Ch 22: TGCIR

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NOTE: For the past two or so chapters, I tried using present tense as this novel flipflops between past and present tenses all over the place.
I found that present tense was annoying to read, so I’m switching back to past tense 

・ ゜ ʚɞ ゜ ・ ゜

Shen Cheng has been watching the plot with a smile, but when she saw the person with the word ‘Li Mo’ on the ID card said this, she frowned slightly and fell into a daze thinking about this character.
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Dislike: cub, no wonder this guy is a red blood monster instead of a neutral or friendly NPC.
Listen to what he said! You must not learn from him, or one day you will be like him, greedy and selfish, with no bottom line.
Grandma won’t like you then.

A person who thought that anything could be traded as long as the price was right would betray his friends and relatives in the face of profit.

Shen Cheng instinctively disliked this person who appeared to be always smiling and acting very friendly on the screen.

At this time, although the cub had a smile on his face, a dark cloud appeared above his head.

Hey, my cub is like me, he doesn’t like this Li Mo either.

Shen Cheng felt inexplicably happy because of the similar three views between herself and the cub. I’ve always known that my cub’s three views will be similar to mine.

Li Weilan smiled faintly when he heard the words coming out of Li Mo, who had always been such a person, and he had known it for a long time.

He also said what he said to Li Mo because he suddenly wanted to know more about the mysterious person who saved him.

If she was a good person, then he had to force himself to be “good”.
If she was as dark as Li Mo, or darker than Li Mo, then he could be more reckless.

Along the way, the mysterious person had been quiet, but suddenly, Li Weilan saw that Li Mo, who was walking in front of him well and steadily a moment ago, suddenly stumbled on the ground and almost fell down!

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Li Weilan’s lips curled up.

Li Mo didn’t know why he almost performed flat wrestling just now.
When he came back to his senses, he saw a pebble under his feet.
Thinking that he almost made a fool of himself in front of the distinguished guests, Li Mo felt a little embarrassed.
He kicked the small rock, in embarrassment m, and said to Li Weilan: “My office is in front, let’s talk inside.”

The two sat down.

Li Weilan’s intention was actually made clear to Li Mo in the short period of interaction earlier.

He said that Noah base lacked food, especially food with low contamination.
In fact, this was also a common problem faced by many large bases in the last days: the lower the contamination, the higher the level of plant-based power users required.
Ordinary people would have various side effects if they ate highly contaminated food, but if it was the power user, it would increase the possibility of ability rioting.

“How much do you want?” The two sat down separately, and Li Mo got straight to the point.

Li Weilan smiled: “The more the better.
Let’s start from 5 tons.”

Li Mo’s pupils shrank.

Until he was sure that the other party’s ‘the more the better’ was not a joke, Li Mo talked about the price: “The purchase price… 20 credit points per pound?”

This wasn’t a very cheap price, which was 50% higher than the market price.
Li Mo expected that Li Weilan would want to bargain after hearing the price, who knew that the other party didn’t even blink, but just smiled: “Okay, But the contamination level cannot be higher than 10%.”

Li Mo nodded vaguely.

Li Weilan put down the black crystal card in his hand and smiled calmly: “Here is 100,000 credit points, which is counted as my deposit, you can collect the goods first, and then contact me when you have at least 5 tons.

Li Weilan and Li Mo negotiated a big business.
Almost at the same time that they both confirmed the transaction content and price, Shen Cheng’s system task progress became:

[Hidden Mission 1 of the Black Market Series has been triggered: Li Weilan wants you to store all the rice produced in the recent space.
Storage: 0/4000 Remaining time: 30/30 days

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Note: If this mission fails, the series of missions will also fail, and the hidden mission will be permanently deleted]


My cub wants 4000 servings of food?

This this this…

Shen Cheng’s eyes darkened, and she calculated with her fingers.
At present, the cycle of crops was 24 hours per period.
With a total of 20 fields, one field was harvested twice at a time, one was reserved, and one was replanted.
If you want 4,000 servings, at least 200 cycles are required, that was, 200 days?

But cub wanted 4,000 servings within 30 days!

My cub is really … usually he doesn’t ask for anything at all, and when he asked, it’s a scary number.

Although she knew that this was a trick to deceive money by the garbage game, but Shen Cheng remembered how well-behaved and sensible the cub usually were, and also remembered that all the NPCs encountered in the black market in this hidden mission were all red blood monsters.
The game didn’t make it easy for this task to succeed.

Fortunately, this task was relatively long, with a full 30 days, there was still a little buffer time to earn some game coins.

Shen Cheng didn’t want to disappoint the cub, she couldn’t help biting her fingers and flipped through the game store.

Her eyes lit up: I found it!

In the mall, there was an ‘acceleration’ item, which requires 200 coins, and it could accelerate the planting of 30 days by 4 times.
If you calculate it according to this, 200 days can be shortened to 50 days.
The only trouble is, She had to harvest plants every six hours, which was fine during the day, but not very much at night.

But 50 days was still not enough.
20 fields must be doubled to 40 fields, so that the overall length of time could be 25 days.
The number of fields in the space had been upgraded once.
The price of the first field upgrade was 100 gold, and the second upgrade was 400 gold.
That means the third upgrade would jump to 1600 gold, this game was simply… a greedy madman.

Thinking about a normal daily task would only give around 20-50 gold, the second upgrade would take at least 7 days if you only relied on daily collections.
Shen Cheng knew that she was caught by the game, which basically reached out to her and said: If you want to complete the hidden mission, pay for it! Dammit! Just give your cub money! The grandmother who doesn’t give money to her cub is definitely a stepmother!

What should I do, the hidden mission was already unlocked by the cub, damn it, even if I cry, I have to buy it for him!

This mission was non-renewable, and Shen Cheng was sure that if it failed, her cub would be very sad.

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Shen Cheng took a look at her balance.
At present, the gold coins she had were 20G from her daily ‘check status’.
If the interactive task was completed, she was only 160 gold away from buying the ‘acceleration’ item.
In this way, she has to pay around 160 yuan out of pocket? Although it seemed to be a lot more expensive than the monthly spending in other games, but the cub was worth it! It was just that her wallet was really shriveled, and she had to find a way to make more money.

Shen Cheng thought about it for a while.
From the interactive task, in fact, it could be clearly seen that what the cub wanted to do now was to store a large amount of food, fill the granary, and then… well, she didn’t know what the cub’s next plan was.

Now that she knew what cub’s wishes were, she wanted to help him realize his wish.
This way, the interactive task could be considered easy to complete.
She just had to make sure to cub would feel at ease.

Shen Cheng thought for a while, then took out a small amount of millet from the warehouse, took it out from the space, and put it in cub’s hand.

Li Weilan suddenly felt that something was stuffed into his hand.

It was rough and grainy.

He opened his hand and looked at the contents.
He knew at a glance that it was the millet produced in his own space that had not been threshed.

Li Weilan looked at the millet that came out of thin air, the curvature of the corner of his mouth was getting higher and higher, and even his eyes seemed to be rippling with gentle water waves.

Since it was the products of his own space, it was self-evident who stuffed it in his hands.

He also clearly understood what the mysterious boss meant.
She was telling him, you don’t have to worry, as much rice as you want, we have it.

Li Weilan suddenly laughed.
Xi Nan, who was sitting in front of him and partaking in the meeting, was taken aback by his sudden behavior of looking at the rice in his hand and laughing.
He stared at the rice in Li Weilan’s hand in a daze and said cautiously, “Brother Li, Brother Li? Are you okay?”

Seeing that the corners of Li Weilan’s brows and eyes were like a spring breeze, flowing with joy that came from the deepest part of his heart, Xi Nan couldn’t help but stare at the small handful of rice in the other parry’s hand and looked left and right.
He wondered if there was something wrong with his eyes as he couldn’t understand how amusing this little handful of rice was.

He watched carefully for a while and suddenly realized something, and whispered, “Brother Li, this rice is…”

Li Weilan just came back to his senses, and before he thought about it, he flipped his hand, held the rice in the fist, and looked at Xi Nan, who had a frenzied look in front of him, with some vigilance: “What’s wrong?”

Xi Nan’s eyes sparkled: “Brother Li, is this rice contamination-free? I saw its shape, size, and color, and I can’t be wrong! Right? I’m not blind.
How can that be contamination free?”

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After the end of the world, due to the dual stimulation of viruses and meteorite radiation, rice had mutated greatly.

There were rice grains of various colors, some were as big as a little finger, but they are tasteless and not nutritious, and there were strange five-pointed star-shaped ones, but Xi Nan was sure that he had never seen that kind.
The rice that Brother Li was holding just now was the kind that existed before the end of the world.

But in this day and age, this rice that used to be common was even more uncommon!

Xi Nan said excitedly: “Brother Li, why don’t we ask Tenglong to buy our rice? They gave us such a high price for mutant meat, which is completely taking a big advantage of us! I originally thought that you were worried about food shortage when we recruit in the later stage, but you waste money like this, even if others don’t care, I feel distressed when I see it!”

Li Weilan stood up and looked out the window of the small building.
A street covered with gray fog and a sense of depression came into view.
Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.
Looking at this base where many people coming and going, but without much vitality, he couldn’t help smiling slightly.
Instead of responding to what Xi Nan just said, he asked the other party a question: “Why do you think that in Tenglong, the ordinary people are living a life that is almost impossible to live, but the leadership of the base can still thrive?”

He glanced sharply and continued to ask Xi Nan, “Even if it’s you and your sister, after being bullied and persecuted by those people, why do you only think about being a refugee and running away instead of fighting back?”

Xi Nan lowered his head.

He pondered for a moment, and then replied in a low voice, “It’s because we had at least one bite to eat here.”

“Yeah,” Li Weilan nodded, “the wealthy and the powerful are really impressive.
The black market can be opened here for so long, naturally the base leaders acquiesced, and they even supported the operations behind the scenes.
You think I accepted such a high price.
Let me ask you.
For those in power, is it more important to make their own money or share the benefits?”

Xi Nan instantly understood: “Brother Li, you mean…”

Li Weilan nodded: “Our base is short of people, but we won’t recruit people casually.”

He would let the mysterious boss take care of this.

Since that person has a good heart, he would help her get rid of all the unstable factors, so that those things that can only live in the mud will never reach her.

・ ゜ ʚɞ ゜ ・ ゜

Sandy [Translator]: I am so sorry for the slow updates to the Kofi sponsored chapter.
This week wasn’t a good one for me.
I promise the next one will come out much faster.

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