National Day was coming soon.
Luo Tianyuan’s words must’ve impacted Song Wanqing quite a bit.
Despite having a more western mindset due to the years spent overseas, she’d never been alright with never getting married.
Thus, she hadn’t contacted Luo Tianyuan from that day onwards.

The nation took seven days off in celebration of the National Day.
Luo Tianyuan had planned beforehand to take his daughter on a trip to Jing City.
There was a railway station in Ning City and it took around a day and a night to reach Jing City from there.

Of course, he would plan the trip to the best of his abilities, but Luo Tianyuan wasn’t exactly sure how it would turn out.
After all, it was a long journey and children had a weaker immune system.
He’d have a hard time if his daughter were to fall ill if she couldn’t adapt to the environment.

As a father, he truly wanted to take his daughter outstation to see the world.

Today, Luo Tianyuan came home after work with a roasted chicken.
He contemplated for a moment before going to his neighbor’s.

Shen Qingruo hadn’t expected Luo Tianyuan’s arrival.
She calmly grabbed another pair of chopsticks and a bowl from the kitchen.

The dining table was just enough for two adults and two children.
It was two days away from the National Day and the weather in Ning City wasn’t as hot as usual.
They ate while they watched the sun set.

Shen Qingruo figured that Luo Tianyuan had something to say.
True enough, after a few bites, Luo Tianyuan put down his chopsticks and said, “I’ll be going to Jing City during the National Day holiday for work.
Shuyan, would you like to join Papa on a short trip?”

At that, Luo Shuyan couldn’t even be bothered by the chicken wings in front of her.
She blinked and hurriedly agreed.
She raised her hands in happiness and exclaimed, “Yes, I want to go!”

Even if she didn’t have any memory from her past life, Luo Shuyan had always wanted to go on a trip to a big city like Jing City.
In addition to that, the songs that they sang in kindergarten definitely piqued her interest in regards to that city.

She had been taught by her kindergarten teacher to sing “I love Beijing Tiananmen.”*

* “I love Beijing Tiananmen” is a children’s propaganda song written during the Cultural Revolution era.
‘Jing City’ in the novel likely referred to Beijing.

In this era, there weren’t as many people out on the streets during the seven-day long National Day holiday.
It was very long after all! Staying at home for a whole week wasn’t terrible, but how could that compare with going out and seeing the world?

Luo Tianyuan looked at his daughter tenderly and was amused by her reaction.
“Papa is going there for work, so when I’m busy, you’ll need to stay in the hotel room alone.
Will you still want to go?”

“Plus, we’d have to take the train for a day and night.
Are you sure you’re okay with that?”

He wanted to take his daughter to Jing City by plane, but there were no airports in Ning City in the 90s.
It wasn’t easy to get a plane ticket either, so they were better off taking the train.

After all, his daughter had never been on a train before.


Luo Tianyuan’s smile grew bigger.
He was using ‘work’ as an excuse this time in order to go outstation.
However, his actual reason for the visit was to have a look at the mega city with endless financial possibilities.

He had another important purpose for this trip — which was to buy a house.

Many university students preferred going to Jing City to further their studies.
Luo Tianyuan wasn’t sure if his daughter would want to pursue her studies in Jing City in the future.
There was no harm in preparing beforehand.

He happened to have some extra cash to spare, so he figured that he’d buy two houses for his daughter for standby, just in case she needed it in the future.
Plus, if she didn’t end up needing it, she could sell it for some extra pocket money.

He made it big because he’d bought a warrant in 1992 and he subsequently built his own company.
Despite his success, he knew that there was no guarantee that you’d make a profit when doing your own business.
He had the guts and was also detail-oriented.
He was also never hesitant when a new opportunity arose.

Yet, he was also a father who wanted to leave something valuable for his daughter — for example, a house or some shop lots.

There were some parts of his wealth that he would never touch after this; this portion of his wealth was for his daughter’s future.

Luo Tianyuan looked at Shen Yan and gently asked, “Shen Yan, would you like to go to Jing City too? If so, uncle will bring you along with Shuyan.
It’ll be nice if you two children can look out for each other.”

No matter how perceptive Shen Yan was, he was still a young child.
As soon as he heard that Uncle Luo would be taking Luo Shuyan to Jing City, his grip on his chopsticks instantly tightened.

He wanted to go to Jing City too; he wanted to go to the city which his language teacher had constantly talked about.
He made a vow to himself that he would get into Jing City’s top university in the future.

He hadn’t expected Uncle Luo to want to bring him along.
So, when he heard Uncle Luo’s offer, he almost instantly nodded like Luo Shuyan.
However, he controlled himself and turned to look at his mother.

‘I would only say yes if Mama says that I can go.’

Luo Shuyan wanted to answer for Shen Yan.
She knew that she would feel bored in the hotel room when her father was out for work.
She wouldn’t feel as lonely if she had someone to accompany her.

Shen Qingruo’s hand trembled.
She didn’t display her actual emotions on her face as she looked down and back up again.
She told Luo Tianyuan, “That’ll be too troublesome for you.
It’ll be tiring for you to take care of two children on your own.”

She implicitly rejected his offer.

However, Luo Tianyuan could see the anticipation in Shen Yan’s eyes.
He assumed that Shen Qingruo was truly worried about the small matter of him needing to take care of the children on his own.

“The children are very obedient.
It honestly doesn’t make a difference if I were to bring one child or two children on holiday.
Why don’t you and Shen Yan discuss about it and let me know by tomorrow?”

Shen Qingruo sighed in her heart but she didn’t let it show on her face.

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