Shen Qingruo finally relaxed when the hospital confirmed that Shen Yan wasn’t autistic.
However, she still asked her friend who returned from overseas to give him an IQ test.
The doctor had been very surprised about the results because his IQ was actually way above average.
The boy would easily become a child prodigy with the right training… Shen Qingruo didn’t continue to listen because she didn’t think that the test was very reliable.

She was content as long as her child was healthy and didn’t encounter disasters in life.

As Shen Yan grew up, Shen Qingruo noticed him displaying signs of wisdom beyond his age.
Shen Qingruo was instantly reminded of what the doctor had told her and supposed that the doctor was right after all.

And it was because of her son’s intelligence at a young age, Shen Qingruo would always inform him and ask for his opinion when making major decisions in life.

“Son.” Shen Qingruo’s face was a little red, she supposed it was because of the hot weather.
She wasn’t willing to portray herself as a calculative person in front of him.
“Today, Uncle Luo told me a very important decision of his, and I’d like to hear your opinion.”

Shen Qingruo was still contemplating about how to phrase herself before she heard her son saying, “Mom, I agree.”


Shen Qingruo looked at him with a weird expression.
“How did you know what I was referring to?”

When she gave it some thought, she supposed that Luo Tianyuan must’ve told the children when he picked them up from school.

Yet, she still felt uncomfortable.
She knew that Luo Tianyuan talked to the children like his own friends, but this was something to do with her own family.
She hoped to tell her son personally instead of letting him find out through the mouth of an outsider.

Shen Yan’s eyes were gleaming.
Usually, he wore a serious expression like a grown up in a child’s body, but now, there was anticipation in his eyes.
Mom, I like Uncle Luo and he is nice to me.
I’m alright with the idea of having Uncle Luo as my father.”


‘What did he just say?’

Shen Qingruo, who had always been calm and graceful, had a confused expression on her face.

When she came back to her senses, she lowered her head and ran her fingers through her hair in order to ease her awkwardness.
“What do you mean? Mama and Uncle Luo are only friends, the young lady who visited us yesterday is Uncle Luo’s girlfriend.”

Shen Yan was taken aback.

Truth to be told, he really liked Uncle Luo.
Uncle Luo had taken extra care of him and his mother, he even found a job for his mother and rented this place to them.

Luo Tianyuan met Shen Yan’s criteria of a good father.

No matter how mature Shen Yan was, he couldn’t suppress his desire to have a complete family.
A family with a father, a mother, and a younger sister… He’d never asked about his biological father and he supposed that he’s already dead, if not, he would’ve come to visit them over the years.

Shen Yan wasn’t someone who’d accept just anyone as his father though.
If it came to some other man, it’s quite likely that he wouldn’t accept him as his father.

However, when his mother invalidated his assumptions, he didn’t make a fuss.
Instead, Shen Yan lowered his head like a baby quail.

After a moment of silence, Shen Qingruo sincerely explained, “Your Uncle Luo saved me, and I’m very thankful for that, and when you’re older, you’ll be able to understand what his kindness meant to me.
However, Mama only sees Uncle Luo as a friend, and similarly, Uncle Luo only sees me as a friend.
Son, rather than believing in what other people say, why don’t you observe the both of us with your own eyes?”

Shen Yan unhappily nodded.

He simply couldn’t understand why Uncle Luo didn’t like his mother and why didn’t his mother like Uncle Luo?

Luo Shuyan liked his mother and he liked Uncle Luo.
Wouldn’t they make a blessed family?

However, as a child prodigy, he didn’t want to make things difficult for the adults, especially his mother.
Thus, he just took his mother’s words as it was.

“Alright, now I’d like to talk to you about something.” After the entire mishap, Shen Qingruo’s emotions were a lot more stable and she was able to calmly deliver her message.
“Today, Uncle Luo asked Mama if I’d like to buy this apartment.
He’ll sell it to me at a 20% discount from the market value, so it should be around 50,000 to 60,000 Yuan.
These days, it’s a popular method to take out a loan to buy a house.
Thus, he’s willing to accept 20% as down payment, which will be around 10,000 Yuan, and we’ll pay off the rest on a monthly basis over the course of 10 years.
The interest rate is also acceptable, and we can give an early payment if we want to or delay the payment if we’re short on cash.
My son, what do you think? Should Mama buy this apartment?”

Rent was very cheap right now, and Luo Tianyuan made it even easier for them by renting the apartment to them at an extremely low price.

If Shen Qingruo was more simple minded, it was unlikely that she’d want to buy a house.
After all, she’d be left with an empty savings account after the purchase of her house.
Not only that, she’d also have to use more than half of her income each month to pay off the loan, so their family’s standard of living would change drastically.

Yet, Shen Qingruo had the desire to leave something valuable to her son and the life as a tenant could never compare to the life of living in a place that you own.

On the other hand, when Shen Yan heard all this, he immediately thought of Luo Shuyan.

He immediately realized that Uncle Luo might’ve sold this apartment in order to buy a car…

‘If that is the case, Luo Shuyan would flip…’

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