When Song Wanqing saw the delight on Luo Shuyan’s face, she laughingly said, “My helper was the one who made these dishes.
My helper has been with my family for years, and I heard that her grandfather used to work in the imperial palace.
Even if she didn’t get all the recipes from her grandfather, she definitely inherited their ability to make delicious dishes.”

Luo Shuyan, who was in the process of devouring the plump crab meat, was shocked to hear that.

Two days ago, Song Wanqing had only talked to Shen Qingruo, so Luo Shuyan didn’t manage to see her face.
Today, she finally got to see Song Wanqing.
From the way she talked to the way she dressed, Luo Shuyan could tell that her father had found a rich second-generation girlfriend this time round.

“Is that so?” Luo Tianyuan gave a small smile and continued, “We’ve given you much trouble today.”

“No worries, this is what I’m supposed to do.” Song Wanqing angrily glared at him.
“I had a look at the fridge and it looks like you don’t have any fresh ingredients left.
Even if you’re not eating, don’t you think Shuyan has to eat?”

“I’m busy with work and I have no time to cook.
Shuyan usually has her meals at Qingruo’s place.” He was worried that Song Wanqing would misunderstand him and added, “I pay Qingruo a sum every month to settle Shuyan’s meals and in return, she also takes care of her.”

“Mn,” Song Wanqing said, her eyes gleaming as she laughed.
“Oh, then we’ll have to thank her.
Tianyuan, why don’t we return the favor this afternoon? We can take her and her son out for lunch.
We can have western food at the Red House Restaurant.
The steak there is pretty good.”

Luo Shuyan wasn’t sure why, but the braised pork suddenly didn’t taste as good as before.

She put down her chopsticks.

She was a child with her own principles.
Objectively, the braised pork tasted better than Aunty Shen’s cooking, but subjectively, she liked Aunty Shen’s cooking more.

Her father’s new girlfriend seemed to have something against Aunty Shen.

Song Wanqing was still waiting for a reply from Luo Tianyuan.
Luo Tianyuan noticed that his daughter had put down her chopsticks.
He hurriedly asked, “Are you full?”

Luo Shuyan smiled and nodded.
“Mn, I ate too much in the morning.
Papa, I’ll head to my room to do my homework now.”

Luo Tianyuan’s eyes continued to follow her.
“Turn on the aircond, careful, don’t let it get too stuffy.”

Luo Shuyan returned to her bedroom, closed the door, and sat on the side of her bed.
She’d finished her homework before this and she didn’t know what to do.
She wanted to watch TV in the living room, but she found it awkward since Aunty Song and her father were still in the dining area.
She also considered listening to their conversation, but based on the distance between her bedroom and the dining area, she gave up.

As a daughter, Luo Shuyan wasn’t against the idea of her father marrying someone else.
After all, he was still young.
Though, there were some distasteful adults who liked to ‘joke’ with her and say that her father would change after he marries someone else; it seemed like they enjoyed seeing her being anxious.
Yet, all in all, she knew that her father couldn’t simply abstain from romance due to her existence.

She wasn’t against her father marrying, but she had to do her part as a daughter and advise him on the suitability of the woman he courted.

She had her mind made up.
When her father and her were alone, she’d tell her father that she’d like to get to know his new girlfriend better.

Luo Shuyan wasn’t an actual six year old after all… She had a pretty good idea of what the world was like and she could tell the difference between a good and bad ‘stepmother’.

Luo Shuyan would definitely be able to tell if the woman pretended to like her in front of her father, but actually disliked her behind his back!

Plus, adults these days really underestimate the intelligence of children, so it’s likely that they would accidentally convey their true feelings in front of the child.

Just as Luo Shuyan was seriously thinking about her future plans, Luo Tianyun knocked on her door.
He asked, “Shuyan, can Papa come in?”

Luo Shuyan hurriedly sat down and pretended to be doing her homework.

Soon after, Luo Tianyuan pushed the door open and entered her room.
When he saw her attentively doing her homework, he smiled and said, “Remember to take an afternoon nap after you’re done.
Shuyan, Papa is going to send our guest home, and I might be back late.
There are sodas and cake in the fridge.
If anything, remember to go to Shen Yan or Aunty Shen for help.”

“Okay.” Luo Shuyan had always been an obedient child.

Other children enjoyed running around their housing area during the holidays.
They couldn’t care less about the blazing sun or the scorching heat, but Luo Shuyan wasn’t like that.
During the two month-long summer holidays, she didn’t go out if possible, and even if she went out, she made sure she stayed away from the sun.
A few of her friendships ended because she wasn’t willing to go out to play with them under the sun.

Although she couldn’t abstain from sugar, she could delay aging by protecting herself from the sun at an early age.


Song Wanqing came with her driver, however, since Luo Tianyuan offered to accompany her home, she decided to take the local public transport with him.

It was comfortable to travel in a car, but where was the enjoyment in that? She was even willing to walk home if that meant that she could spend more time with Luo Tianyuan.

With that in mind, she was entirely shocked when Luo Tianyuan brought her to a car.

“Tianyuan, what is this…”

Luo Tianyuan opened the passenger’s door for her and said, “I bought a car yesterday.”

Song Wanqing suddenly recalled what she had said last week.
Back then, on the way home with Luo Tianyuan after dinner on the public transport, she’d accidentally said that it was a little cramp.

She felt bad after she realized what she had said and she was worried that Luo Tianyuan would take it the wrong way.
She didn’t know what to do back then.
Thankfully, he comforted her and said that it was more comfortable to travel by car.

Ta-da — Luo Tianyuan happened to buy a car a few days after that incident.
It was hard for Song Wanqing to not relate it to what she had mentioned.

Instantly, she turned to look at Luo Tianyuan, her eyes sparkling with love.

Instead of being petty and angry after his girlfriend mentioned about the discomfort of traveling by public transport, this man immediately went to buy a car! He’s too good to be true!

She loved this!

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