[Would you like to upgrade the system? it will cost you 500 **]




Duth didn know what he expected, a congratulations? Or an anti-climatic upgrade, but this? This was outside his rotten box.

At first there was a long delay, expecting nothing more than some subtitle little notification.

However, it wasn so small and the effect was instantaneous. Layers of magical circles flickered into existence, spanning up into the skies and outwards like a machine of gears. Such runes were not physical, nor could he decipher them. They were outside his comprehension, whether or not he can figure them out down the line is up in the air right now.

Duth stood there with hardly a flicker of flame in his sockets. Ravenous green flame slowly burning up his black shadowy cloak. Whilst 4 death knights moved around him facing away in all four directions and slamming their large black wicked swords into the cobbled road. Cracking and shifting the stones by force before the tips buried themselves deep.

Creaking of bones, flame of sickly green and a strange feeling of being bloated with air. Only for many notifications to raise up and bombard his poor sight and mind alike.

[system upgrading]

[Stats updated

[Skills updated

[Passives updated

[New information

[Lvling system active

[Tabs unlocked – [Inventory][Upgrades][Evolution][System upg] – [Store][Craft] locked tabs]

[System upgraded

[New functions available]


[Lich system]

Name: Duth

Lv[1] – Exp 0/10


Hp: 30/30


SP: 8

**: 2100

Skills: Fire missile[Lv.1], Raise dead[Lv.7], Group Harvest[Lv.4], Bone trap[Lv.1], Souls wrath[Lv.1], and Barrier[Lv.1]

Fire missile: An arrow of flame, much like the fireball it is destructive upon contact. However the yield isn as great, this is due to increased speed traded off with damage. Requirements: 4 Mp

Raise dead: Able to raise basic dead, upon leveling this can be increased as this skill evolves. Requirements: .5 Mp

Group Harvest: About to harvest a mass of bodies within a 5 meter radius. Each corpse of a human is 40 ** and animals are half that. Requirements: free

Bone trap: Upon placement, a set of bones will crawl out of the ground with a treasure, if not detected as a trap. Well the unlucky will have a bad time. Requirements: 10 Mp

Souls wrath: A swell of energy will explode off your skeletal body, anyone within an 8 meter radius will be met with a short burst of powerful energy. Requirements: Less than 50% health and 15 Mp

Barrier: With higher manipulation of the undead energies known as Necron you will be able to construct a barrier to withstand your foes attacks. Requirements: 12 Mp

Passives: 25% Magic Resistance, Soul life vision, Mana Regen, Cold aura, Undead communication, Earthly sense, and Danger sense.

25% Magic Resistance: Any and all magics with the exception of holy will be negated 25% of its damage.

Soul life vision: Within 1 mile the user can see the auras of any living nearby, this does not work on undead.

Mana Regen: You effectively regain Mp at a faster rate.

Cold aura: Mixed with a perpetual killing intent, youll release an ever winter like aura with freezing properties, the more killing intent. The greater the effects.

Undead communication: You can speak to undead, see through your own undeads eyes and more effectively control them like a hive mind.

Earthly sense: Your able to sense all things dead within 3 miles, as well as rooms, and most physical objects underneath the surface.

Danger sense: Your senses pick up on danger, if learnt youll be a hard one to hit.

Tabs: [Store][Craft] – locked

tabs unlocked [Inventory][Upgrades][Evolution][System upg]]


[Slots: 30

[Total weight allowed for each item: 50 Lb]



[Shadow cloak]

[Magical potency]




[Command structure}


Elder Lich Requirements

SP: 100

**: 50,000

Undead: 4 legions

kingdom: Must control or destroy a kingdom

Must have a set home: Current homes? 1

[[System upgrade]]


Must be an Elder Lich

Must have 1 soul stone

Must have the tears of a star.

Information from the very heavens almost brought him to his knees every skill he owned every passive, each requirement every small detail by the system thoroughly crushed any stability he had for a single long minute.

Like something foreign took the controls and uploaded a terabyte of information into his head.

Duth wasn down long and where it was a minute to him, the world found it as mere seconds. Apparently just as the systems notifications cleared it was long enough to change him. Feeling new, refreshed and different by means he couldn quite place yet. Like an evolution..

But now what Duth had no realization of is that his shadow cloak now took on a new feature. Instead of just shadow flowing, smoking and wising off of him it included green sickly fire that slowly crept off his shadows. His eyes no longer had the touch of crimson blue, but a crimson green fire. It didn really change too much, just added a whole lot more. Thats good, originally he couldn affect the system, and whats this about leveling? He saw it for sure, now its active?

Before Duth could question it he paid more focus to the notification that escaped his notice.

[Tutorial completed]

Are you serious? All that was a tutorial? There was no guidance at all! He had some serious complaints for the developer of the system!

That aside, he felt stings from the outside, at first he ignored it, but now he looked more closely at his undead and himself. They all were the same, just as he was. however the undead counter was ticking down fast.

Oh no.. Duth knew there was only one way that could happen, his undead had run into an issue. An hour had nearly come so it was only expected.

To answer any questions, this did have 150 chapters of the original novel. This is a remastered version so i had to strip all chapters. So the reason you see 800k views on this book is simply because of that.

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