“The Duke is not here right now,”

Said the man with an elegant voice.

‘…How should I answer? Should I honestly say I’m not here to see the Duke, but him?’

While she was contemplating, the man raised his long and pale fingers to fix his glasses.

As his round glasses hung on the tip of his perfect nose, it gave him a languid atmosphere.
The man had cold blue eyes that seemed as if he had trapped the blue sky in his eyes, a sharp nose, and red lips—all of his features seemed impeccably harmonious.

He was handsome, but ‘sharp’ and ‘intelligent’ seemed more befitting to describe him.


On top of that, his blonde hair and shirt, which he perfectly buttoned to the top, made him seem like someone without any worldly desire.
He was the epitome of an elegant and elite man, so in other words…

‘…He’s exactly my type.’

As she was standing there and gazing at him without saying anything, he sighed as if he was fed up.
After a while, he opened his mouth again in an extremely business-like tone.

“I’m telling you again because I don’t think you heard me.
Duke Lucas is not home.”

She couldn’t feel any emotions in his snappy tone.

It seemed the man firmly believed that the woman in front of him wouldn’t be entangled with him in any way and would continue to do so.

“That’s not it…”

She muttered in a quiet voice.

When she said that, the man raised his head stiffly and glanced down at her as though he thought she had come for nothing.
Her heart tightened as his relentless gaze made her speechless.
Carinne desperately shook her head, trying to ignore the cold glare from her favorite character.

Why did she come here?

Memories from a moment ago flashed through her mind like a movie.



* * *



“Who is this?”

Just a few hours ago, when I stared into the mirror, a woman with long and curly red hair was staring back at me.
Even though I was confused seeing her foreign and beautiful cat-like face with green eyes, I instantly realized when I saw a child in a maid uniform calling me ‘Lady Carinne’ instead of Sohyun.

…It seemed like I went inside a novel 〈 Even if I’m a ditzy lady, I want to fall in love! 〉

It was a romance fantasy novel that was published on a platform with free chapters every day.
Although the author was famous for their amateurish writing skill and how their novels were only great at the beginning, they had a strong fanbase.

It was also the novel that I, who was picky as a romance fantasy genre enthusiast, kept reading.
I went to that platform every night to check if the latest chapter had been uploaded.

It was the only joy in my lonely jobless life.

Sometimes, I would also complain about how it would be great to possess a body in another world rather than living like this.


‘Who knew I would really possess a body—?!’

In addition, the body I possessed…

It was not the female lead nor an extra, but a supporting role.

I became Carinne, a wicked woman who faced a terrible end for obsessing over the male lead, Duke Lucas.
If it were someone else, maybe they would’ve cried and grabbed their hair in frustration as they complained, ‘Why did I have to become the villainess!’

Still, I wasn’t in a position to argue about this and that.

This was because my favorite character’s life in this novel depended on me.

It was true that it was regrettable and unfair for me to possess a villainess’ body, however, even though I wasn’t an angel, my favorite character’s life still depended on me.
So, was it the time to be choosy…?

As I thought so, I gritted my teeth while looking at the mirror as the little maid stared at me strangely.

‘I’ll save you no matter what.’

This was fate…

This was a chance for me to save him, my favorite character.
God must’ve felt sorry for me, who had such a hard life, so he gave me a chance.

“Lady, what’s wrong?”

Seeing that I clenched my fist and teeth in determination, the maid asked me while trembling.
Lowering her shoulders, she trembled pitifully.

It was natural.
I knew why she was acting like this.

Carinne was someone whom the author set as a villainess.
Not only did she make the maids and people around her miserable with her terrible personality, but she had also done many things that couldn’t be mentioned one by one.

Among her evil acts, one stood out compared to the others.
It was Carinne’s obsession with the male lead, Duke Lucas.

It wasn’t a simple and cute one-sided love… It was more of creepy stalking.

If they lived in the modern era, the Duke could probably sue Carinne.

It was given as she followed him around, sneaked a peek, even analyzed his daily routine, and pretended to meet him by chance.
In addition, she also stayed by his side so that other women wouldn’t approach him.

Needless to say, the Duke hated Carinne and was disgusted by her.

Meanwhile, Carinne, who was rejected by him, was fuming with anger.
Just in time, the female lead appeared, and because of jealousy, her obsession simply became madness.
There would be no end if I mentioned her terrible acts one by one, so let’s skip that…

What was certain was how serious Carinne was in intercepting the Duke and female lead’s relationship.

Because of that, the comment section was full of curses for Carinne.



[ When is Carinne going to leave? ]

[ I’m waiting for Carinne’s doom.
I trust you, author.



‘Still, Carinne must’ve really liked the D

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