Chapter 1: Goddess or Poor Girl!

Qi Yun was very troubled.

He didn’t expect that as a reborn person, he would still have to worry about money.

Half an hour ago, Qi Yun found out that he had returned from 2021 to 2008, and became a high school senior again.

He happily and quickly accepted the fact that he was reborn.

After all, he had a terminal illness in his previous life, and died before he was thirty.

Being able to live again was already a profit.

But he soon discovered that things were not that simple.

He not only reborn, but also brought a system.

“Angel Investment System:”

“Host chooses high-quality potential stocks to invest in, and will get ten times the return! Complete random achievements, and you can get amazing rewards.”

“Appendix 1: The investment target can be a person, a company or a project, any target that can generate value.”

“Appendix 2: As a positive energy system, judging the quality of the target is not based on the return on investment alone, but more on the social value of the target, its impact on the world,”

“Appendix 3: The invested target needs to voluntarily accept the investment, and cannot blindly invest for the sake of getting a lot of returns.”

“Appendix 4: The return will be paid in the form of overseas investment company dividends, which is after-tax income.
All sources of funds are legal and traceable, safe and worry-free!”

“Appendix 100: All rights of interpretation belong to the system.
The system promises that it will not do anything that harms the host!”

“I’ve never seen such a nagging system!” Qi Yun muttered in his heart.

But ten times the return, it’s too tempting!

How did he die in his previous life?

Although he didn’t do well in college entrance exam, he was lucky enough to choose the right major, computer science.

After graduating, he entered a big internet company.
Although his income was not bad, he worked 996 every day.

After working for three or four years, he was restless and came out to start his own business.

But starting a business was even more tiring.
He had to do everything himself and be on call 24 hours a day.

When the company just started, he thought he was finally going to become rich, but his body collapsed completely.

In short, he died young in his previous life because of making money, right?

Now that he has a system, money is nothing!

Does he still need to work hard?

But Qi Yun soon found out the problem.
He still had no money!

Now let alone finding targets to invest in.

His current problem is how to find his first pot of gold?

Qi Yun had counted the cash on him three times.

One hundred and thirty-seven yuan and fifty cents.

For a high school senior in 2008, this amount of money was not small.

But for investing…

You have more than a hundred bucks and you want to be an investor?

You put it in society, it’s hard to be a person!

As Qi Yun was racking his brains, the bell rang for the end of class.

“Qi Yun, what are you daydreaming about? Go buy dinner!” A chubby boy ran to Qi Yun’s side.

Qi Yun remembered that this guy was called Wang Shang, and he had been his classmate since junior high school.
They had a good relationship.

Qi Yun’s high school was Chuncheng No.
1 High School, a key high school in the city.
In order to improve the college entrance rate, they couldn’t go home after class in the afternoon.
They had three more self-study classes at night.

Students who lived far away from home, like Qi Yun and Wang Shang, didn’t go home for dinner.
Instead, they bought food from the stalls outside the school gate.

Most of the students in the class did the same.

Qi Yun and Wang Shang walked out together from the back door.

Suddenly, a girl sitting in front of the back door caught his attention.

She wore a faded school uniform, sitting on a chair, lowering her head.
Her long bangs almost covered half of her face.

Other students were all walking outside.

Only she was motionless, taking out a small plastic bag from her desk drawer.

The plastic bag opened, and inside was a bun that was already a bit hard.

It seemed that this was her dinner, without even any pickles.

Lian Qingxue!

A thunderbolt exploded in Qi Yun’s mind!

Potential stock?

Was there a more high-quality potential stock than Lian Qingxue?

The high school Lian Qingxue could be said to be the most inconspicuous girl in the class.

He heard that she was an orphan, sitting in the corner of the classroom, wearing a school uniform all year round, always lowering her head, her face unclear, speaking softly, not very sociable.

The only thing that attracted attention was that her grades were very good.
She relied on subsidies to get into a key high school and had always been the first in the class.

But Qi Yun knew that Lian Qingxue now was just a gem covered in dust.

Ten years later, Lian Qingxue would take charge of a world top 500 high-tech company.

What was even more talked about was that she was not only a bossy boss.

Her appearance was also stunning, beating a bunch of female stars in the entertainment industry.
She could not only rely on her wealth to get on financial magazines, but also rely on her charm to get on fashion magazines.

There were a bunch of men online who called her wife.
What was more funny was that there were also a bunch of women who called her husband.

In fact, most of the classmates didn’t know about Lian Qingxue’s transformation even after ten years.

After all, after graduation, almost no one had Lian Qingxue’s contact information.

But Qi Yun knew very well, because in his previous life, Qi Yun and Lian Qingxue had met again once.

To be precise, Lian Qingxue had helped him once.

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