Luo Tianyuan was a righteous man.
Everyone figured that he was simply offering a helping hand to that teacher by purchasing his apartment.

However, Luo Shuyan’s eyes sparkled in excitement when she heard her father’s decision to purchase the apartment.

Although she couldn’t remember much from her past life, she could tell that the housing prices would increase exponentially in the future.
She knew that this was a good location because there’s an elementary school, middle school, high school, and hospital nearby.
The city will develop, so even if they were to move in the future, they’d still earn a huge profit from selling the apartments.

Luo Shuyan’s nights were met with peaceful slumber ever since her father held two properties under his name.

Luo Tianyuan rented the place to Shen Qingruo after gaining ownership over it.
Shen Qingruo was a gentle woman who loved tidiness.
So thanks to her, the apartment remained very well kept.

Back then, Luo Shuyan and all the other neighbors thought that Luo Tianyuan and Shen Qingruo would end up together.
After all, both of them were good-looking and each had a child of their own.
Shen Qingruo was envied by many women.
However, even after two years, the two of them remained as friends, and seemed to have no intention of getting together.

This caused disappointment among the neighbors and Luo Shuyan herself.

She adored Shen Qingruo; Shen Qingruo made the best meals, had a gentle personality, and wasn’t someone who was out to find trouble.
She was certain that if Shen Qingruo were to become her stepmother, she’d never be someone like the Evil Queen from Snow White.

“How was school? Did you enjoy yourself?” Shen Qingruo asked.

Luo Shuyan recalled her time in school and cocked her head.
After six years of experience, she no longer found it stressful to act cute in front of adults.
She wasn’t any different from other children her age, just slightly smarter than the rest.
“It was so so.
Aunty Shen, I bought a bottle of Wahaha* for Shen Yan from the concession stand in school, but he didn’t want it!”

*Wahaha (哇哈哈) is a Chinese Vitamin A&D calcium drink.
The drink has a sweet and tart yogurt flavor.

She talked about him with his mother without any psychological burden.

Although Luo Shuyan found Shen Yan handsome, quiet, and cool when she first saw him two years ago, she didn’t automatically think of him as her potential childhood sweetheart.
After all, she always thought of herself to be much older than Shen Yan, despite only being half a year older in actual terms.

Plus, ever since an annoying schoolmate called her Shen Yan’s wife after seeing them walking to school together, Shen Yan no longer waited for her after school.
He even ignored her in school.

Luo Shuyan was pissed.
After all, she was the one who was being ‘taken advantage of’.
Yet, the man in the relationship was reacting in such a cowardly manner.
He treated her as if she were some sort of ferocious beast, and that really hurt her self-esteem.
Come on, she’s very much a beautiful little girl in the eyes of many ~

Shen Qingruo was stunned for a moment before she smiled and said, “I think he might’ve been feeling a little shy or awkward.”

Luo Shuyan was speechless.

She scrunched her nose as she gave it a thought.
“He’s not as cute anymore,” she said while she shook her head.

Shen Qingruo couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw the chubby young girl saying that with an adult-like expression.

She felt a sense of disappointment after her laughter subsided.

“Little Yan is… He just doesn’t know how to react.”

Luo Shuyan nodded in agreement.
If it weren’t for his good looks, she certainly wouldn’t have bothered to try to remain friends with that childish fellow.

Luo Shuyan looked up and let out a long sigh when she saw the wall full of trophies and certificates.

Shen Yan was a true child prodigy, not like her.
When they were doing homework together the other day, she was astonished to find out that he was already reading books from third and fourth grade.
They had just started Grade 1!

He was really smart and mature for his age.

When he saw her secretly watching ‘The Legend of the White Snake’*, he even looked at her with disdain, just like a tyrannical boss would look at someone they despise.
He didn’t say anything, but ‘You’re dumb’ was written all over his face.
He was a cool boy after all.

*The Legend of the White Snake (新白娘子传奇) is a cliche romance fantasy period drama.

Shen Yan seemed to know everything.
He rarely watched Chinese dramas and movies, however, he did like to watch English movies.

Luo Shuyan had a headache trying to keep up with what the actors were saying, but he was able to pay full attention… To add insult to injury, he recently started to prepare for middle school English.

They were only in Grade 1! In Ning City, the English subject was only taught from middle school onwards.
So, he wasn’t one year ahead, he was six years ahead.

How scary!

She wouldn’t acknowledge a ‘childhood sweetheart’ who was smarter than her.
So in her heart, she’d already single-sidedly rejected the rumors that the busybody schoolmate had spread.

Just as Shen Qingruo was talking about her gifted son, he returned home.
Luo Shuyan felt very awkward for being caught red handed for talking behind his back, especially since she prided in being someone who was mature for her age…

Shen Yan looked at her with his deep dark eyes.
He was tall for his age and much taller than her.
His bag was heavy, despite that, he stood straight and wasn’t hunched over.

He had the temperament of a straight A student, or perhaps more accurately, the temperament of an academic prodigy.

While the other young boys succumbed to the heat and wore shorts, Shen Yan still wore long pants and short sleeves to class.
In the years Luo Shuyan had known him, she’d never seen him in shorts other than when he was at home.
He really cared about maintaining his public image.

He was nothing like a first grader for sure.

As usual, Shen Qingruo walked over to him and asked in a gentle voice, “Would you like some jelly?”

And as usual, Shen Yan replied, “No thanks.”

He wasn’t a fan of jelly, and he wasn’t a fan of ice cream sticks, soft candy, or cake either.
He merely consumed plain water.

Luo Shuyan rubbed her chin thoughtfully.
She had all reason to believe that he was trying to reduce his sugar intake…

‘Was his intelligence to a level where he has started taking care of his body at the young age of seven?’

Shen Yan noticed Luo Shuyan sizing him up.
Although he didn’t know exactly what she was thinking, he knew that it couldn’t be anything good.
So, he merely threw her a glance before looking away.

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