Lightning Flashed and Thunder roared in the skies as a group of people walked slowly towards their destination.

Beautiful gigantic trees lined the surrounding roads as weird plants and herbs littered the ground of the surrounding forest.

Collar like chains strapped to their necks as a man with a whip scrutinized them mercilessly.

Before long, nighttime fell and the group took a break, the men who were collared all hurriedly worked to create tents to please their masters lest they are whipped once more before going to sleep on the ground, the tightly chained collar with weird patterns stopping their escapes.

None of them knew that in the very back of the group, one of the collared men sat up with confusion and shock in his mind.


It all began on a seemingly normal day. The brilliant moon was proudly flaunting itself in the sky, its glow illuminating Lucien Evanss room.

The young 21 year old man was sitting at his desk, reading the latest chapters of his favorite novel. He was a true genius who had graduated from Harvard Law School at age 18 and had a 100% success rate on his cases, yet he somehow felt hollow.

He had only became a lawyer for the money and was now more of a robot.

He then spent all of his spare time indulging in light novels and anime to fill the void in his life.

The novel he was reading was called ”A Harem Gods World! ” where a young otaku was isekaid to a new world as a god and used his powers to own the ultimate harem of goddesses.

”Ugh, hurry up and ** her already! ” he screeched as his computer.

[Do you wish for a new start? Y/N]

[Do you wish for a new start? Y/N]

[Do you wish for a new start? Y/N]

A random popup invaded his entire screen.

Goddamn spam. He reasoned before focusing back onto the novel.

But sure enough, everyone had their breaking point. And after the 100th time the notification appeared, Lucien couldn bear it anymore.

YES! Yes! Oh my god, are you happy now? He put his mouse over the message, trying to click on it… just then realizing that it wasn on his computer screen, but on his very sight.

”Huh? ” Was the only thing he managed to say before his whole body fell into an infinite void where no sound traveled. It happened so fast that before he even acknowledged where he was. Little did he know this was the start of his dream life.


Lucien looked at his surroundings, the various collared slaves sleeping around him on the cold hard ground as the moonlight illuminated the surroundings, the slave owners sleeping peacefully in their tents.

[Merging Host Soul with Character…]

[Merging… Successful]

[Complete! Welcome to a new world, host!]

Gibberish filled his whole sight, one overlapping the other as they rained from above. The situation was so ludicrous that it took minutes for Lucien to finally calm down.

Where am I?Was I abducted? Did I die from sheer exhaustion?

His tired brain almost exploded right there. Yet, that was only the tip of the iceberg.

[ Hello host, I am the Supreme Lustful System that transmitted you to this new world, my goal is to allow you to become the strongest in the world and in bed through the use of this system! Please receive your novice gift package.]

What the hell did you do to me?!

He asked the system but was met with only silence. Then, he did what any self-respected gamer would do:

”Status! ” He called out.

[Name: Lucien Evans]

[Race: Human]

[Class: None]

[Level: 0]

[Enhancements: None]


Attribute Points: 0

STR – 5

AGI – 5

STA – 5

INT – 10

CHA – 20

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