Indra parked his sports motorcycle near the entrance to Valentines residence, sitting on his sports motorcycle while holding the helmet he had prepared for Ariel after one of the men in charge of guarding the gate of the house recognised him and let him go inside. He forgot to ask for Ariels LINE ID yesterday, so he had no choice but to wait patiently for the young womans arrival. The flat-faced man who had opened the gate earlier—Luke—was calling for Ariel at his request.

He tapped his fingers on the saddle of his motorbike, starting to get nervous. Fifteen minutes had passed since he arrived and he had yet to see Ariels figure. Could something happen to Ariel again? No, it was impossible. Fernando would definitely let him know if that happened, and the fact that he did not hear from Fernando was clear evidence that she was okay.

He hoped so.

”Young Master Indra Soedirjo, am I right? ”

He reflexively turned to face the person who called him earlier. It was Luke, still with a straight face. He looked behind Luke, seeing no sign of Ariel.

”Where is Ariel— ”

Indras eyes widened, astonished when he saw the figure of Ariel with wavy hair in a dark red coat, light purple shirt top and red midi skirt with gingham motifs, walking out of the house door while pulling a large suitcase with difficulty, followed by Roberto who also ordered his men to bring some more things. He swallowed hard, turning his body around to looking at his sports motorcycle and Ariel repeatedly, and then cursed himself for being stupid. It was impossible for his sports motorcycle to accommodate so many items she brought.

Oh, shit …

Damn it!

Why did he even bring his sports motorcycle in the first place? He should have just rented a car before picking up Ariel.

Enough was enough. It would be better for him to think about how to bring all her belongings for later.

Indra immediately approached Ariel and took the initiative to carry a large suitcase that Ariel was carrying, but was pushed away by the woman.

”I can carry it myself! Who asked you to help me? ” Ariel glared at him, then dragged the suitcase back down the steps in front of the entrance. ”Do you think I am that weak to allow you to bring my suitcase!? ”

Ah, if you brought the suitcase in that way, the suitcase could be damaged, he muttered to himself as he saw how Ariel brought her suitcase.

Ignoring Ariels refusal, his hand immediately grabbed the suitcase which was not so heavy, bringing it down with ease. ”Allow me to bring it for you, Little Cotton. ”

”Who told you to bring my belongings?! I am not asking your help! ” Ariel snorted in annoyance, folding her arms in front of her chest.

”I am just helping my future girlfriend to bring her suitcase. Am I wrong? ” Indra approached Ariel, forcing the woman to look him in the eyes.

”Wh-who will be your girlfriend? Puih! As if I was interested in you, ” Ariel looked away, hiding her blushing face. ”In your dream! ”

”Oh, you already came? ”

Indra turned to Roberto who seemed pleased to see his presence. ”Good morning, Dad. ”

”You are so polite, ” Roberto seemed pleased to hear that, glancing at the motorbike he was using to pick up Ariel. ”You can just leave your motorcycle here. There is no way for you to carry a lot of stuff with that motorcycle, isn it? ”

”But– ”

Roberto swung the keys to the Maserati the old man pulled out of the beige coat pocket. ”My present for you. Take it. ”

Indras hands trembled as he accepted the key, as his gaze turned to the red car that Roberto pointed to, neatly parked in the car garage lined up with twelve other luxury cars. ”Er … Is it okay for me to accept this, Dad? ”

”Oh, so you do not like the colour? ” Roberto raised an eyebrow, confused. ”There were several cars there that I rarely used in my garage. You can choose whatever colour that might catch your interest— ”

”No, Dad. This should be more than enough for me, ” Indra immediately grabbed the car keys that Roberto had given him.

”No need to hesitate. Count of it as my present for saving my daughters life yesterday, ” Roberto patted her on the shoulder. ”You do not have to take it all. You can bring that suitcase to your car. The rest of her belongings will be sent to your apartment. Fernando has sent the address of your place. ”

”Sorry for troubling you, Dad, ” said Indra.

”No need to be polite, you know! ” Roberto slapped his shoulder in a friendly way. ”Since we will become a family in the future! ”

There was a feeling of pressure that made Indras stomach ache just thinking about it, mixed with his enthusiasm that he would soon be living with this woman. His mind was spinning, imagining the scenarios that would happen in the future while trying hard to keep himself from showing it in front of everyone.

”Ariel, remember. Be good with your future husband. ”

”What did you say, Pa! Who wants to date a dirty guy like this? ” Ariel pointed at him while stomping her feet.

”Your mouth say that, but since yesterday I found your mouth was busy— ”

The woman ran quickly to her father while covering the mans mouth so as not to continue his words. Well, he did not have to wait for the old man to finish since he already knew what the woman was saying about him. He shook his head, laughing softly, then approached the car Roberto gave him while pulling Ariels suitcase.

”Come on, Little Cotton. Lets go now, ” Indra opened his car door, allowing Ariel, who was still frowning, to get inside.

”What did you just call me?! Don call me Little Cotton! I do not like that name! Who allowed you to give a pet name to me?! Hmph! ” Ariel looked away and got into the car.

Inevitably, he could not help himself to be amused when he saw Ariels behaviour which was not in harmony with her words. After closing the car door, Indra put Ariels suitcase in the back trunk and got into his new car.


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