Luo Shuyan realized that she had misunderstood Shen Yan.
She thought that he was here to borrow money from her to buy marbles, she didn’t expect him to be worried about whether she was angry over the sale of the apartment.

She turned around and went to the dining area.
She opened the fridge and took out a bottle of orange soda and passed it to him.

The orange soda came in a glass bottle.
In the 90s, carbonated drinks were seen as a treat to reward good children.
Luo Tianyuan bought boxes of them back home and put them into the fridge in the summer.
It was super refreshing to grab a bottle whenever they were thirsty or when the weather was hot.

Shen Yan wasn’t sure if he should accept the bottle of soda.

Even though he was very mature for his age and knew how to control his expressions, he was only seven, and Luo Shuyan could tell that he was conflicted from his expression.

He didn’t like sweet things.
He wouldn’t try a soda twice; he preferred chilled plain water in comparison to sodas with oddly sweet flavoring.

Usually, he would’ve rejected her offer in an instant.
However, this was a sensitive period for Luo Shuyan — the calm before the storm.
He wasn’t sure if she would get mad if he were to not accept her offer.

“Do you want it, or not?” When Luo Shuyan noticed that he wasn’t moving, she raised her voice and asked again.

Shen Yan’s body acted faster than his mind.
He reached forward to accept the drink.

He held the glass bottle in his tiny hands.
The bottle had just come out from the fridge and there was a layer of condensation on it.
His hands shivered from the cold.

Luo Shuyan wasn’t an insincere person.
However, Shen Yan had a gut feeling that she was lying right now.

She had been so unhappy about Uncle Luo’s purchase yesterday because she knew her family wasn’t very wealthy.
She must be livid that Uncle Luo had sold a property to buy a car!

Shen Yan thought for a bit before he spouted, “Uncle Luo is a very capable man.
Even if he’s sold an apartment to buy the car, I’m sure he’ll be able to earn the money back soon.”

Actually, Shen Yan knew that this was a conflicting situation.
Uncle Luo had brought up the payment of CNY140,000 so effortlessly, but he also said that he sold the house to buy it.
If he truly sold his apartment to buy the car, he wouldn’t have brought it up in such a casual way…

He knew that something wasn’t right.

However, no matter how smart Shen Yan was, he couldn’t figure out why this was happening.

All he could do was to comfort Luo Shuyan.

Even if Uncle Luo had sold “Blessed” away, he would certainly find another ‘blessing’ again!

Luo Shuyan was very confused over Shen Yan’s statement.
Of course, consequently, she felt a lot better after hearing about the unrealistic confidence Shen Yan had over her father.

The two little children had such different perceptions towards her father.
Even though Shen Yan wasn’t related to Luo Tianyuan, he had so much trust in him.
Thus, she, as Luo Tianyuan’s biological daughter, had no right to question his decisions.

At that, she leaned against the dining table and skillfully opened the soda with a bottle opener.
“Gulp.” She felt better after swallowing a huge mouthful of the soda and said, “I’m not angry.
How can an apartment be more important than the well-being of a human being?”

Just as Shen Yan was about to let out a sigh of relief, a phrase suddenly entered his mind —

“When a girl says ‘No’, she actually means ‘Yes’.
When she says that she isn’t angry, it would mean that she’s angry!”

“Women do not mean what they say, do you understand?” —

A few days ago, his mom and Luo Shuyan watched a drama together.
When he walked out from his room to grab some water, he had heard these phrases on the TV.

‘Is that so?’

Shen Yan wasn’t sure, so he stared at Luo Shuyan.

Shen Yan looked like Shen Qingruo, and Shen Qingruo was a true beauty.
Luo Shuyan enjoyed looking at their delicately perfect features.
Their charisma was truly different from the residents from this city.

At the moment, there was a period drama airing on TV during the peak time.
There was a young crowned prince in the show who looked very handsome in traditional clothing.

However, in Luo Shuyan’s eyes, she believed that if Shen Yan were to dress like a crowned prince, he would be even better looking than the actor!

His temperament was so different from other kids.
‘Was it because he enjoyed reading? Or was it because he disliked watching dramas and eating snacks?’

Luo Shuyan looked at Shen Yan, and Shen Yan awkwardly looked away.
He recalled the decision he had made and said through gritted teeth, “Luo Shuyan, I have an idea.
I can ask my mom to not buy the apartment.
Other than my mom, there aren’t any potential buyers in the area.
If my mom were to not buy the apartment, Uncle Luo wouldn’t have that much money, and it’s likely that he would return the car to the previous owner.”

This was a tough decision for Shen Yan to make.

He had a good understanding about the value of money at a young age.
His mother never treated him like a child, and when making big purchases, she’d always let him know.
This time, she informed him about the market price and the price Uncle Luo would be selling the house at.
She told him that the uncle was helping them and they would be benefiting a lot from that.

His mother told him that she’d have to spend a few thousand extra if she were to buy the apartment at market price.

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