The Hidden CEO Is My Roommate

The Strange Man Who Looks Like Him

This was all she had, Zoe, stared at the numbers in her account undecidedly. What was she going to do? Invest all of her money or some? She wondered as she stared at the bank app and the owner of the business she wanted to invest in.

Mr. Jones was the business owner and she has known him for a few months just like the numerous other investors that he established a mutually beneficial relationship with and they fund his business. The business is an online earning platform that pays her for carrying out simple tasks on Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, and other social media platforms.

The registration is free and Zoe was given a certain amount of money which she can use to carry out tasks and then withdraw when she reaches her threshold. Different VIP subscription plans determine the number of tasks she can carry out daily and also how much she can earn – the higher the subscription, the more money.

Honestly, the business seemed like a Ponzi scheme to her, an investment fraud that pays existing investors with funds collected from new investors. They promise organizers to invest money and generate high returns with little or no risk. And that was the only reason why Zoe has not subscribed to a higher VIP plan.

But then, Mr. Jones was very convincing and explained the business structure to her. The business is well designed for social media influencers on social networking platforms and they help to increase followers and enhance their overall online influences by making daily headlines.

So their network provides pre-paid charging services for customers longing to be hot on the research, such as video bloggers, movie stars, musicians, social celebrities, and influential content creators across dozens of industries. The business in turn pays its registered members for carrying out very simple activities on social media.

But then some things just don add up in the app. Moreover, why would Mr. Jones call her just to advise her to upgrade to a higher VIP plan? Was she the only investor he called and gave the same advice? But then Zoe just didn want to believe it – She was desperate for money right now. Maybe she would stop after this round.

Yes, once she gets her earnings this week, she would withdraw everything and then stop. By then, she has gotten quite a lot of money to solve her problems! Yes, that was the plan. Moreover, in most Ponzi schemes, their CEOs are unknown, but she knew Mr. Jones and he even has an office. He wasn going anywhere, right?

”Fine, Ill upgrade, ” Zoe told him and his face lit up like Christmas. Mr. Jones had the kindest smile that she has ever seen, such a man wouldn scam her. She was sure of it.

”You have made the right decision, Zoe and I promise you that you won regret it. ” He assured her.

Of course, she wouldn regret it, Zoe muttered to herself as she emptied her bank account and invested in the business. The only money she has now was the little she had at home to sustain her feeding until her earnings from the business came in.

With the money, she would finally be able to do something substantial. She would send her family enough money for her brother and perhaps start a small business to receive earned income alongside her teaching Job. Zoe could finally see her life turning around for good.

It might be hard to believe, but Zoe had once been an heiress. She was a young miss who didn have to worry about money and had anything she wanted. And then out of nowhere, her fathers business began to fail, but before they could completely go bankrupt, they swiftly moved out of the country.

Thankfully, there came new ownership of the company saving it from completely crashing. And though nothing was changed in the company, not even the name, nor were the workers fired – it seems the new owner didn exactly care or was too lazy or was merely saving her fathers face – it didn change the fact that her father lost the company.

To make it worse, her brother fell sick to the point that they had to sell off all of their properties to save his life. So yes, her story was a fall from grace to grass and Zoe was determined to turn it around. All she had to do now was wait patiently for her money to make returns and she would smile once more.

”Thank you, Mr. Jones, ” Zoe stood up to her feet, ready to leave now that she was done. Life was all about taking risks and now she had to wait for the results.

Mr. Jones was indeed very kind, he saw her off and Zoe got to the bus stop and entered the one heading to her place. It was strange but her heart couldn stop beating and her hands were shaking.

What if this was all wrong?

Then she would end up broke with nothing! It was two weeks till her next pay at work would come in nor do they pay in advance. Neither could she beg anyone to lend her.

Zoe doesn know how the secret got out, but her fellow staff at the school believes that shes a rich kid – they have no idea that her family is now bankrupt. It was a stupid move but Zoe couldn refute the claims and now she has to lie and keep up with her rich lifestyle – or so they believe.

The business had to go well.

It was already evening by the time Zoe returned home to her decrepit neighborhood. No wonder she couldn tell the staff that she was poor. If they had an idea that this is where a once rich heiress lives, it was going to be embarrassing. Zoe could survive their mockery, but the sympathy, she doesn want that.

That was the reason she left her family abroad to come back here. At least here, not everyone knew that the company was under new leadership – everything had been done quietly – and wouldn give her that pitiful look.

How have the mighty fallen?

Zoe got into her apartment and was working on the lock when the landlady appeared and her heart skyrocketed. Damn it, she forgot about her!

e finally back! ” The woman said with a knowing smile. She stretched her palm expectantly, ”So wheres my rent? ”

Zoe gulped, scratching her scalp awkwardly, ”Mam, the thing is… ”

”You don have it, do you? ” She dared her to lie.

”Give me a week! ” Zoe quickly told her while making sure that her door was thoroughly locked else she barged in and tossed her stuff out.

”Thats what you said last time, you liar! ”

”Then believe me this time! ” Zoe declared with confidence which stunned the woman.

”I told you that I returned abroad, right? Well, my boyfriend is coming for me and when he does, your debt would be cleared up instantly! So just give me a few days, please? ” She convinced the woman with her charms and she wasn able to resist.

”Fine! ” The landlady said, ”A week, and if you don have it then, I don care, I will kick you out in the streets! ” She threatened her

”Yes, Mam, you can do whatever you want with me. ” Zoe prayed that she wasn going to regret those words.

The woman left and Zoe leaned against the door with a deep sigh. She would be toast if this business doesn work out. All she had to do now was to pray.

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