uch and normally you would power them up before use. Unfortunately in his case he hadn done so before entering. Thinking of this as some fun dungeon stroll. How wrong he was!

Death knights were not normal, their stature completely betrayed their abilities. Steps so quiet, strength to topple walls, intelligence, and even equipment to raze armies to the ground.

Rena danced amongst the knights, her blade flashing to parrying blows and trying to force off the knights. Yet they were stronger and she was losing more ground every step back she had been forced to take. Her parries earned the indirect shock that such powerful enemies were capable of, she was basically on the defensive. The force behind those long wicked swords was no joke.

Strangely they had plenty of opportunities to kill her. Perhaps they weren all that smart. But that just didn sit right with her, something was wrong. She didn feel that this was a battle, no it was like they were herding her. Like some raging bull into a cage. She couldn stop them, pushing even harder to escape this seemingly forming cage. Only lead to their sword becoming faster and the strength behind each blow doubling.


Duth entered much later than his knights. So when he entered it was chaos. One of the mortals was already restrained, the two others weren . Only something was missing, there were only 7 knights where was the 8th?

He scanned the room ignoring for the moment a battle at hand.

There, an abnormally sized coffin? No, just a death knight missing its head and its chest riddled. Not to mention a missing arm. What an annoyance! Already lost an undead, I probably can recreate those yet!

Although 3 mortals were great for harvesting so thats a win already! He momentarily bowed his head to the knights corpse. You didn die in vain my dear loyal soldier. Even still..

Killing intent spread across the room with a winters cold aura. All three of the mortals paused only momentarily to see an undead eldritch horror. A skeleton dressed in void black shadow that wisped, smoked and flowed off him. A crown rusted stood a tilt on his head and crimson blue fire raged in its eye sockets. Dale being the researcher inhaled in fear, they were done, so **ing done! He couldn utter how much deep shit they were in. Liches were akin to stardust. Youd more than likely find a country of dragons than you would a lich.

But just as they are mythic, they are also extremely powerful beings. Ranking even over dragons at this point. Only other mythic grades could even dare go toe to toe with these beings. Just like demigods long ago fought the liches, they were just as mythical of not greater in the regard of their power.

He heard the stories of their destructive nature and mastery of other death, and twisted life. Not to mention their harvest events.. Shuddering at the old text he read during his bookworm days in the academy.

Dale doubled his efforts on the scroll. already almost complete! Hoping not to draw the ever cold yet burning fire of the liches ire.

Rena on the other hand couldn pay enough attention. Hell her danger senses were off the charts and screaming at her to run. Right now she couldn , locked in battle to keep the damn Death knights off Dale who whispered an excessively long string of words. She couldn spare to listen, hoping instead that whatever he was doing would get them the hell out of here! Or even turn every undead here into cinders!

Duths fiery eyes scanned across the mortals slowly. First was the archer. green and brown cloaked her well, but there was dark steel and varying plates of metal protecting vital places. Perhaps broken apart and spread across to handle damage and give at least some kind of agility. Mustve been heavy. I wonder if they have magical properties. Moving over to the warriors battling back 4 knight the best she could. He noticed the knights were just playing with their food, how strangely fun to watch this. Considering they don need stamina. Sure the lady clad in chainmail and leather moved fast and danced in battle like a sword saint, unfortunately wasn effective against the dead. She switched targets quickly to damage them over time. Not so much of a damage dealer. I wonder why she plays this style of combat? Perhaps this is just a party of 3? seems legit.

Not to forget the mage who probably caused those damn thundering explosions looked especially interesting. With life vision his aura was flaring and surrounded by what could be visible imitation of mana. Granted it was visible to him, the same can be said for them. Whatever he was doing it wasn a spell as far as Duth could tell. Throwing his glance at the wizard again. All he could really see was brownish green robes. That was really all. No wizard hat or what say you. No staff, thats good at least. Must be a lower leveled wizard?

As much fun as watching them fight had been, he grew impatient quickly. Demanding the Death knights to step up their game and disarm them. Saying so ended this game very swiftly. The knights stepped into the warriors blows and restrained her whilst ripping her weapons away. Whilst the wizard was approached by two Death knights that decided to leave Lia alone with one of the Death knights. Not that she could move. The boot was on the brink of crushing her spine and organs into paste.

Bah, Duth felt excited he could finally use his harvest skill and take their life. Their demise will be the start of his cause! Now, I suppose the tastier subject would be the wizard. Seeing as he is really low. it might just be a tad salted and only good enough. Although I could allow him to build mana he keeps spending it on whatever item he is using. Considering the amount, its best if I remove him first.

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