Li Weilan was taken aback.

His nostrils even twitched because of self-doubt, and after carefully smelling it twice, it was confirmed that the stench was indeed gone.

what happened?

Is there something wrong with his sense of smell?

Li Weilan raised his hand, as if trying to grab something, and stared blankly at the empty air in front of him, him eyes blurred.

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Could it be that the mysterious man is the wind ability user? It is indeed possible for the top-level wind power to do this by entirely replacing around one square meter of air surrounding him, wrapping it around him like an air ball, and isolating any air exchanges with the outside world.
However, this is just too time consuming, and the amount of energy required to isolate the air is incredible.
All this just for his comfort at this moment? Is that person crazy?

Li Weilan was stunned, unsure whether to be grateful or think he was too inspirational.

He bit his lower lip and swallowed the phrase “I’m not that squeamish.”

Shen Cheng smiled joyfully as she watched the blood loss debuff on top of the little villain’s head finally stop, and his face return to normal ruddiness. Thank you for reading on

She actually didn’t expect the effect of the air purifier to be so good.
Originally, she was thinking that it would be okay to waste 3 gold coins, but seeing the cub’s brows stretched and her calm look restored, her old mother’s heart became inexplicably happy.

But at this moment when Li Weilan suddenly became clear in his mind, he noticed there seems to be something wrong.
He didn’t see a zombie near this Wal-Mart, and there were not even animals or birds.
The silence seems to suggest that this mutant beast in the supermarket likes carcasses, maybe it is eating zombies as its own food.
In that case, why is there so much rotten flesh on this floor? Could it be that the monster is still fussy about what it eats?

Even if it is picky at the beginning, eventually there will be fewer zombies as less food would enter the building due to its reputation.
Is there any room for him to be picky? If the mutant beasts are to survive and evolve, they must eat, and this one here is bound to be no exception.
Thinking about it this way, the smoky odor he’s smelling now seemed to be a little weird.

Li Weilan kept calm, covering his nose with one hand, and holding the handle of the knife tightly with the other, but he could no longer forcibly restrained the squirming of his throat like before and vomited.

Shen Cheng in front of the screen also saw this scene.

She froze for a moment, doubting herself.
Didn’t she just see that the cub was better? The debuff was also gone, but why is he vomiting now?

She opened the tool bar and took a look.
She found no issues whatsoever.
The portable air purifier still has more than three hours of validity!

Is this item really so useless?

Stupid game, gimme back my money.

Shen Cheng almost jumped up.
While complaining about the bug in the game, she poked Li Weilan’s face with her finger and sighed softly, “my cub’s life is so hard, so pitiful.”

At the moment, Li Weilan couldn’t bear it anymore and bent over to vomit.
The huge pool of bloody mess on the ground suddenly become active as if it had self-consciousness, spliced ​​together into a huge thorn flower, and spewed out green gases. Thank you for reading on

Green gas!!!

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Although he couldn’t smell the gas, Li Weilan’s face turned pale.
He staggered two steps backwards, and suddenly fell down with a “pop”.

“!!!” My cub is such a little actor.

Seeing the series of fake movements of her own cub, Shen Cheng’s face was slightly twisted: I suddenly have a little pain in the knee!!!

The little ‘movie star’ fell down, and the ground of the second floor shook.
Shen Cheng only saw it at this time, the whole second floor began to move slowly, revealing the monster’s huge body: it was a giant tree.

This giant tree has plethora of twisted branches, and the thorn flower, that Li Weilan saw just now, had grown significantly taller.

The speed of its growth was comparable to taking an elevator.
Shen Cheng suspected her own cub was acting, but she had no idea what he wanted to do, so she just sat back and let the drama unfold.
She was afraid that her actions would alarm the Tree Boss and find out that her cub was pretending.

Li Weilan’s head drooped, as if he was really dizzy, and he stopped moving.

A few minutes later, the thorn flower released its tentacles and threw him into a room.

“Teacher…” A young voice came from beside him, trembling.

“Another one,” said an old voice.
“I don’t know how much more evil that thing has to do, alas,” he sighed deeply.

“Teacher, we can live another day…”

“Shut up!” The old man’s annoyed voice sounded, and he reprimanded the young man next to him, “We are all human beings, only rabbits and foxes hurt each other, how can you say that? Even if you can live a little longer now, when you finally have a chance to flee later, how could you be able to live with yourself!”

The young man stopped talking. Thank you for reading on

Li Weilan listened carefully to the sounds outside, and then he opened his eyes, just in time to meet the shocked eyes of the young man.

“Teacher, teacher! He’s awake!”

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