Ch 38: TGCIR

On the second night at 9 o’clock, Shen Cheng logged in on time.

She brought out the enthusiasm from her past experience of playing various games, raiding dungeons, and specifically prepared some small change, ready to top up if there wasn’t enough money for auction… all to ensure that Zaizai’s wish to buy Dawn Light and destroy it afterward would be fulfilled.

Shen Cheng even closed her stall early and returned home in advance.
As soon as she logged in, she saw cub trying on clothes in his room, one by one.

Although the Q-version cub can change outfits with one click, Shen Cheng still enjoyed watching it.
She watched until cub finally decided to wear the Noah uniform he wore when he first left the base and suddenly realizing what was wrong: Oh no, I forgot to buy you formal wear!

However, Li Weilan did not feel that anything was wrong.

The uniform was warm, crisp, and neat.
As for whether it looked good or not? That was not within his consideration.

He didn’t have many clothes in his closet anyway.
When he finished putting on the uniform and was about to go out, he suddenly heard her slightly anxious voice coming from the air: “Are you going out dressed like this?”

What was wrong with dressing like this?

Li Weilan furrowed his brows slightly.

If he didn’t remember incorrectly, this uniform was given to him by her.

Was there a problem?

He looked at the void with confusion and heard her seemingly gulp down some saliva.
The next second, he was wrapped up in a thin woolen shirt and suit.

Shen Cheng had been looking at the formal wear category for a long time and finally chose a decent suit to put on cub.
She remembered seeing his figure in the original scenes from Memory orb 1: a broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted inverted triangle body shape.
Cub would surely look very handsome in a suit.

Although the Q version has turned the suit into a cute and lovely British gentleman style, Shen Cheng still thinks that if you go to an auction, you should dress formally! That’s how it should be.

Li Weilan touched the soft fabric on his body, and his eyes slightly sank: no matter when, she can come up with so many new things.

Although he had never seen or touched such luxurious material since the beginning of the apocalypse–due to the fact that suits would restrain the hands and feet of ability users, unless they were dandies who never got their hands dirty, most ability users would not choose to wear such clothes, but Li Weilan thought about it and smiled slightly.
This outfit perfectly matched the identity of Lan Li he was playing, so he decided not to change out.

When he walked out, Xi Nan happened to catch up with him to talk about the arrangements for the auction today.
When he saw the boss in a suit and leather shoes, Xi Nan was stunned and hesitated to ask in a low voice, “Brother Li, is this…appropriate?”

Li Weilan had just made an appointment with Li Mo for the delivery after the auction.
Xi Nan also spread the news and arranged their retreat.
If Brother Li dressed like this, wouldn’t he be unable to fight and might have to run naked?

But Li Weilan just smiled slightly, tightened his tie, and exuded a unique charm that belonged to Lan Li between his gestures.
He raised his hand to stop Xi Nan’s questioning before he could speak, and his sparkling eyes were filled with starlight.
“She likes it.”

As for who this “she” was, there was no need to elaborate.

Xi Nan was stunned for a moment.
He didn’t expect to be fed dog food on the eve of a big battle.
He suddenly felt that all his previous worries and concerns were now jokes.

He silently murmured, “Oh,” and followed Li Weilan.


The auction hall was already packed with no empty seats.

Because news had spread that Dawn light was going to be sold, many other ability users from other bases rushed to Tenglong.

Dawn light is currently the only known drug that can suppress ability breakouts, and according to research, there is a substance in Dawn light that does not belong to Earth at all.
Its source can only be determined to not be from Earth, but it cannot be replicated or synthesized.
Therefore, there is no substitute for Dawn light.

Living in the post-apocalyptic wasteland where pollution is everywhere, even if Dawn light is not needed now, it is good to have a backup.
So every time there is an auction for Dawn light, it will cause a wave of hot bidding.

When Li Weilan and Xi Nan arrived, they could faintly hear the noisy and chaotic sounds outside the door.
They exchanged a glance and both guessed that the people in the Tenglong base had already started to cause trouble.

Li Weilan promised Xi Nan that no matter what, even if they couldn’t buy it, he would ensure the treatment for his sister.
Xi Nan estimated that Brother Li was prepared to go to the research institute to forcibly take it if he couldn’t buy it, so he was extremely cooperative with his actions in Tenglong.

Li Weilan lightly adjusted his tie and led Xi Nan to walk in with big steps.
He finally sat down in the private room position that was written on the invitation card.
He looked around slightly: familiar people, familiar places, and familiar feeling.

At this time, a new mission message popped up on Shen Cheng’s phone:

[Please help the protagonist find the location of Dawn light: 0/5.

Mission reward: 100G]

This is interesting!

Shen Cheng blinked her eyes.
From the meaning of this task, could it be that cub still plans to forcibly take it if he can’t buy it?

Is her own cub afraid that she doesn’t have enough money, or is he purely playing around?

She moved her gaze and found that there were boxes of auction items piled up inside the VIP room behind the table.
Some boxes had labels on them, while the dozen or so boxes in the middle that were most tightly protected had nothing written on them.

Dawn light should be in those dozens or so boxes.

After a moment of hesitation, Shen Cheng wondered how to determine what was in each box.

Just then, the auctioneer walked over.
She was probably there to retrieve the Dawn light, and she nodded to the security guard before opening one of the boxes.

Shen Cheng saw that the box contained frozen blue liquid, and upon checking its status, her face grew cold: the label read “Diluted Dawn light.”

The woman was about to take the box up to the stage, and Shen Cheng immediately realized the true purpose of this task.
She was furious and gnashed her teeth at the shamelessness of the auction at the Tenglong Base

Selling diluted potions to deceive players was highly unjustifiable!

Where was the real Dawn light?

Since the task was to “help the main character find the location of Dawn light,” the real Dawn light must still be at the auction place.

Shen Cheng switched back to the main character page and saw that Li Weilan was chatting with a middle-aged man.

The man’s name was written in bright red letters above his head, and Shen Cheng squinted to read it: Li Qi.

Both surnamed Li! Although the surname was not uncommon, Shen Cheng guessed something when she thought of the relationship between the black market and the base leaders.

Sure enough, next to Li Qi’s name was the title “Tenglong Base Manager,” and his health bar was so long that it seemed endless: he was a high-level boss, currently with a yellow mark!

Cub, are you ready for battle?

Shen Cheng’s heart began to race.

Li Weilan had only just sat down when Li Qi arrived.

Xi Nan’s heart was trembling.
Although Li Qi was smiling, the wanderers had all heard of Li Qi’s nickname, “smiling tiger”.
It was said that even when he had a falling out with someone, he would still smile.

However, Li Weilan was sitting with his legs crossed, calm and composed as if there was nothing wrong with his identity.
He wasn’t afraid.

With that man present, what was there for him to be afraid of?

Lan looks really handsome today.
I feel old just looking at you,” Li Qi said with a smile.
“Is Noah still employing old-fashioned tailors? If I have the chance, I’d like to get a suit made too.”

Li Weilan looked down at his cuffs and smiled slightly.
“This was a gift from my wife.
She usually buys my clothes.
If Mr.
Li is interested, come visit Noah sometime and talk to her.”

Li Qi’s face turned blue.
He had asked the question to probe into the wealth of the Noah Base, but it seemed like this Lan Li intentionally meant to say that he was not as good as a woman?

Shen Cheng was stunned by this.
“What? Did my cub marry without me knowing it? This was clearly bought by his mother, not his wife!”

Li Qi suppressed his contempt for this rich second-generation and continued, “Mr.
Lan, are you planning to buy some Dawn light today?”

“Of course, I’ll take them all,” Li Weilan said with a smile.
“Since we have money, the more Dawn light, the better.
Li, you don’t find having too much credit points too troublesome, do you?”

Li Qi’s eyes flashed with a fierce light.

But his smile didn’t change in the slightest.
Lan, you have to be careful.
There are too many people coveting the Dawn light.
It might not be easy for you to leave safely.”

Li Weilan nodded.
“My father has already arranged for people.
Don’t worry, Mr.

Upon hearing this, Shen Cheng’s heart stirred.
She had originally planned to save her money and bid forcefully when the auction started, but now that she knew the Dawn light on stage was fake, what was the point of bidding? It was better to wait for the daily specials to come up and buy something cheap!

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The game had reminded her earlier that today’s special was “One team of mechanical special forces bodyguards for 1G, valid for 24 hours”.
It only cost one yuan! She could afford it!

Li Qi was about to continue questioning, but he heard a commotion outside.
Before his men could stop them with the words “Hey, you can’t just come in here,” someone lightly knocked on the door three times and a rough, masculine voice came through.
Lan, our employer wants us to protect you.
May we come in?”

A subtle emotion flashed through Li Weilan’s eyes.
He crossed his legs and leaned lazily against the sofa, his smile becoming more genuine.
“Come on in.” And just like that, his wish was granted.

Along with the new arrivals were Li Qi’s men.
He glared fiercely at the five mercenaries in black coats and sunglasses holding guns, and whispered in Li Qi’s ear, “They were airdropped just now.”

Airdrops in the apocalypse were different from before.
Especially with a team of armed mercenaries like this, it made Li Qi think of the capabilities of Noah…

Li Qi’s expression turned cold, and his impression of this fat sheep increased even more.
But since he had already made up his mind and taken this step, he had no plans to turn back.
Besides, he didn’t have a plan B.

He stood up and smiled at Li Weilan, “I won’t disturb you any longer.
I wish Mr.
Lan a pleasant auction and every success.”

As he walked out of the door, Li Qi’s subordinates asked him in a low voice, “Boss, what about our plan…?”

“As planned.”

“But… those bodyguards are not easy to deal with!”

“We have no other choice!” Li Qi looked at the vague crowd outside the auction hall, “Since he has such a big appetite, let him eat! Let’s see if he can stuff himself!”

Li Weilan watched Li Qi’s back as he left and his mouth curved slightly.

“Dawn light is fake.” At this moment, he suddenly heard a voice coming from the void.

“Is that so?” Li Weilan smiled faintly and nodded towards the unknown presence.

Did Zaizai know all along?

He’s so powerful! I only just found out!

As a player, Shen Cheng felt completely outsmarted by the main character.
She still hadn’t figured out the plotline of the Tenglong Base, but clearly… cub knew exactly what he was doing.

On stage, the bidding for the first item had already begun.

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