The Last Shadow Born

End of the begining

Red burning flames raged the entire village. The smell of burning flesh filled the area with fear and turmoil.

Every small house in the village was burning like a pyre. The closed doors of the houses were letting only one thing out and it was hot blood.

The sky appeared as it was crying for help. The fresh cool wind was reeking of burned bodies, but more than that, what reeked was cries of the dead.

The normal life of the people of Aron village was destroyed in just a moment.

Soldiers were running from one house to another, but not to save the dying, to slaughter them…

Limbs of children were scattered throughout the village ground, screams of women being raped could be heard from a mile away.

”WHA- WHAT HAPPENED? WHY? ” far on the village entrance stood a young man with a war axe in his hand. From the look of him, it appeared that he was shocked by the tragedy in front of his eyes.

”Whats happening? Who did this? ” His blue eyes were full of tears and fear as he asked a woman who was lying at the entrance waiting for her death.

”Alexi- Alexios… run… run away or you will die, the soldiers will kill you run… ” before the woman could complete her sentence her soul left her body leaving many questions behind.

”HEY! HEY! WAKE UP! What soldiers? ”

”Whats happening? WHY! ” Alexios was losing his mind. Wherever he looked only, blood and death followed.

Before he could understand anything, he heard footsteps coming toward him.

”Huh, someones coming! ” he quickly moved and got behind hidden a house that was nearby so no one could find him.

”That was some woman. I didn know a village like this had so much beauty. The men of this village had the best time, but anyway they are dead and all their woman is ours to ****. Um, where should we go next? ”

the sound of footsteps took a shape of a couple of soldiers who were coming out of the road ahead of him with blood on their swords and armor.

They talked about killing and massacring the town, which cleared that it was no other than the kingdoms soldiers who did it.

”Ah, that house seems untouched. Lets find some bitches there. ” one of the soldiers zipped his pants and pointed to a house that was situated in the corner which made it harder to detect at night.

Alexios was listening to everything from behind the wall, and now he somehow understood what was going on,

he peeked at the soldiers to see what place they were talking about raiding, but when he saw the house, they pointed it made him lose his mind.

The house they were about to raid was no other than Alexios house itself.

”Wait! No, why are they heading that way? NO! NO! NO! That house! Thats my house. They can go in I need to stop them at all cost! ” everything was turning against Alexios,

he was a newly recruited soldier who barely knew how to fight but he didn think once about it as it was his family who was at stake.

He pulled out the war axe he had tied on his waist and held it tight in his hands.

He was shivering with nervousness and fear, but he had no other choice but to protect.

Before wasting any second, he began to move slowly and stealthily toward his house.

He looked around for anyone else there and continued to walk closer and finally, a

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