After returning from Valentines residence, Indra returned to his cafe. After reporting his findings to Fernando, he did not receive any news from the man. He put his helmet on the rearview mirror of his motorbike, then walked into the cafe, greeted by Leonard.

”I have put all the reports you might need on your desk. ”

”Thanks, ” he patted his friends shoulder.

”Your face looks so happy. Was there anything good when you were out earlier? ”

Indra shrugged, gave his friend a vague answer and then entered his office. Without taking off his leather jacket, he walked over to his desk and sat down on a chair, picking up the pile of files Leonard had given him. His hand reached for the pen that was nearby, opening the first file.

”Papa giving your blessing does not mean you are free to ask me to be your girlfriend! Hmph! ”

He could not help himself but laugh when he remembered what she had just said to him at Valentinos residence a few moments ago. His hand twirled the pen in his hand while humming softly, constantly replaying his memories of the events at Valentines residence. His mood improved, as did his spirits, to the point that he felt that he could continue to work through the night. Within minutes, his concentration was completely focused on his work. As usual, he always gathered all of his employees—whatever their position—to give their opinion about the place where they work. Whether it was a complaint, suggestion, or idea for a business promotion next month.

As a result that the cafe business he was managing was not a big business, so he had no trouble managing it. He did not intend to open a new branch even though the request was there. He repeatedly turned down the offer from many investors who were interested to invest their money and cooperating with his business, as he wanted the cafe to remain in the city and become a distinctive feature so that people would not only know the city for its beautiful beaches or for its large and complete gift shop.

”Where is Indra? ”

He heard Fernandos voice asking one of his employees, making him stop his work for a moment and get up from his seat, walk to open his office door.

”I am here, Fernando. Are you looking for me? ”

The man shifted his sharp gaze from Ratih—one of Indras employees who was known to be quiet—to Indra, ran over to the man and went inside.

”What is it? Is your menstrual syndrome coming back again? ”

”Menstrual syndrome your ass! ” snorted Fe, then forced Indra to look into his eyes. ”My dad called me earlier and asked me to let Ariel live with you. What exactly have you been doing in the last eight hours? ”

”Well, a lot of things happened, ” he moved away from Fernando a little. ”There are more important things. Remember what I said on the phone earlier? ”

It seemed that his words had managed to calm Fernando down. ”Yes. I understand your concern. But like I said before. The person who the followers of Infuser called as Master likes to change their form. So I was not surprised when you said they turned into a girl. Likely, it might be the new human container they got this year. ”

Indra took out a few strands of hair that he got when he grabbed the green-haired mans hair from the pocket of his leather jacket and handed it to Fernando. ”Ask your acquaintances to analyze this hair. ”

”This… ”

”I took it while killing the man who attacked Ariel. You have heard it from your father, haven you? ”

”Already. Thanks. If it were not for your help, Ariel would have died like my mom. ”

Fernando growled, accepting a few strands of hair. ”But why did you give this to me? ”

”There is something strange about the man I killed earlier. His powers are quite unnatural, so I am guessing he was the result of an experiment. ”

Fes brows furrowed. ”Hm? Experiment? Strange from where? What are you talking about? ”

”Are you really investigating the Infuser organization or not? ” Indra is now losing patience on the grounds that he had to explain at length the intruder who attacked him earlier. ”The one Ariel was fighting against earlier was a monster, Fernando! A monster! ”

”But I could not find anything you mentioned earlier to me at all. I am serious, ” Fernando was getting more and more confused. ”There is no need for you to be so angry, right? You need to calm down, Indra. ”

”You are not the right person to tell me what I should do, Fernando! Besides, it is actually quite natural for me to react this way! ” Indra grabbed Fernandos collar and let go when he saw Fernandos expression, which still did not catch every single thing he told the man just now. ”Let me say it more straightforwardly. The intruder who attacked Ariel could not feel any pain at all. Having ultrasonic sprinting abilities like me, and the type to really like it when someone attacks them all-out. ”

”Could it be that they looked like being forced by a certain substance, huh? ” Fernando muttered, listening to Indras words while nodding slowly. ”Ah, I have heard something about it. Okay, let me send this sample to my friend. ”

Indra rolled his eyes. ”Its like this, I have to explain at length. So troublesome. ”

”It is your fault in the first place. The way you talk to me is always complicated, ” Fernando whistled. ”Oh, since my papa doesn have a problem with you, so I guess I should also loosen up a bit with my baby sister. I will give you permission to live together with my baby sister. In your apartment. I think your apartments security system is pretty good, am I right? ”

Hearing Fernandos words, his face immediately brightened in an instant. He hastily tidied Fernandos clothes which were wrinkled as a result of pulling the sissy mans collar earlier, but he could not hide his smile. ”When will I can start it, Brother-in-law? ”

”As soon as possible, ” Fernando took Indras hand away from his clothes. ”Stop. You only be nice to me if you want something. ”

”Soon, we will be a family. So I have to treat you better, Brother-in-law. ”

”Who are you calling brother-in-law? ” Fernando scowled, gripping Indras shoulder as he cast a piercing glare behind his glasses. ”Listen carefully, Indra. Having my dads blessing does not mean you can do whatever you want with my baby sister. ”

”Rest assured, Brother-in-law. Soon, Ariel will be my girlfriend, ” Indra immediately moved away from Fernando when the mans hand was about to smack his head. ”Duh, brother and sister are just as fierce. ”

”You are doing it at first! Lets forget about it. I want to go upstairs and get some sleep, huahmm …, ” Fernando stretched his body while yawning widely. The mans eyes were teary and red from holding back sleep. Even though he remembered very well that the man had fallen asleep when he took Ariel home.

”Okay. ”

”Oh, and one more time before I go. For the time being, don stay here just yet. Until the situation becomes clear. ”

Indra was about to protest, but Fe wiggled her index finger in front of him. ”I will not protest at all if you get close to my baby sister. How does it sound, hm? ”

A tempting offer, Indra muttered to himself. He did not protest. ”Agree. ”

”You can take my word for it, ” the man seemed satisfied with his answer, then walked out of his study, back upstairs.


The next day, Indra opened his shop early, calling Leonard. Since the mans residence was only five minutes from this cafe, the man had no trouble arriving immediately.

”I will be busy from now, so please take care of the cafe in the meantime. Until I can take care of this cafe again. ”

”No problem. You can count on me, Boss, ” Leonard took off his red and beige parachute jacket and put it in the employee locker. ”Is it Fernandos request? Why don you protest as you usually do this time? ”

Indra rubbed under his nose, turning his gaze in another direction. ”Well, since the offer he gave to me this time is interesting, anyway. ”

”Oh, ” Leonard drew closer to him, wrapped his arms around Indras neck, smiling seductively at him. ”I guess it must be because of the young woman you brought here yesterday, right? What was her name? She really met your type. ”

Indra did not deny his friends words. ”Ariel. Ariel Valentino–Fernandos younger sister. Why do you always know everything about me? ”

”Because we have known each other for a long time, ” Leonard took his arm away from Indras neck, took off the grey shirt he was wearing along with his faded blue jeans, folded it up and put it in his locker and replaced it with his work uniform. ”My salary is increasing, right? ”

”Yes. There is no need to worry about that. I will be out first. ” Indra waved his hand at Leonard, walking out of the employee room, down the corridor. He saw Ratih, who had just arrived at the cafe, lowered her face when she was walking passed him. The shy womans eyes were puffy as if she had been crying all night. He did not come out of the cafe, intercepting Ratih before the woman entered the female employees room.

”Are you all right? Is something happening to you? ”

Ratih lowered her head, shaking her head.

”Are you sure of it? But you look unwell. Do you want to take a day off? I will tell Leonard if you want to take some days off, rest assured. And I am still paying for your salary. ”

Once again, he found Ratih shaking her head, making him even more worried than before. He had to lift Ratihs head sp he could see the face up close clearly. A complete mess, despite her effort for trying to cover it up with makeup.

”Is there something you want to talk about? I can spare my time for you. ”

For a moment, he saw Ratihs face, which turned bright at his offer, then her face turned gloomy again and shook her head. ”No need. I am fine, Boss. Thank you for worrying about me. Then, I will excuse myself. ”

The woman left him, walked into the locker room, and did not say a word to him at all. He was getting worried. He hastily approached Leonard, who had just come out of the employee changing room, then pulled the man closer.

”Please help me watch over Ratih. I feel something is wrong with her, ” Indra whispered.

”Ratih? ” Leonard frowned, then nodded slowly. ”I think I know the problem. Let me take care of it. ”

”You know? ”

Leonard shrugged, smiling faintly. ”It is a bit complicated if I explain it to you right now, so maybe later. All right, Boss. Chop chop! Why are you still here? Your Little Cotton will be waiting for you. ”

Indra looked back at the female employee locker room door, still worried, then turned around, walking out of his cafe building.


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