The Hot Nerd

Chapter 5

a punch came flying in my face bruising my lip as traces of blood was seen on my hoodie…

I didn know why but this brought a big smile to my face as I felt my blood boil and wipe off the blood on my lips.

”That was good!! But its done a little more like this… ” And with that came an angry punch to the face and the big man came crashing down to the floor, unmoving. Must have hit him to hard.. my knuckles were red but it didn hurt..

The others starred at me with unbelief. Everyone was shocked and I didn miss the look in Kathys face. I felt good like a part of me that has been held in chains was just unleashed .

The two of them came at me at once, my stomach suffered the pain but when one aimed for my face I crushed his fist in mine… Not the face you bastard! And I returned the favor.

In two minutes, three men were on the floor, one motionless and two wriggling in pain holding their sides, probably a broken rib..

Suddenly I felt hands behind me, it all happened so fast…

My hoodie came off and I felt something hard at the side of my head..

I heard gasps…

Drip! Drip!…

Something was dripping by the side of my face and falling to the ground. I touched my face and a lot of memories came flooding in….

Kathy POV

I know am supposed to be scared out of my wits but… Hot damn! Thats the hottest being to exist in the world!! What the…

I saw blood running down his face and I covered my mouth with my hands to avoid screaming! I saw the way he easily took care of my kidnappers like one who did so for a living.. the weird thing was that he did it all with a creapy smile..

He raised his hand slowly and touched the side of his face dripping with blood. And in the next second, he broke into a smile and it turned creapy every second… Slowly he licked the side of his lips as he turned around to stare the person responsible dead in the eye.

Ever been in a situation whereby the prey turned to a predator??? Well that was what was playing before me.. I saw the man who had hit him with a wooden bat shaking like a leaf in the wind.

I blinked, his feet left the group

”I said not the face.. ” is it possible for a highschool student to have such deep and scary voice? I felt goose bumbs and the hair on my body stood!

Was this the guy I tried to mess with? Just the thought of what could have been my fate made me shudder.

”Please… Please!! ” The weak voice of a person pleading desperately brought me back to reality. The man was on the floor with some of his teeth missing as he held onto his right arm which appeared broken and continuously coughed out blood.. And over him was Skylar looking like an assassin as blood ran down his face which was hidden by his slightly messy hair. Slowly he turned around and we made eye contact and my spirit left my body. God! Is it possible for someone to look so scary and at the same time look like a meal. Kathy focus! I first broke eye contact cos the stare was making me scared.

And just like that he put his hoodie on and walked out with his school bag.

It took me quite a while before I snapped back to reality. I quickly ran to catch up to him.

”Wait! ”

No response, keeps walking.

”Wait! Skylar! ”


”Thanks for helping me ”

Keeps walking.

”Wait! At least let me treat your wounds, to show my appreciation ”.

”I don need it ” he replied coldly and tried to move only to stop suddenly grabbing his head and squeezing his eye shut and the blood on his face started oozing out again. I grabbed his arm.

”I think you do, it may get worse or infected ”. When he didn reply I led him to an empty warehouse I saw by the roadside and made him sit down and got out a small first aid box I always carry with me in my school bag.

Gently, I reached out to unzip and remove the hoodie over his head and his body to check for any hidden injuries, but he grabbed my hand mid way startling me. After some time, he let go and I slowly removed the hood and my world stopped!

For the 5th time, my heart dropped and my mind was a mess! At this rate I could be admitted with heart failure in a hospital . How the freaking hell can someone look delicious!?! Hes jet black unbelievable long silky hair had cute tiny curls that framed a piece of art for a face falling to his neck and an undercut with an S by the side that gave him out as a BAD boy. His eyebrows were silky as well, perfectly arched with two slashes and an X slash the other one. Literally anyone would be lost in those pair of sexy russet eyes. They starred into a persons soul. His nose stood firm and pointed with the outline of his jawline sharp and powerful it could clearly cut through anything . His lips… Was one place I desperately tried not to look but am failing terribly .

My eyes went down and I chocked on my own saliva. For a second I forgot how to breathe….

There was a Rolla Costa on his body and I so badly wanted to…

Unconsciously, I licked my lips..

Question real quick, is **** a crime?? And do they send you to jail with your victim? Cos I don trust myself right now.. and I don know what I might do to him.. and theres only one word in my head now..

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