m,” and its purchase price is surprisingly “0,” with a very rough introduction next to it:

[If you hate someone, lock them up in this room.
Guaranteed to change their ways.]

And the room is nothing but a bed and a hamster wheel!

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but burst out laughing when she saw this.
She clicked on the “hamster wheel,” and another line of words appeared above it: [End-of-the-world green energy, you deserve to have it!]

“…” Hahaha!

This game is so awesome!

Shen Cheng laughed for a while and guessed that the reason why the purchase price of this room was “0” was probably because it could be considered one of the rewards for the siege, and it was especially easy to overlook once the ABC options were chosen in the early stages, so the price was so cheap?

She bought the “Prison Labor Room” and happily watched as the girls tied the captured “hamsters” into a ball and threw them into the room one by one.

Hamsters generate electricity, LET’s GO!

Making these bastards do labor reform by running around in circles is the most correct way to reform criminals!


That night, Shen Cheng went to the night market as planned.

Most of the vendors in this night market are residents of their community.
Since Shen Cheng intends to set up a stall to get rich, she naturally needs to first survey the market.

The best location in the night market has already been taken by several small food carts.
Shen Cheng took a look and found that they mainly sell food with a strong flavor of smoke.
About half of the people eating at the stalls were sitting down, while the other half were taking their food to go.

In the hot summer, people who eat a lot and sweat a lot usually drink a bottle of beer or a bottle of cola, then burp and go home feeling full.

However, Shen Cheng also saw some girls who seemed to want to sit down and eat, but the drinks at the stall did not suit their taste.
After hesitating for a while, they eventually chose to take their food home.

After conducting her market research, Shen Cheng had a rough idea in her mind.

When she returned home, the neighbors were still noisy, but Shen Cheng’s heart had already calmed down.
She knew how she was going to do her fruit business.

The reason why she chose fruit was not because it had the highest profit margin, but because she couldn’t afford to take risks.
Sister Ma told her that she would help her digest any excess inventory.
Small items such as phone cases and socks required capital investment.
If she lost money, she wouldn’t be able to make ends meet.
Moreover, she noticed that most of the stalls in the night market were food-related.
The few stalls selling socks mainly followed a strategy of low profit and high sales.

When she was at the night market earlier, she saw several farmers selling apples and pears from their trucks.
She couldn’t compete with their supply source, and couldn’t find goods cheaper than theirs.
She also didn’t want to conflict with the older uncles.
As a result, younger and more trendy fruits became a relatively better choice.

Shen Cheng conducted a survey online and finally narrowed down her product line to several types of fruits.
She placed an order on Taobao before going to bed.

Although fruit has a fast turnover, it still involves an investment.
Shen Cheng was still quite nervous in her heart, and her poor mental state the next day was visible to the naked eye.
When she went to work, Sister Ma caught her and asked, “Cheng, why do you look so listless?”

Shen Cheng smiled awkwardly and replied, “I bought fruits on Taobao yesterday and I’m really anxious that I might lose money.”

Upon hearing this, Sister Ma burst out laughing.

She had been keeping an eye on the young girl, wondering why she had been silent for two days, and had been a little upset, thinking that she was just playing around.
In business, it’s important to take a sip of water and wait for the right time to strike.
If you try to seize the market too soon, when others have already established their customers, it will be even harder.
This girl is alone, even if she wants to compete, she can’t compete with the locals.
Sister Ma thought that she had backed out after thinking it over, but now that she heard the girl speak, she smiled and asked, “What kind of fruit did you buy? I’ll help you post it on my WeChat Moments later.”

Shen Cheng smiled and counted, “Avocado, yogurt, pineapple, watermelon…”

“These are not light!” Sister Ma was surprised when she heard it.
She looked at Shen Cheng’s small figure and asked, “Can you move them all by yourself?”

“En, and I calculated it,” Shen Cheng smiled and said, “I can make at least ten yuan in profit for a cup of avocado juice, and more than ten yuan for a portion of pineapple.
Watermelon earns a little less, but if the earlier sales are not good, I can also sell watermelon juice instead…”

As Sister Ma listened to her explain her pricing and profit clearly, she couldn’t help but feel moved.
She looked at the young and fair-skinned girl and said with a smile, “Okay, I’ll give you a ride for a few days.”

“Huh? Sister Ma?” Shen Cheng widened her eyes.
If she said “ride,” the other party might have to wait with her for half the night.
This would make her indebted to Sister Ma!

Shen Cheng shook her head shyly and said, “I didn’t plan on making it too big at first.
I was going to borrow a small cart from our community management.
How can I trouble you for transportation?”

“I said I’ll do it, so I’ll do it.
Don’t be polite with me.
I’ll consider it an exercise, and I can even help you out when I’m there,” Sister Ma laughed heartily, “Okay, I encouraged you to set up a stall in the first place, so I’ll help you until you get started.”

Shen Cheng slowly became emotional, and her eyes turned red with excitement.

Li Weilan stood on the balcony, looking down at the spacious streets of Tenglong Base.
However, all he could hear were the noisy sounds of people arguing and fighting.
Workers in Tenglong uniforms were dragging a man from the street like a dead dog, while blood dripped from his arm.

Many ability users surrounded them, but they remained silent.

Despite the quietness, Li Weilan could sense the suppressed anger and invisible resistance that made the workers tremble.
He tapped his fingers rhythmically on the table, expressionless as he watched the scene.

Xi Nan spoke softly behind him, “Brother Li, this is the third time since we started buying grain.”

“It’s the third time we’ve seen it,” Li Weilan corrected him in his mind.

It was the third time that ability users had rebelled and been suppressed.

Li Weilan had proposed to purchase low-pollution grain, and as the purchase progressed, he had successfully traded several times here.
Li Mo, who had earned half of his 100,000 credit points, clearly strengthened his progress in buying grain in the base.
Now, even if there was only a small amount of grain left in the hands of individual sellers, he refused to let it go.

Food is the most important thing for people, and the ability users in Tenglong Base received their salaries “in name only” this month.
They were supposed to get low-pollution grain, but what they received was of medium pollution.
Eating this grain increased the risk of their abilities going berserk.
Those who rebelled against this were those who refused to be taken advantage of.

“Not enough,” Li Weilan’s eyes flickered with shrewdness.
“The fire needs more fuel.”

“???” Xi Nan asked, “What are you going to do, Brother Li?”

“Wait a little longer,” Li Weilan turned around and said to Xi Nan, “When Tenglong Base exiles all these abilities far away, give them a map and let them go to Noah on their own.”

“Yes.” This was already the third time Xi Nan had done this.

He hesitated for a moment and finally asked, “Brother Li, when will we go find my earth-type ability user friend?”

“Wait a little longer.” Li Weilan had just said this, but his mouth suddenly curved into a gentle arc, and he smiled slightly towards the empty space, saying, “You’re here?”

When his clothes were lightly tugged, he knew she had arrived.

These days she had obviously become busy, Li Weilan didn’t know what she was busy with, but she hadn’t paid much attention to him other than harvesting crops.
There was a hint of sourness in Li Weilan’s heart.

He didn’t plan to share this precious and rare time with Xi Nan.

He waved his hand to indicate he was done speaking, and Xi Nan turned around.
The small person on Shen Cheng’s phone screen clearly showed a white-eyed expression and black lines almost covered his entire eye.

Huh? Xi Nan rolled his eyes so much…

Shen Cheng didn’t have time to think much, and her cub was already smiling at her, asking like it was a casual conversation, “Have you been busy lately?”

“???” Did he infer that she was busy in the 3D world because she has been appearing in the game world a bit less lately?

Shen Cheng was puzzled for a moment: Although she had just started preparing for the stall these past few days, she hadn’t been late for any of the crop harvests!

The reason why there wasn’t much interaction with the cub was also because it seemed that new tasks wouldn’t refresh in the “Characters” column until she had stored 4000 units of food!

But if the cub said so, could it be that there were hidden “interaction” and “friendliness” options in the game, but they were hidden and couldn’t be seen?

Then maybe reducing the time spent with the cub would make him feel disappointed!

Shen Cheng tugged on Li Weilan’s hand and squeezed it twice to indicate that she was indeed busy.

Li Weilan’s gaze darkened.

He had never longed to hear her voice as much as he did at that moment.

He really hoped to hear her say what she was busy with, even if she was lying to him.

Didn’t she speak before?

Why hadn’t she made a sound since then?

Disappointment filled his chest, and Li Weilan slowly lowered his head, his face full of disappointment.

In Shen Cheng’s eyes and the eyes of the little character, it was almost as if there were stars rolling around.

Huh? Mother doesn’t allow the cub to show such a sad expression!

Cub, what’s wrong with you?

【The game’s voice interaction package has been updated.
Do you want to purchase the voice package and AI interaction system? Y/N】

At this moment, the whole game suddenly stopped, and a new system prompt appeared in front of Shen Cheng.

“???” Shen Cheng glanced at the price and almost jumped up.


Just for this one voice pack, she didn’t know if the interaction was similar to SIRI, but it was asking for 188!

Shen Cheng stared at the little person on the screen, who was showing a sad expression towards her, and the same sad expression was also seen on her own face.
“It’s so expensive, cub!”

But then she saw a small horn button behind this message, with “Listen to Voice Pack” written on it.
Shen Cheng hesitated for a moment, but she couldn’t resist her itchy hands and pressed it.

A clear male voice immediately rang out in the room.

“Can I… listen to your voice?”

“Ah ah ah!” Shen Cheng felt like her blood was drained!

The little person tilted his head thoughtfully, and a thought bubble appeared above his head at the same time.
Shen Cheng suddenly felt that the 188 yuan voice pack wasn’t so expensive after all!

Buy, buy, buy!

She didn’t know who the game’s voice actor was, but the sentence was spoken with a hesitant and expectant tone, with a hint of a seductive atmosphere.
It was like the expectation and charm that a beautiful but cold man would only show to you.

Shen Cheng secretly cursed herself for trying to listen, but her hand couldn’t stop herself from paying for it.

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