The Hidden CEO Is My Roommate

How Has The Mighty Fallen

”You remember that fire that killed his father years ago? ” She started.

Both ladies nodded their heads enthusiastically. Who hasn heard about the Alistair disaster?

Although there were different versions of the story of how Gabriels father was killed, all of them involved a fire. Most people claim that it was a bomb considering the crater that was found in the place afterward, but it didn make sense that Gabriel survived the bombing unless there had been another fire beforehand.

”It was said that by the time his mother came to his rescue, the fire had already damaged part of his face and that is why he wears the mask to date. The scar is so hideous that children cried whenever they saw him. ”

”Really? ” gasped the first lady from the shock, ”That is so sad. ”

”I can believe he had to go through such a traumatic event as a child. No wonder his mother is so protective of him. ” The second lady was still feeling sympathetic towards Gabriels pitiful past when she heard a snort from behind her as someone said,

”Idiots. ”

Apparently, she had not been the only one who heard the obvious insult at them because the two other ladies turned around only to see who that was. Since the beginning of time, women have always had a thing for recognizing competition, a threat to their position, and that was the case when their gaze rested on the beautiful yet intimidating socialite standing behind them.


They recognized her right away.

Alicia was no other than the socialite whose mother had boldly suggested a marriage union earlier to Genevieve between both of their families. Alicias family was well known in their circle since they occupied various high-ranking seats in the government sectors.

They should have known she was the rude bitch that would say such a thing to their hearing. Thanks to her familys power and influence, Alicia was arrogant, audacious, malicious, ambitious, entitled, and a bitch. And with her in the picture, making an impression on Gabriel would be hard because she would try to sabotage every opportunity they had.

”Excuse me? ” asked the first girl with her arms wrapped across her chest defensively. Her brows were drawn together as she stared her down.

Just because Alicia had siblings and relatives in high positions doesn mean she has the right to do whatever she wants. She too was not an ordinary person and she was so done with the bitchs arrogance.

The two other ladies seeing the courage of the first one stood beside her, providing support as they asked,

”Yes, do you have a problem with us? ”

Alicia faced them, ”Me? Have a problem with you? ” She scoffed, ”You
e not even worth my attention. At least its obvious to me that you
e not going to be my competition. ”

All three of them were dumbfounded. Sure, they knew that Alicia was rude, but the words leaving her mouth were caustic and the third one couldn take it anymore. She stepped forward, trying to intimidate her with her taller height, ”Look here – ”

”No, you listen to me. ” Alicia cut her off, looking her over from her head to the sole of her feet. She gave her a disgusted look, ”At least if you
e going to narrate a story about Gabriel, tell it properly and not some concocted fallacy that you can even defend. ”

Hearing her comment, the two other socialites gave each other questioning looks before they looked at the third lady unsure. Didn she say she knew the history behind Gabriels masks?

Alicia laughed mockingly, ”But then, what should I expect from a nobody? We might run in the same circle but you should know your place in the hierarchy. However, you
e free to watch and learn how its done, ” She said, her target set on Gabriel already who was currently conversing with his business partners.

The ladies were left speechless by her attitude, and could not do anything to her because Alicia was already strutting in the direction of Gabriel. Alicia intentionally added a sway to her hips while walking, sashaying like a model on a runway and drawing quite attention as she walked over to him.

”Gabriel, ” Alicia said, touching his biceps and cutting off his conversation with the others.

The instant he heard his name, Gabriel Alistair didn need a prophet to tell him it was another attention-seeking female trying to seduce him with her charms. If only they knew that to him his mother was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, no one else.

Nonetheless, he had to be polite to all guests and so he turned to her with what would have been perceived as a polite smile if he wasn wearing a mask beneath. His eyes were the only thing visible and no one can be able to tell his identity with that alone.

”And who do I have the pleasure of meeting …? ” He asked for her name.

”Alicia Williams, ” She answered him, a triumphant smile at the corner of her lips. She finally got Gabriel to talk to her and it was progress! Alicia was determined to make him hers.

Before Gabriel had the chance to dismiss her, she took his hand and said, ”Dance with me, ” Already leading him to the dance floor where other couples were waltzing to the music.

As expected, all eyes were on the both of them as soon as they began to dance to the slow romantic tune the orchestra was playing. Jealousy was thick on the faces of the other socialites who saw the move as Alicia stealing what belonged to them. They couldn just accept the fact that she just defeated them.

And while the others were displeased by the turn of events – they perceived that Gabriel was interested in her for them to dance this closely – Alicias mother wore a proud look on her face as she sipped her champagne. Her daughter didn disappoint her, after all.

”Do you know that I got the chance to be taken in lessons by the same teacher who homeschooled you? ” Alicia attempted to make conversation with Gabriel who had been oddly silent since the dance began.

”I have a lot of teachers who taught me so you might have to be specific? ” He told her.

”Alfred, ” Alicia answered, holding his gaze, ”He said that you were one of the brightest students that he ever had. It was quite a pity that you weren allowed to explore the world like other children your age, ”

To keep him safe, Gabriel was homeschooled all through his life and received all of his certificates from home. Unlike the other kids who had the pleasure of having a peer group, he didn have one.

”You know quite a lot about me, ” Gabriel pointed out. And it made him quite uneasy. He didn exactly like an overly ambitious female. After all, who knew what tactics the mafioso would use to get to him?

”Because you
e interesting and I want to know more about you, ” Alicia didn hide her intention.

”That is quite bold of a woman to say, ” He said.

”I know that you
e not disabled or ugly like the others say, but you
e hiding something, your identity. ”

Gabriel began to dance out of rhythm, a little stunned by her comment. He had not expected that from her. The rumors about him was spread intentionally and purpose was to deter people from being interested in his appearance. It was better they all thought he was ugly, at least it waned their interest and expectations of seeing his real face. But this smart female with discerning eyes was a real problem.

”What do you want? ” Gabriel decided to stop beating around the bush and go straight to the point.

”I want you, ” She went on to say, ”I don know why you need to hide your face, but you can fight this battle alone forever. Sooner or later, you would need a female by your side, a capable one, and I can be that one. ”

”Aren you scared? ”

”Of what? ”

e jumping into the unknown? What if it isn what you expected? ” There was mirth in Gabriels eyes because it seems he finally found a use for her tonight.

Alicia moved her hand up his arm seductively and Gabriel watched the entire process carefully. She said sexily, ”As far as Im with you, then I have nothing to fear. ”

Gabriel stared at her for a minute before saying, ”Do you mind leaving with me after this event is over. ”

At once Alicias face lit up. She did it!

”Of course, I would, ” She answered.

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