Chapter 001: I transmigrated into a book?

Yi HanZhi stayed up late last night to read a martial arts novel.
The plot of that novel was pretty good in the early stage.
So he followed it, and after a few nights he finally finished reading that novel.

But after he finished reading it, he felt that his eyes were simply burning.
It was said that the male lead was the number one beauty in the world, and his martial arts was the best in the world? Then, why was he abused so miserably in the later part? What happened to those heroines who had come to an agreement and said that they all loved him to death? Why did they all have to step on him later? OK, if they had stepped on him, then so be it! But in the end, it whitewashed the heroine so unbelievably, and then forced a HE*! What exactly happened again? There was also a cannon fodder character that had exactly the same name as him.
After playing for three minutes, he was killed by the protagonist!

*(T/N: HE – Happy Ending) 

Yi HanZhi flipped through the author’s column and found that everyone was showing respect to the author on his account, but no one sprayed him.*

*(T/N: 喷 – spray here is like scolding the author or giving bad comments about the novel or the author. 
I can’t find or think of suitable word for it.
So, if you know proper English word or translation for it, please feel free to teach me!
One more thing, although ‘him’ was used to describe ‘the author’, the author’s gender is not confirmed yet at this point.
Oh, I’m not giving spoiler! ^^)

So the next day, Yi HanZhi sprayed the author on the author column for a whole day.
Finally, the author couldn’t stand him anymore and blocked him.
Then, he took out a few bottles of beer from the refrigerator and after drinking, he went to bed satisfyingly.

Early the next morning, Yi HanZhi felt something was wrong.
First, it was his bed, white bed curtains, and wooden big bed, this was not his bed.
He was lying on the bed, thinking quickly while he turned around to get up.
Did he get drunk and ran to the wrong place yesterday? He touched the place beside, it was empty.

Fortunately, there was no one.
He did not have any drunken sex after he got drunk.

Yi HanZhi just sat up on the bed and looked around the antique room.

At this moment, someone opened the door and walked in.

The visitor was a girl, wearing a blue dress, with a bun on each side of her head.
She looked like those servant girls in TV dramas.

The girl looked up and saw him.
And, as if she had seen a ghost, she was so frightened that the teapot in her hand fell to the ground, but she did not have time to clean it up, and she stumbled and ran out.

“Help! Young Master’s corpse has come to life.
Come here quickly!”

Yi HanZhi wanted to stop the girl and ask about the current situation, but the girl was so fast that she disappeared without a trace, not letting him find a chance.

After a while, he saw that the girl came back with a group of people.

Yi HanZhi was still in a daze, and saw an old man with a gray beard walking towards him.

That man reached out and grabbed Yi HanZhi’s left hand and put his middle index finger to check Yi HanZhi’s pulse.

“Young Master no longer has any serious problem.
In the next few days, he can be cured by meditation.”

The man put way the tools and looked at everyone around him with a smile.
There was a woman nearby, who gave him some money and asked the girl to send him out.

“HanZhi, how do you feel? Is there any pain?”

Another gorgeously dressed woman sat on the edge of the bed, gently stroking the back of his hand, looking at him sadly.

Looking at the woman in front of him, he was also puzzled for a while.

“Excuse me, you are?” 

The woman looked terrified when she heard the words.

“Quick, let Doctor Qiu come back quickly.
This kid, has he turned stupid? He can’t even recognize me.”

So the old man who had just been sent away returned again.
The old man stretched out his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead, and sat back on the stool beside him.

“Is there anywhere Young Master feel uncomfortable?”

Yi HanZhi shook his head.
He only felt hungry now, but there was no other problem.

Doctor Qiu took his pulse again, and after confirming that there was nothing wrong, he stood up and faced the woman.

“Young Master has no serious problem.
Presumably it was because of the long sleep, he was a little confused for a while.”

The woman was relieved and sat down on the side of the bed again, looking at him worriedly.

“HanZhi, if you have any discomfort, you must tell me, hiding your illness is not right!”

Yi HanZhi looked at the woman in front of him and shook his head.

“I’m not hurt anywhere, but I’m a little hungry.”

The woman hurriedly ordered the servant to prepare food, and she watched him finish eating.
She left only after confirming he was really healthy.

As soon as the woman left, Yi HanZhi got up from the bed.
Facing the pile of cumbersome clothes, he just casually put on two pieces of clothing.
After confirming that he was dressed appropriately, he went out.

The girl before was sweeping the fallen yellow leaves in the courtyard, and when she saw Yi HanZhi, she greeted him and wanted to help him.

Yi HanZhi waved his hand, indicating that he was healthy and he did not need others to help him.
He found a stone stool to sit down, and pointed to the stone stool opposite.

The servant girl sat down on the opposite side knowingly.

Yi HanZhi thought for a while before speaking slowly.

“What’s your name?” 

As soon as the girl heard it, she knelt down very quickly.
Only because Yi HanZhi’s eyes and hands were quick, she was then stopped from really keeling down on the ground.

“This slave girl is Xiao Hong, the maid who has been serving Young Master.”


Yi HanZhi sat down on the stone stool again.
He seemed to be lost in thought, and then he asked again.

“Xiao Hong, how did I get hurt?” 

“Young Master really doesn’t remember anything?”

Xiao Hong asked tentatively.

Yi HanZhi nodded blankly, but he was roaring with rage in his heart.
It’s not that he didn’t remember, but just that he was not that ‘Yi HanZhi’ at all!

“It’s okay.
Don’t worry, Young Master.
If Young Master wants to know, Xiao Hong will tell Young Master everything.”

Xiao Hong poured a cup of tea for him, and then slowly talked about the old things.

It turned out he was the son of Yi Family in the JinLing City.
Yi Family was the richest family in JinLing City, and Master Yi only became a father in his old age.
He only had a son, Yi HanZhi, only when he was about fifty years old.
Naturally, Yi HanZhi received all the love from his parents and he was a spoilt and pampered child……..

Wait a minute.
This setting made him feel somewhat familiar.
Wasn’t this the setting of the passerby with the same name and surname as him in the martial arts novel he read yesterday?

“Xiao Hong, let me ask you.
How did I get hurt?”

Yi HanZhi became a little uncomfortable.
He supported the stone table with both hands and looked at Xiao Hong with a serious face.

Xiao Hong was startled by his sudden movement, but still answered his question obediently.

“Young Master was injured by a young hero.
That young hero was wearing a hat.
This servant didn’t see his appearance clearly, but only heard him say that his surname was Bai.”

Yi HanZhi was as if struck by a thunderbolt in the sky, and he was paralyzed on a stone stool for a long time.
Never recovered.

Last name was Bai.
Bai Jun? Wasn’t this the name of the protagonist of the novel he read yesterday? He, Yi HanZhi, was the passerby who was shot to death by the protagonist just after he appeared!

As Xiao Hong said, he was injured by Bai Jun three days ago.
According to the plot of the novel, he should have been dead from that serious injury.
But now? He transmigrated into this body?

“Young Master…….”

Xiao Hong called him hesitantly, but there was no response…….

“Young Master……” 

She called again. 

Yi HanZhi stood up fiercely, patted the stone table top with one hand, and patted his thigh with the other hand.

“Xiao Hong, don’t talk anymore.
I remember everything.”

“Really? That’s really great.
I’ll go tell Madam……”

Xiao Hong ran away very quickly after speaking and there was no shadow to see.

Yi HanZhi stretched out his hand and propped his head to think.
He just slept for a while.
Why did such weird things happen after waking up?

He actually got into a novel, and it was into the body of a passerby who should have died in the first chapter.

However, he did not have enough time to think too much.
Xiao Hong brought the woman before and came to his side.

Yi HanZhi put his hands together in front, kneeling down and bowing.
Learning the appearance of the son paying respects to his mother in the TV series, and he did it in a decent way.

“This son pays respects to mother.”

The woman was stunned for a while, and it took a long time to bend over to help him up, her eyes still filled with tears.

“Get up quickly.
My son has grown up…….”

How could she not be moved? The book said that Yi HanZhi had been spoiled since childhood, and because of the wealth and power of his family, he was arrogant and conceited since childhood.
He was a spoiled good-for-nothing snob who had his nose in the air.

In the original novel, it was because Yi HanZhi saw the protagonist and became lustful for a while and wanted to force the protagonist but he was instead beaten to death by the protagonist.

Don’t say anything about ‘honor the teacher and revere his teachings’ first.
He* had never done even the most basic thing of paying respects to his parents every morning.

*(T/N: The original Yi HanZhi.)

Yi HanZhi got up, helped Madam Yi to sit on the stone stool, and stretched out his hand to massage Madam Yi’s shoulders, before speaking slowly.

“This son was ignorant before, and from now on this son will be filial to mother.”

Madam Yi nodded her head again and again, more and more tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.
The two spent time together for a good while before Madam Yi finally left.

Yi HanZhi looked at Xiao Hong and raised and nodded his head in the direction of Madam Yi.
Xiao Hong understood it, and then she escorted Madam Yi back.

Only then did Yi HanZhi breathe a sigh of relief, borrowing the body of someone else’s son, he naturally wanted to behave better, and he would have to rely on Madam Yi to survive here in the future! Although the difference between what he was doing now and before was huge, no one would believe that there was such a thing as traveling through time and space.

Madam Yi was also very pitiful.
Master Yi was more than fifty, but he relied on his own money to spend a lot of time outside, leading a life of debauchery.
He had never considered or respected his wife as the legal wife.

Later, Bai Jun killed Yi HanZhi and Madam Yi was even more downhearted.
And after a period of time, she could not take it anymore and committed suicide by hanging herself from a beam.

Now that he had transmigrated into someone else’s body, he had to plan for his own future.
Fortunately, he was just a passerby who had died in the original novel.
It was not his turn to help the protagonist to fight monsters and upgrades.
He didn’t have to follow the protagonist and become ‘the little brother’ of the protagonist.
Moreover, according to the original plot of the novel and with the fateful life style of the protagonist, he estimated that if he followed the protagonist, he would definitely not survive two chapters and would be done so soon.
Therefore, cherishing life and staying away from the protagonist was righteous decision.

He was now a rich young master.
He would not have to worry about food and clothing in the future, and he would inherit a large inheritance in the future.
According to the ancient custom, he could still marry ten or eight concubines in the future.
How he would be living with ease and doing as he wishes in the future, thinking about it, he felt pretty happy.

Here, Yi HanZhi hadn’t recovered from his beautiful dreams, but over there, the lobby had started to become noisy.

Xiao Hong walked over from a distance.
When she saw Yi HanZhi, she hurriedly saluted, and then raised her leg again to leave.

“What happened in the hall? Why is it so noisy?”

Yi HanZhi returned to his senses, grabbed Xiao Hong who was passing by, and frowned.

“It was the man who injured Young Master a few days ago.
He came back again.
Master is not at home now, and this slave is going to report Madam.”

After that, Xiao Hong was about to leave in the direction of the backyard* again.

*(T/N: 后院 – the backyard, a place in the house where womenfolk lived, especially in ancient China)

“Don’t bother mother, I’ll settle this matter.”

Yi HanZhi took Xiao Hong’s hand and did not let go, then pulled her to the direction of the hall.

He remembered that the novel described the protagonist as the number one beauty in martial arts circles.
He wanted to see how beautiful this protagonist was.
See how beautiful he was that it made Yi HanZhi, that man to have thoughts he shouldn’t have.

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