”I am numb. ”

Stanley hurried around his office, he had to find the drafts that Emma had given him. He had finished editing it for her, and it was supposed to be posted today.

”Helen! Help me find the drafts please- ”

”Sir, please calm down, ” Helen walked in with the folder, ”It was on the dinner table, you left there yesterday when you finished it at the end of dinner. ”

”Oh thank the Lord! Helen, you
e a saviour. ”

The maid beamed at him. But was quickly left standing there when another maid came and informed Stanley of Emmas arrival.

Helen watched, standing there alone before sighing and hurrying after them. When she neared the bottom of the stairs she stopped and watched her Lord converse with Lady Rowe, her face twisted in fury at the dismissive treatment her master was given when he had worked so hard for her.

”Thank you very much, Stanley, you have been of great help. Anyways, off the boring matters, I was wondering if youd like to hang out with us this weekend? Alexander and some friends of ours have planned an outing if you think it not beneath you to join? ”

Stanley simpered before laughing, ”Of course. I would join, I am grateful for the invite. What time and day? ”

”Glad you asked, meet at ours on Friday at midday. Everyone will be there. ”

”Okay, so you mean tomorrow. ”

”Yeah. ”

Stanley snorted and rolled his eyes, ”I will be there, but next time mail me a letter instead of coming to tell me yourself. It would also give me more time to prepare. ”

He watched as Emma looked down bashfully, ”Forgive me for being impulsive. ”

”You have done nothing wrong, ” Stanley looked around, ”Would you want to stay for lunch? ”

”I will, but do you think you can send a little messenger to tell Alexander that I won be coming back as I will be hanging out with you today? ”

”Errol! Come, I need to you leg a message to 56 Camberlot Road, ” he turned back to Emma, ”Shall we go to the lounge? ”

[Time Skip]

Emma and Stanley laughed with each other or the stupid things they have done in the past.

Stanley stopped laughing, he got up from his chair and stood over Emma.

”What are you doing? ”

Emma looked into Stanleys eyes and slowly started backing away, he inched closer before Emma turned her face to the side.

”Look. At me. ”

He grabbed her face and glared at her, ”Why didn we work? ”

”Because I don like you like that. Now, unhand me! ”

Emma started struggling, trying to push him away. A scuffle ensued, and it ended with Stanley pinning her down to her chair. Emma started crying, her skin had started turning red from Stanleys grip, she was terrified, whimpering when he started trying to undo her dress.

”What are you doing?! Let me go! ”

She finally managed to kick him before starting to run down the hall and into the entrance hallway before bursting outside and into the streets.

”EMMA! ”

She kept on running, she can still hear him after her, looking back she saw that his face was distorted in fury.

”Somebody! Please! Help me! ”

People all turned to her in shock, a girl with a ripped dress and corset out of place with someone chasing after her. None of them stopped to help, they were all too shocked, so she kept running, he chased after her to Camberlot Road.

His dark eyes followed her until she disappeared into her house.


When Emma entered the door, she slammed it shut startling all the servants that were bustling around the entrance hall before she collapsed to the ground, her body shaking, and Emma started weeping. Curling up into a ball on the ground by the door.

Bella hurried over with Megan, they both helped their mistress, taking her to her room, Emma was still crying, trying to fight the maids as they tried getting her to calm down so that they can undo her dress.

”Miss! What happened? ”

”Never. Permit Lord Roland to come into our home, ” Emma spoke with a quiet voice as tears stopped streaming down her face.

”We understand, miss. But please, tell us what happened, it hurts us to see you in such distress. ”

”He… he tried forcing himself upon me, hence the ripped dress. ”

Both Megan and Bella cried out in outrage.

”We must tell master! ”

”No! Absolutely not- ”

”Tell me what? ”

Emma, Bella and Megan all looked at the door where Alexander was peaking into the room, face screwed up with worry as he watched Emma plaster a smile and shake her head.

”Theres nothing wrong- ”

”Don . Lie to me. ”

Emma started breaking down again, ”I didn do anything. I s-swear! He-he tried touching me. ”

Alexander felt his fury rise and walked over, and hugging her trying to comfort her.

”He-ripped my dress. And then tried pinning me down. ”

Alexander brought her head to his chest and placed a kiss on the top of her head, dismissing the maids so that they can go get Emma something to eat. Alexander then kneeled in front of Emma gently holding her hands, noting the bruises and scratches. Gritting his teeth in anger.

Emma gently stroked Alexanders hands, ”Love, please, calm down. I am alright now. ”

”No. I failed to protect you. ”

Emma smiled down at Alexander, ”There is nothing to be sorry for, I know you, you would try and apologize for just not being there. I didn know that he would do that. ”

It then clicked in Alexanders head, his eyes widened and he looked up at her in mortification.

”Stanley Roland? He tried touching you? ”

Emma looked down, her face burning with shame, she nodded. Alexnder tried getting up, she hung onto him, hugging him and not relinquishing a little bit of pressure.

Alexander hugged her tight, ”Everything will be alright. Do you want to press charges or do you want to tell anyone? ”

”I don want to do either. I am fine now, can we just go down and eat some food please? ”

Alexander ignored the frustration in his heart and smiled, putting a hand around her waist and walking her down to the dining room. Where Megan and Bella were just putting the food on the table.

Megan pulled out a chair for Emma, ”Are you feeling slightly better miss? ”

”Yes, yes I am. Thank you, both of you. You guys can go rest for the evening, ” Emma then looked at Alexander in shock, ”Can you go and call Mr Roland to say that he is uninvited to our outing on Friday? ”

Alexander nodded and went over to the phone by the door, he dialled the number before conversing shortly and abruptly, adding and then setting down the receiver with a tight grip.

”All done for you, ” Alexander said with a small smile.

”Thank you very much for your support. ”

”No need for thanks, I love you. ”

Emma smiled whilst looking into Alexanders eyes, gaze overflowing with warmth.

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