Luo Shuyan didn’t expect Shen Yan to twist her words.
‘What did he say? Set him up on a date? Did he just reject my offer?’

However, it wasn’t her place to be mad.

Luo Tianyuan had just forgotten about the fact that his young daughter mentioned something about boyfriends and girlfriends.
Now, this caused him to remember what Shuyan had said to him a few days ago.
He furrowed his eyebrows.
“Shuyan, where did you learn all this nonsense from?”

Luo Shuyan felt like she was being wronged.

She merely wanted to joke with Shen Yan, and she didn’t expect it to turn out so bad.

However, when she gave it some thought, she knew that she couldn’t blame him.
It was her fault after all; she’d assumed that since he was mature, he would be able to handle it.
However, all in all, he was still a 6-year-old.
If they were in their teens, it’s likely that he wouldn’t think much about the situation.

Oh no.
If she were to put it seriously, was she harassing a young child?

Luo Shuyan shivered in fear.

She had to be more careful when speaking to young children in the future.

She was treating Shen Yan like he was her age.

However, she realized that he was truly a young child, while she herself had already lived through two lives…

Luo Shuyan lowered her head and remained silent.
This was her way of reflecting upon her actions.

Shen Yan couldn’t stand seeing her upset.
It was him who told on her, yet he was also the one to help her out of the situation.
“She was just kidding.”

Luo Tianyuan couldn’t possibly get angry over the words of children.
However, this did remind him that it was time to have a talk with his daughter about the birds and the bees.

To make the atmosphere less tense, he laughingly said, “You want to set Shen Yan up on a date?”

“…No,” Luo Shuyan replied.

“Based on Shen Yan’s intelligence, as long as he pays attention in class, he’d be able to get into a very good university,” Luo Tianyuan looked at Luo Shuyan and continued, “Also, Shuyan, it’s not like Papa is against you making new friends, but there’s something I’d like to remind you.
You need to let Papa know if nothing happens.
In this world, Papa is the only one who’d never hurt you.
 That’s why, if you have a friend who you don’t feel comfortable introducing to me, Papa thinks that the person isn’t a trustworthy person, and the relationship wouldn’t last.”

Men knew men well.
Even though his daughter was only six years old, he couldn’t help but feel horrible when he thought about the fact that his daughter will be in the arms of another stinky young boy in the future.

There weren’t many good men in the world, and he knew that he wasn’t one either…

Instantly, Luo Tianyuan cursed the Gods who created mankind.
Why didn’t God create more good men for his daughter to pick from? Why were all the men misers?

Luo Shuyan was perplexed.

‘How should she phrase it to ensure that her father would believe her? Anyone on earth could be in a relationship at a young age, she was the only one who wouldn’t do so…

Shen Yan nodded in agreement when he heard what Luo Tianyuan had to say.
“Uncle Luo is right.”

He was sure that with Uncle Luo around, Luo Shuyan wouldn’t mix with the wrong bunch of people.

Luo Shuyan was almost in tears.
‘… Can you all stop talking? Let’s stop talking about this!’

After a day and a night, they finally reached Jing City.

The train station was packed with people, and Luo Tianyuan held Luo Shuyan in one hand and Shen Yan in the other as they made their way out of the station.

He called for a cab and went to the hotel that his friend had pre-booked for him.
It was in the afternoon and Luo Shuyan and Shen Yan weren’t showing any signs of fatigue yet.
After they arrived at the hotel, they took a shower and Luo Tianyuan took them to the hotel restaurant for a meal.

The hotel was new and elegant.
Luo Shuyan and Shen Yan’s eyes couldn’t keep up with what was happening around them.
They looked around the area at all the new sights.

The restaurant is a buffet style eatery, but they could also order other dishes.
Luo Tianyuan sat down with his good friend and let the children pick out the food that’s they preferred.

Luo Tianyuan’s good friend was Guo Weikang.
The two of them met in university and with the help from Luo Tianyuan, Guo Weikang managed to start his own business in Jing City.
His business was going well and both of them got along well, so they kept in touch over the years.

Guo Weikang saw Luo Shuyan walking away and joked with his friend.
“I’m still single, while you on the other hand, your child is old enough to go out and buy food alone.”

Luo Tianyuan laughingly said, “You are one of the most eligible bachelors in town.”

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