Upon waking up and sitting up in bed, I noticed a letter placed next to it.
Opening the envelope, it read, “Come to the Guild Master’s room once you wake up.” Not knowing where it was located, I was relieved to find a hand-drawn map of the guild on the back.
It was probably drawn by Guldo-san. He sure is a meticulous person.

After getting ready, I immediately left my room and headed towards the Guild Master’s room.
Upon arriving at the designated room after climbing up the stairs, I timidly knocked on the door.
“Um, excuse me…”

In the center of the room was a set of desk and chairs, where Guldo-san and two beautiful women were seated facing each other.
Both women had green hair and long ears, which I think are characteristic of elves that are familiar in fantasy worlds.
While they had similarities such as hair color and ear length, their atmospheres were completely opposite.
One exuded a cool aura, while the other gave off a lively impression.

Guldo-san noticed me and called out with a smile, “Hey, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Good morning.
Um, why was I called here?”

Just as I asked, the elf woman with a lively impression interjected in admiration.
“Wow, you’re really having a normal conversation with Guldo-san… I’m impressed, Lala.”

The cool-looking woman named Lala responded reprimandingly, “Master, speaking like that is disrespectful to Guldo-san.
And also, the greeting to that child should come first…”

“Ahem, nice to meet you.
I am Leafia Sil Fortrios, the Guild Master of the Adventurers Guild headquarters in the royal capital of Recommetys.”

“And I am Lalatina Monelia, the Vice Guild Master.
Nice to meet you, Lark-kun.
Please call her Fia and me Lala.”

Lala-san, a cool-looking woman, smiled and invited me to sit on the sofa next to Guldo-san.

“… So, what can I do for you?” I asked hesitantly to which Lala replied, “Oh, right.
Actually, I was wondering about something when we registered you as an adventurer yesterday.
Lark-kun, do you have any family?”

“Ah, um… I was kicked out a little while ago, so I’m alone now,” after I answered, Guldo-san muttered quietly, “I thought so…”

Lala-san continued her questioning with a serious expression.
“If this is something that bothers you, you don’t have to answer, but… why were you kicked out?”

“… Because during the appraisal ceremony when I turned 10, no skills appeared.
I was deemed useless by my family and abandoned.”

At my words, Guldo reacted with surprise.
“But yesterday, you were using magic, weren’t you!?”

That statement seems reasonable.
I have no intention of hiding the existence of “God’s Veil”, I guess it’s fine to say it here. “I think it’s because of my special ability.
I have a special ability that repels any appraisal-type magic, so nothing was displayed during the appraisal ceremony,” I explained.

My words seemed to shock everyone, and they fell silent.
After a while, Lala spoke up, “I know appraisal magic.
Can I try using it on Lark-kun?”

“Sure, go ahead.
I’ll conjure a small fireball just to confirm,” I replied.

I conjured a small fireball and had Fia-san and Lala-san confirm it.
Then, Lala-san held out her hands to me.
She remained silent for a few seconds, but eventually lowered her hands and had an expression of surprise.
“I can’t believe it.
Nothing is displayed at all.
It’s only natural that you couldn’t confirm your skills during the appraisal ceremony.
My appraisal magic even had a better performance than in the ceremony,” Lala-san said.

I see.
As expected, the vice master of the adventurer’s guild is quite high level. While thinking about such things, I looked around at everyone and asked, “Um, is that all?”

“Yes, we only summoned you to confirm your identity.
Guldo-san, please take Lark-kun downstairs,” Lala said.

Upon hearing Lala’s words, Guldo-san stood up.
I also stood up and waved goodbye to the two of them before leaving the room.
I thought we would go down the stairs to the reception area on the first floor, but Guldo-san went even further down to a room in the basement.
There were many boxes filled with fur and plants scattered around.
It seemed to be used as a warehouse.

While wondering what we were going to do here, Guldo-san called out to me, ” I’m sorry, but I need your help with organizing the warehouse.
Yesterday, a large group of adventurers came back from their quests all at once and brought in a massive amount of materials.
Other staff members are tied up with processing the completion rewards, so the job fell to me, who normally doesn’t deal with adventurers.
But there’s no way I can handle all of this alone… That’s why, Lark, I want to ask you to help me organize the warehouse as your first task.
Will you accept? ”

“It’s just cleaning up, right? Sure, I’ll help,” I immediately agreed without hesitation.
I wanted to show my gratitude for the previous favor, after all.

So, I started organizing the materials with Guldo-san.
It was quite fun at first, but it soon became apparent that it was a tedious task that took a lot of time.
We had to sort out plants and fur from one wooden box and repack them into another box for each category.
It may seem like a simple task, but it turned out to be surprisingly difficult.
After about thirty minutes, Guldo-san left the room to have breakfast.
I wanted to tidy up as much as possible while he was gone, but I didn’t have any good ideas…

“That reminds me, I haven’t checked the functions of the Useful Box’ properly…”

I suddenly thought of something and decided to appraise the ‘Useful Box.’

[Useful Box]

A mysterious storage skill with useful abilities.
You can put things in and take them out of the box within a 5-meter radius of yourself.

“Hmm, I wonder if I can use this to make organizing materials easier?”

When items are stored in the ‘Useful Box,’ they are automatically sorted by type.
By utilizing this, one can store all the contents of a wooden box in the ‘Useful Box,’” then take them out and put them into the designated wooden box for sorting, making it easy to organize everything quickly.

Approaching the wooden box that still needed to be sorted, I activated the ‘Useful Box.’ Then a space crack appeared on top of the wooden box, and the materials were sucked into another dimension.
I opened the inventory and confirmed that the plants and fur were sorted by type, so I took out each material and put them into the designated wooden box, finishing the task.
It only took five seconds.
The sorting of one wooden box was completed almost instantly.

“Oh, this is easy… Alright, let’s finish everything before Guldo-san comes back.”

One by one, I stored the materials from the wooden boxes into ‘Useful Box’ and put them into the designated wooden boxes.
Then, using the ‘Useful Box,’ I stacked the empty wooden boxes in the corner.
After about five minutes, the warehouse was organized.

I had extra time, so I sat and waited for Guldo-san to return with breakfast.
He was surprised to see the warehouse completely organized.
“What the…?!”

“Oh, welcome back, Guldo.
I’ve finished organizing all the materials in this room.”

“Huh, wow… How did you do it? I thought for sure it would take all day to finish that amount.”

“Well, I have a storage skill, so I used that to finish.”

“Storage skill, huh? You always have some rare skill…”

Guldo-san looked at me seriously.
I wondered what he was going to say, but he didn’t press further.
“Well, if it makes things go faster, then that’s good… Alright, let’s go to the next room.”

“Huh? It’s not just this room?”

“Yeah… I wish that’s the case, but there are still three more rooms left,” Guldo said with a distant look in his eyes.

When we moved to the next room, we were greeted by a mountain of wooden boxes that was no less than the amount we saw in the previous room.
Without the ‘Useful Box,’ who knows how long it would take us to sort through them…

“Lark, can you show me your skills?” asked Guldo-san.

I nodded lightly and asked Guldo-san to move to the edge of the room.
“Let’s get started,” I muttered quietly and activated the ‘Useful Box’ to quickly vacuum up the contents of the nearby wooden boxes, sorting the materials into their appropriate boxes.

In the meantime, I glanced at Guldo-san and saw that his eyes were wide open as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Is this skill really that rare? I thought as I continued to work.
In no time at all, all the boxes in the room had been organized.
Guldo-san was pressing his temple for some reason and looking down.

“Are you okay?” I asked, peering into his face.

Guldo-san replied, “W-what the hell is your skill? I’ve never seen anything like it!” while looking a bit flustered.

“Well, I can freely bring in and take out items and materials within a radius of 5 meters,” I explained.
I then explained concisely so as not to cause any more confusion.

“I didn’t know you had that kind of skill… it’s really convenient,” he said, seemingly satisfied with my explanation.

Together with Guldo-san, who was now excited that the job would be finished early, we moved to the next warehouse.
I used the ‘Useful Box’ as before and moved on to the next warehouse.
We continued in this manner and finished organizing all the warehouses in no time.

Afterward, we returned to the first floor to have breakfast, which I had forgotten to eat.
Guldo-san finished his meal before me and went to report to the guild master that the warehouse organization was complete.
As I finished my meal and took a break, Guldo-san returned.
For some reason, he had a very apologetic expression on his face.

“Sorry, Lark.
When I talked to the master about your skills and she asked me to bring you to her…”

“It’s okay, but why do you look so sorry?”

“You’ll see when we get there…”

Feeling curious, I headed to the guild master’s room.
Upon arrival, I was asked to sit on the sofa by Fia-san.
I complied and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

“Hey… Lark-kun, can you use your skill to store the silver coins here?” Fia-san said with a serious expression.

I immediately nodded and activated ‘Useful Box’ to store the silver coin into another dimension.

Then, Fia-san’s eyes shone brightly as she suddenly jumped up.
“Wow! Amazing! It was stored even though it was really far away!” My mouth and nose were blocked by Fia-san’s ample chest.
Unable to breathe and on the verge of fainting, Guldo-san separated me from Fia.
Finally free, I quickly moved away from Fia-san’s reach.
Despite her excitement, Lala-san forcibly sat Fia-san down on the sofa.

“Master, please calm down a bit.
You’re scaring Lark-kun,” Lala-san said in a bewildered voice, however Fia showed no remorse.
“But I’ve never seen a skill like that before! Even Lala hasn’t either, right?”

“That’s true, but… *sigh*, it seems like your excitement won’t subside today.
Guldo-san, I’ll handle things from here, so Lark-kun can go home with you.”

“Ah… sorry, I’ll leave it to you.
Let’s get out of here, Lark.”

I nodded at Guldo-san’s words and thanked Lala-san as we left the room.
While we were walking down the hallway, Guldo-san opened his mouth with a wry smile.
“Sorry, Lark.
The master is usually a good person, but when she sees something new, like a skill or a magical tool, she gets too excited and becomes a bit disappointing…”

“Haha, it seems so…” I laughed along and gave a nod of agreement.
Afterward, we moved to the first floor.

As I was thinking about what to do next, Guldo-san asked me, ” Do you have any plans for the rest of the day? I thought I’d give you a tour of the royal capital.
Will you come?”

“Is that okay? Yes, please!” It was just what I had been hoping for, so I immediately agreed.
I had wanted to wander around the city anyway.
And so, we set off to explore the capital city.

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