What does it mean that Zai Zai says everything is yours?

“Oh, I see… I used his space, sold the surplus output, and planted another seed.
He thought that I needed the grain that he grew, didn’t he?

Although what Cub said is not wrong, the fact is that both you and the space are taken care of by mother!

It took Shen Cheng a moment to understand the twist, but when she thought of how considerate and obedient Zai Zai was, she couldn’t help but narrow her eyes and smile slightly: the game planner is so good at this! This line is just so sweet and tempting.

Shen Cheng has played other mobile games before.
This type of game usually provides “official plug-ins” to increase the pleasure of players who pay more money.
For a few dollars a month, you can buy an auto-collect feature for all outputs – guaranteed to let the players who spend more money not have to set an alarm to wake up and collect crops.

However, the feeling of spending money to buy official plug-ins is completely different from Zai Zai looking at you with his bright eyes and obediently saying “I’ll help you collect.” The former makes you feel like the company is eager to empty your pockets, while the latter only makes you want to say, “Oh, my heart is melting.
I want to spend more money on Cub!”

As for whether this task was originally done for Zai Zai’s wish, Shen Cheng doesn’t really remember.

But is it necessary to let him collect? Shen Cheng thought for a while: actually, it’s not that bad during the day.
If it’s one round every six hours, just remember to collect once when you wake up in the morning, once during lunch break, and once when you get home in the evening – basically three fixed times, which also helps cultivate a correct daily routine.

It’s just the midnight harvest that might be a problem if she has to go set up the stall later.

Li Weilan looked up slightly, waiting for the person’s reply.

He didn’t know why the grain in the space matured so quickly, but when he saw the sudden surge of output in the space warehouse, a suspicion arose in his heart: that person knew what he wanted to do.
Not only did she know, but she also supported him in doing it, without even asking any questions.

This made his once dry heart feel as if it was flowing with some kind of nectar, and the honey-like sweetness seeped into his heart and soul.

Shen Cheng was thinking about how to tell Zai Zai that she only needed part of the “service” when a system prompt popped up in front of her:

【Li Weilan offers to collect the output in the space for you.】

“Do you agree?



Partially agree (only collect at night/only collect during the day)

CCC of course, it is C!

Shen Cheng clicked on “collect at night”, and then the system popped up a confirmation prompt: “The space output at 6 pm/12 am has been automatically collected.”

Shen Cheng looked at zaizai nodding in satisfaction and solemnly said with a row of bubbles, “It’s almost 12 o’clock now.
I’ll go to the space to collect the rice at 12 o’clock.”

For Shen Cheng, collecting rice was just a matter of pointing and swiping with her fingers, but for zaizai, it was much more troublesome.

Li Weilan went into the space paddy field, took a sickle and cut the rice a few times.
The temperature inside the space was suitable, but the work was still tiring.
After he finished cutting, he was sweating all over.
He was about to take a two-minute break and put the cut rice into the warehouse when Shen Cheng couldn’t stand watching her cub panting and sweating anymore.
She manually grabbed the grain and put it into the warehouse.

This scene fell into Li Weilan’s eyes, and it was as if the grain was flying over.
What was this? A mental ability?

“???” Li Weilan felt confused: to be honest, even now, he couldn’t guess what kind of ability or identity his lifesaving benefactor/”mother”/guardian angel had.

At first, he thought it was invisibility, but being able to enter and leave his space at will didn’t seem purely like invisibility… Plus, she seemed to have teleportation ability, anyway, Li Weilan guessed one thing and then another, and in the end, he could only choose not to guess blindly.

Shen Cheng completed the operation of stacking the grain in the barn in a few seconds: rounding it off, this is me and zaizai completing a division of labor! It’s great!

The two of them looked at the full profits in front of their phones and the barn.
Shen Cheng suddenly saw a new state appear on the little one’s head: “happy.”

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but smile slightly.
She was about to log off and go to sleep when she saw the “base” column flashing, and the system popped up a message: “You have a new message in your base.”

Shen Cheng was taken aback.
She immediately thought of the “hostile” individuals in the tent area above, wondering if they had caused some trouble in the base.

She looked at zaizai on the screen, who seemed to be enjoying the scene with his eyes closed, and compared it to the flashing red on the “base” side.
After some thought, she clicked on the base and exited the space.

Li Weilan opened his eyes.

Looking at the distant night sky, his breath had already faded, and he knew she had left.

With such a hasty departure, what could have happened?


Yan Hongyu never expected the tent area above to suddenly become chaotic.

As a new “small base,” and with the top leadership absent, Yan Hongyu was completely at a loss when the people above started making trouble: she saw them fiercely banging on the base gate, viciously cursing and screaming, and Yan Hongyu’s hands even trembled with nerves.
Suddenly, all the shadows of her past rushed to her mind.

The girls gathered around her, and one timidly called out, “Sister Yan.” Before she could say anything else, tears streamed down her face.

She was scared, and Yan Hongyu knew it.

How did things get to this point?

Yan Hongyu’s muddled mind was jolted by the cry, but it was like a bucket of cold water poured over her head, and this fire-type ability user quickly calmed down and began to recall the riot that had almost happened in the blink of an eye.

Ever since they brought in the water-type ability user Wei Jinzhen to the tent area, there had been some unstable signs.

To some of the refugees inside, the rules for selecting people for the base were unclear and opaque, and they believed it was unfair.

If it were a large base with high walls, firearms, and barbed wire fences, these people probably wouldn’t be able to make trouble.
But unfortunately, the head of Noah Base was absent, and Yan Hongyu and the others, who often appeared, were all girls who did not leave enough deterrence in the hearts of these people.
They were not afraid, nor did they want to follow the requirements of Noah Base.

Yan Hongyu keenly felt this, so when she went up to pick up people, she was very careful and tried not to attract attention, for fear of being discovered by someone looking for the entrance to the Noah Base.
But who knew that among that group of people, there was a wind-type ability user who secretly raised their position and followed behind them, and still managed to touch the outside of their base.
At this moment, this group of people gathered outside, crazily banging on the entrance to the base, completely blocking the gate.

At first, they were just knocking on the door to get in, but when they saw that there was no response from the people inside the base, the actions of those outside began to escalate step by step.
By now, even some of the abilities that had attacking power were being used to break down the door.
Yan Hongyu listened to the banging on the door, so angry that her whole body was trembling.

The cameras and speakers clearly transmitted their every move and every word.

“These stinking bastards,” a man outside looked at the people inside with no reaction and said in the crowd, “Break their turtle shells and see how they can still hide inside.”

“Yes, they’ve been inside for so many days, and they can’t cultivate underground.
They must have a lot of stored food.” This was another person adding fuel to the fire.

The two words ‘stored food’ struck a nerve with some people who had previously been hesitant.

When Shen Cheng arrived at the base, this was the scene she saw.

Hundreds of hostile NPCs surrounded Noah Base, and waves of the most basic level one ability users were smashing against the base’s gate.
The survivors inside the base were huddled in the hall, trembling in fear.

The system prompt instantly popped up:

“Your base ‘Noah’ is facing its first invasion.
Please help the residents of the base prepare.
Pick up your weapon and defend your base!”

“??? What are these people doing?”

Shen Cheng was stunned.

Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

She took back her previous comment that “the game planning wasn’t that bad.” The first wave of invasion was actually designed to happen when the protagonist and the stabilizing force of the base, Li Weilan, was not at home.
Wasn’t this making it more difficult for the players?

The worst part is that the game only tells you to “help residents prepare,” but it doesn’t tell you how difficult the first wave of invasion will be, or how well-prepared you need to be!

Shen Cheng checked the health bar of the base gate and found that it was still relatively thick, although it was being attacked by hostile NPCs outside.
It seemed that it could hold on for a while.
She quickly took a look at the mindset of the residents in the base: some were “terrified,” some were “angry,” and some were “at a loss.”

Why would they have such mindsets when facing an external invasion?

Shen Cheng clicked on the hostile NPCs outside and carefully examined the status of this wave of three-digit avatars.

Their weapons were basically sickles, hoes, and axes.
They didn’t even have decent weapons, and the ability users only had “strength,” “speed,” “wind,” and “earth”… in terms of pure strength, the residents were not completely powerless! After all, there was a fire-type ability user and a water-type ability user in the base, plus the terrain blocking the gate, this battle could be fought!

Shen Cheng thought carefully and finally read the true meaning of the system prompt.
The focus was on “help them prepare” and “pick up weapons!”

She understood.
This was another trick by the game designers to deceive players into spending money!

“…the planners don’t care about players anymore.”

Shen Cheng checked the base facilities and rolled her eyes: okay, the most suitable one for her current needs was the “weapon room,” with an initial purchase price of 50G.
Without upgrading, it could only produce basic weapons.

And what were the basic weapons?

Axes, daggers, shovels, and kitchen knives.

Imagine these girls in her base holding shovels and kitchen knives… Shen Cheng felt that the scene was quite beautiful.

She clicked on “buy weapon room.”

The girls who were still shaking and hesitant in the hall suddenly heard the mechanical announcement from the system again, but unlike the shock of the previous time, this time their joy was greater.

Although the big boss didn’t appear, she has always been with them!

Noah Base is the big boss’s pride and joy.
Even if she didn’t show up, it must be because she believed that they could hold on and protect the base on their own.

They couldn’t let her down.

“The Base Armory has been built.
The location can be viewed in the control room.
Staff: Wu Xian.
Non-armed personnel, please go to the Armory to select weapons.”

Shen Cheng looked at the little people on the screen, who suddenly seemed to have a backbone and came alive.
She couldn’t help but feel happy – there was nothing more pleasing than seeing people who have been tormented stand up for themselves.
She still remembers when she first saw these girls, they were covered in mosaic, dirty and barely clothed, but now they are full of energy and confidence, which also makes her happy for them.

After the little people went to the Armory to choose their weapons, she clicked on their avatars again and saw their status had changed:

“Spirited,” “Confidence Doubled,” “Burning with Anger.”

Wow! These residents are so easy to lead!


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