The Hidden CEO Is My Roommate

What He Looked Like Beyond The Mask

Twenty-five years later…

Relaxing classical music circulated in the hotels ballroom as the upper class in attendance schmoozed with the people running in their circles. The atmosphere was conducive to making conversation and most of them, especially the men, grew their network while the ladies gossiped as usual.

What was the reason for the occasion? Today, the bourgeois came together to honor the thirtieth anniversary of the Alistair Group. The Alistair Group was one of the leading conglomerates in the country and every one of them had appeared to show their support and be on their good side. They wanted to build working relationships with them. After all, who wouldn want to dine with the wealthy?

But that was not the only reason they were here considering most of the families in attendance had come with their daughters – of marriageable ages. The truth is that the CEO and heir of Alistair Group is one of the eligible bachelors in the country and they have heard the news that he would be in attendance today.

In one word, every socialite out there looked pristine and dressed to the nines, hoping to make an impression on the heir they knew nothing about or what he looked like except he was the heir of Alistair Group that was worth billions. After all, what mother wouldn want her child to live a life of luxury?

It would be a dream come true.

Arranged marriages were not a foreign concept in their world and love was an abomination if it went below their standard. Every mother out there was in their guards, their hawk-like eyes scanning the ballroom – and their competitions – and waiting for the moment Gabriel Alistair makes his appearance, and then they can swoop on him like an eagle snatching a baby chick.

Hence, the instant Genevieve Alistair was seen in the crowd conversing with the guests, all of them switched to plan B. If they can get the son, they can get through to the mother. Women understand themselves better, right? So they slowly began to drift in the direction of the woman like little fishes in the ocean.

Genevieve knew the night would be a long one, but she had underestimated the word, ”Long ” because now, she was close to fainting. She never thought that there would be so many people in attendance and when she wasn discussing business with the men, she was answering the women hoping to make a connection with her and inviting her to one social function or the other.

But Genevieve was not deluded by their kind smiles and faces knowing deep down that all of them had their ulterior motives and ninety percent of it seemed to revolve around her son. Genevieve was a woman too and understood the games being played here. The women who came to her with their daughters introduced themselves to her, explaining their daughters unique strength and attributes while the girl remained silent and on her best behavior, hoping to impress her.

They wanted her to match her son with one of their girls, only that it wasn going to happen. Genevieve did not keep her son alive for twenty-five years only to marry him to one of the girls who bows nicely with a good smile.

After losing her husband and raising her son all by herself, the woman became resilient and seems to have developed an ability to see through people. So far, none of the girls impressed her, although she did keep a smile on through the whole ordeal. It was common courtesy. A skill she learned was efficient while dealing with people.

She could see through their facade that the girls were rude, fake, sophisticated, and high-class. The few who looked decent enough were in it only for what they could get from the union and that wasn enough for Genevieve. None of them loved her son as she loved him. None of them would go through the length she had gone to protect him. And the icing on the top, her son would be the one choosing his bride and she could see that happening in a million years to come.

So the woman had nothing to worry about like one of them seducing her son and trying to use that excuse to get into the family. Gabriel knew the situation he was in and the consequences of letting anyone come too close to him. They all die and he has learned his lessons over the years.

”So my daughter Alicia graduated summa cum laude from Harvard. She has a bachelors degree in business administration, a skill I believe would be needed in a daughter-in-law. She is capable enough to assist you in the family business and would be a strong support to her husband, ” This current mother was not exactly subtle in hiding her intention. At least, shes honest and not beating around the bush like the others, Genevieve had to give her that.

She answered, ” I appreciate the thought, however, I have enough workers to support me, and thats the need for division of labor. Moreover, my son Gabriel would be the one choosing his wife, I believe that this is the twenty-first century and not the middle ages. ”

The woman coughed to hide her embarrassment while her daughter, Alicia looked away, probably wishing for the ground to open up and swallow her.

Genevieve went on to say, ”However, if you feel your daughter is capable enough, she can submit her CV to the company. You see, we are hiring interns at the moment. ”

The woman looked shocked at the thought that her daughter would have to serve as an intern. It was quite unfortunate, but that was the problem of the upper class who seemed to think their children were special and superior to the others. The hard truth, everybody is special.

While the woman was still reeling from the shock, Genevieve said to her with a polite smile, ”Now if you would excuse me, I have a speech to give. ” And with those words, she left.

Genevieve climbed up the stage, walked over to the podium, and said a simple, ”Hello, ” into the microphone, drawing their attention. The orchestra stopped and everyone turned to face her.

”I want to use this opportunity to thank

everyone that made out the time to attend this companys thirtieth anniversary. You see, this company has been a lifelong dream for my husband and me. But sadly, he passed away many years ago… ”

The screen behind her suddenly lit up, displaying a picture of the late Mr. Lincoln Alistair and evoking different emotions among the onlookers. Some were genuinely touched by the photos while others put on a pitiful look for appearances sake. Who cares if her husband died years ago? Plenty of people die every day.

”May his soul rest in peace, Amen, ” Genevieve was able to compose herself as she continued, ”It wasn easy to continue with the vision after my husband died, but I had hope, or rather someone gave me one. ”

Pride lit up Genevieves face as she said, ”Ladies and gentlemen, lets give it up for my son and the current CEO of Alistair Group, Gabriel Alistair! ”

And all heads turned in his direction…

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