Classes ended at 11AM.
Shen Qingruo had prepared lunch for Shen Yan and Luo Shuyan by the time they reached home.

Luo Shuyan washed her hands and took a seat at the dining table.
Her eyes widened when she saw two huge fried drumsticks on the table.

She could immediately tell that it was from the street stall near their place since it was exceptionally fragrant and tasty.

Shen Qingruo always found outside food to be unsanitary.
Why did she buy this for them today? She would usually never allow them to eat food like this.

In actuality, Shen Qingruo wasn’t in a mood to go to work this morning.
Her working hours were more flexible so she got off work at around 11.
Usually, she’d already have what to cook for them in mind, but today, her entire mind was filled with the thoughts of buying a house.
So, on the way home, she grabbed two huge drumsticks from the street vendor and hurriedly made some cold noodles for them.

When she saw the two children staring at the chicken, she felt guilty and softly said, “Something came up today, so I didn’t prepare much for lunch.
I’ll definitely cook something better for dinner.”

Before it was too late, Luo Shuyan picked up the huge drumstick and stuffed her face with it.

Horrified of the idea that someone might steal her food, she mumbled with food in her mouth, “Who says that this isn’t good? I love it!”

Thus far, she’d managed to resist the temptation of the ice popsicles and spicy sticks sold at the provision store and by the vendors outside of school.
Even though Luo Tianyuan always bought sweets and cake for her, she actually preferred salty food and meat.
For example, she loved lamb skewers and fried hot dogs… She felt hungry just thinking about that.

Shen Yan sneered.
He didn’t touch the drumstick and went for the noodles.

Before this, Shen Qingruo hadn’t made up her mind yet.
She wasn’t thick skinned and didn’t like to take advantage of others.
She’d gone through her finances and figured that she would be able to afford 20% in downpayment if she were to get the 20% discount.
However, she wouldn’t have enough if she were to be charged in full…

Now, she had her mind made up.
Her dignity was worth nothing in comparison to her son’s happiness.
She wanted to give him a home of their own.

She decided that she’d take up Luo Tianyuan’s offer and she’d compensate him by treating Luo Shuyan even better than before.

No matter how good Luo Shuyan’s appetite was, she was still a child.
She felt stuffed after finishing the bowl of noodles.
Shen Yan had gotten up and headed to rest after he finished his noodles.
Luo Shuyan noticed that he hadn’t touched his drumstick..

Shen Qingruo asked, “Aren’t you going to eat your share of the drumstick?”

Shen Yan shook his head.
“I don’t like it.”

‘You don’t like it?’ Shen Qingruo clearly remembered that her son loved eating drumsticks.
What was going on here?

However, she figured that children’s tastes change quickly so she turned to Luo Shuyan, “Shuyan, care for more?”

Luo Shuyan shook her head and rubbed her tummy.
“I’m so full, Aunty Shen, you can have it.
You haven’t eaten chicken after all, and you only bought two pieces for us.”

Shen Qingruo laughed.
“I’m not a fan of drumsticks either.
Let’s see… Why don’t I leave it for you for dinner, how does that sound?”

Luo Shuyan was delighted.
She loved drumsticks but she only had one stomach and she couldn’t fit more into it at the moment.

Additionally, Luo Shuyan believed that Shen Qingruo wasn’t lying.
The women in their block enjoyed drinking soup with thick layers of fat, but she realized that Shen Qingruo didn’t.
She could tell that Shen Qingruo took good care of her appearance and health.
Shen Qingruo tried to eat healthy, so fried drumsticks wouldn’t be appetizing towards a beauty like her.

Luo Shuyan admired Shen Qingruo’s self-discipline.
She heard that Shen Qingruo was a year older than Luo Tianyuan, but she couldn’t tell from her appearance.
She was very slim and looked youthful.

Shen Yan could hear Luo Shuyan’s happy cheers all the way from his room.
He looked down and thought, ‘She’s a little piggy.
She must’ve been starved to death in her past life.’

Elementary school children couldn’t avoid taking afternoon naps after lunch.

They lived near their school so they could have lunch right after school.
Shen Qingruo turned on the television for them.
She had to make sure that they only napped after 12:30PM; she didn’t want them sleeping right after they had eaten.

There weren’t many channels on the TV at this time.
Luo Shuyan knew that there weren’t any interesting dramas to watch.
So, she flipped through Shen Yan’s English book that he’d left on the table in his room.

She felt relieved when she realized that she knew everything in the book.
As long as she worked hard, she’d definitely pass as a straight A student at least until high school.

Shen Yan didn’t get angry when he saw her flipping through his book.
He sat down and played with the rubix cube that Luo Tianyuan had bought for him from outstation some time ago.

At 12:30PM, Luo Shuyan closed the English textbook and stood up to leave.

When she was very young.
Luo Tianyuan didn’t know how to bathe her or how to change her diapers.
Furthermore, he didn’t even allow Grandpa Luo to help.
Back then, Grandma Luo had reprimanded him quite a bit.

It wasn’t that Luo Tianyuan dumped those duties on others, he wasn’t a father who simply sat in front of the television all day.
He knew how to wash her diapers, feed her milk, and coax her to sleep.
He was willing to do everything for his daughter, other than changing her diapers and bathing her.
Of course, other men weren’t allowed too.

So, after he found out that his precious baby daughter had her hands touched by an old pervert, he wanted nothing more than to chop off that pervert’s hands.

Of course, back then, he’d gone straight to that old pervert’s house and gave someone a scolding of a lifetime.
Not long after, the entire neighborhood was made aware about the situation and reminded their children to stay away from that man.
Even the man’s daughter-in-law made sure that he stayed far away from his granddaughter.

At least something good came out of this unpleasant situation.

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