The Hot Nerd

Chapter 7


Scoff… It was so obvious .

The word **** was written on her face in capital letters. The look in her eyes were strangely familiar… Like Ive been getting them all my life.. the look of a hungry wolf before a meal and she was doing a terrible job trying to hide it.

”Don you dare… ”

”Huh ” she said as if in a daze.

”Don even think of it! ”

” Wh… What? ”

”Its so obvious that you
e trying to take advantage of me… ”.

”Wh.. what do you mean? ”

”Get your hands off ”. She looked down at her hands that was placed flat on my chest and immediately jerked off in shock.

”Am sorry… Didn know how they got there ” she shuttered and tried to come close.

”One more step and Ill call 911 ” I said as I reached for my phone shocking her in the process. I picked up my school bag and hood and left.

Kathy POV

Right now I was in a position anyone who knew me will never believe! Well blame it on that hood guy who gave me a restless nights. I was trying to see if I could get a glimpse of him. I haven seen him since the incident on Friday and today was Monday. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn get him off my mind but then how can anyone ever forget such a sight? Apiece of art! I was just in time for school, earlier than usual so as not to miss him…. Funny… How my life changed after meeting someone . But the fact that I was the only one who knew about this beauty made me feel special .

Then I saw him and unconsciously hid behind the wall…

Beat… Beat…. Beat…

My heart kept beating painfully in my chest. It was a new but familiar feeling… Like when a girl sees her crush… I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as my face suddenly felt hot.. I tried to calm my crazy heart down and peeped from my hiding place to see the one who made my heart beat so hard as a smile creapt to my lips.

It was a fact now… I have a huge crush on Skylar.. This realization struck me as unbelievable but it was true. I actually like a nerd… A hot nerd…

He was in a white big hoodie… And now that I looked at it, it feels like I know the brand… Ive seen it in a magazine and it was ridiculously expensive. Maybe I was imagining things…

From the side I saw people throwing things at him and some bullies trying to pick on him. Unconsciously my hands balled and into fists. Am so going to deal with them, no one is permitted to touch what was mine… Soon mine.

Right now I was in front of a class with every guy ogling at me except for one person .

”Ok class, we have a new student in our mist, though not new to this school. Shell be attending some of our classes cos she wants to gain a new experience, I trust you to help her with that ”.

”Yes miss Ann! ” They chorused. Literally everyone was checking me out, both the boys and the girls, except for one certain guy by the corner whos head was bent over a desk, obviously sleeping and never once raised his head even after the teacher was done introducing me.

I even took my time in the restroom just to make sure I really look good before coming here but… He didn even act like there was a person in the class.

I was making my way slowly to the back where he sat with my heart beating loudly in my ears. But before I could reach him a group of boys with two girls stopped me.

”Trust me pretty, you don wanna have anything to do with that loser ”.

”Yeah, youll end up being infected. Good thing I stopped you on time ”.

Almost everyone in class agreed… Was this the hell he was living in?

”I didn wanna say this but.. ” he brought down his voice to barely a whisper.

”He wears a hood everyday cos hes really ugly… The type that makes you want to go throw up ” I gasped in shock…

What was this moron saying?

They must have thought that I was surprised cos they all nodded with great understand

”So don go anywhere near him cos a beauty shouldn be close to a beast… ” He said and the girls agreed with him.

I took a good look at the guy speaking, he was good looking but Ive seen better

I was way good looking than him but hell! The guy they called ugly was way way way handsome than the both of us combined!.

I mean we could show up for a contest and hed win before it even starts!!!!!

Thats the guy they were calling ugly??? Then am definitely the beast he was referring to…

Right now, I didn know if I should laugh or cry cos I was unintentionally doing both .

”Hes right Kathy, avoid him ” and with that they dragged me to the front where they specially kept a seat for me but I couldn help turning back to look at this guy who never once raised his head…

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