warwick thought.

”Oh, before we talk, Id better install barrier magic first. ”

Ghost Face then started chanting a spell. When he finished chanting the incantation, a barrier began to form. Barriers fill the office room.

The function of barrier magic was to prevent someone from eavesdropping on their conversation.

”This way, we can discuss our business more smoothly. ”


”Shit! ”

I clicked my tongue until it hurt.

Though it was an important moment in their conversation. But Ghost Face created a barrier instead. So, I can no longer hear their voices.

Yes, as seen. I overheard a conversation between Baron Warwick and a man named Ghost Face.

I had some suspicions about Ghost Faces identity, but I threw those thoughts to the back of my head first.

I thought about what Baron Warwick might ask Ghost Face. In the best-case scenario, he might ask to immobilize me, but in the worst-case scenario, he would ask Ghost Face to kill me.

Looking at the old mans persistence in the past three days, perhaps the worst-case scenario would come true.

For now, all I can do is wait for Ghost Face to come to me. Of course, I also had to put up a safety net.

Without thinking about the matter any further, I quickly exited my room. I hastily followed a maid to the front yard.

Its already the third day since I returned to the present.

Living comfortably in this mansion almost killed my fighting instincts.

”I have to leave this place immediately. ”

As I walked down the halls of the mansion, I saw Daniel standing in my way. He leaned against the wall, like a street thug.

”Hey, stop, damn it! ”

Of course, I ignored him and kept going. Who wants to stop when told to.

He looks really angry when I ignore him. Even though I was annoyed. So, when he grabbed my shoulder, I immediately frowned.

I grabbed the hand and slammed it hard on the floor. He looked surprised as he flew off my back. Then he just fell to the floor.


Without another word, he staggered to his feet before starting to attack me.

A punch or two flew toward my face. But the blow only hit thin air.

I dodged left and right, in sync with every hit he took. My footsteps also move in sync with my upper body.

”Bastard! Bastard! Can you keep dodging? Come on, fight me, damn it! ”

Ugh, those are too cliche words, huh.

He seemed to be getting annoyed. He continued to spur his punches. As time went on, the blows grew faster, until finally, it was only a hair away from my face.

So, I can just dodge it. I kicked the floor hard and slid towards Daniel.

Instantly I was right in front of him. It would be more correct to say that we are face to face.

Was he really that surprised? He immediately took a few steps back. His face clearly said, Hes fast! Or something like that.

Of course, I won let him widen our distance again. I grabbed his neck with my right hand.

Yes, I choked him.

”Uk! ”

It seemed like he wanted to say something, but he couldn .

I then dragged him to the window, before finally I pushed—banging his head against the window.


The sound of glass breaking echoed through the halls of the mansion. The shards of glass fell to the floor. The now-open window carried a breeze into the hall of the mansion.

Im still holding on to Daniels neck firmly. I saw his face was red, probably because she was out of breath.

Just as I was about to let go, he suddenly kicked me using a lot of mana. Is that the technique?


His kick flew beside my face. Without much difficulty, I managed to catch his kick with my left hand.

I saw the surprised look on Daniels face was quite funny. But I didn laugh, but frowned, because my left hand was numb.

Without delay, I immediately pushed Daniel further. When I let go of my grip on his neck, he grabs me.

But he didn make it.

”Fly away. ”

Those were the words I spoke to him.

He then fell from the second floor. Even so, he will not die. At most, it would only take a few weeks to recover.

As I thought, I softened a bit. If it was in my previous life, I would have killed him straight away.

I convinced myself that, if I ever saw Daniel again, and he was still hostile to me, I would kill him straight away.

The reason why I managed to defeat him early was because I was only focused on strengthening my wrists and legs with mana.

The act itself is very difficult to perform. It took a lot of time for me to be able to do that in my previous life.

[You managed to strengthen some parts of your body by manipulating your mana.]

[Your internal mana control has increased.]

[Your mana circuit has grown a bit.]

[Would you like to give your mana manipulation technique a name?]

What? Is this System insulting me? Wasn mana manipulation techniques to strengthen the body the most common thing for internal mana user specialists?

Well, whatever.

”Strengthening. ”

[…Your manipulation technique has been given a name – Skill Strengthening.]

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