The Omega’s Sensual Mate

Outside The Hospital

The Omega opened her eyes to a new reality she never imagined. The first material object that her eyes caught upon opening them was the ceiling. She became alert immediately and wanted to jump from the hospital bed but a voice quickly stopped her. ”No, Julia, stop! ” She turned to look in the direction of the voice she had heard, it was no other but Carl. She wondered what Carl was doing by her side while she was laying on the hospital bed.

”What are you doing here? ” began Julia, ”Where am I? ” she looked around as she asked. She saw no one but Carl and herself. She was dressed in a typical white cloth of hospital patients. It took her almost a minute to realize that she was in the hospital. ”What am I doing here? ” she demanded with a harsh voice perhaps, she was not happy seeing Carl close to her. She attempted to get up from the bed but was once again stopped by Carl.

”That would be the most foolish thing to do right now, ” Carl broke his silence. ”I wouldn advise you to stand on your feet right now because that will be dangerous. ” He pointed at the pant of blood which was currently being administered to her. ”Look over there! You don want that to come crashing on you, do you? ”

The whole time he was speaking with Julia he sat on a chair just beside the bed. He stood to his feet and walked closer to the bed, as if that was not enough, he sat on the end-down of the bed. In that way, Julia was out of his reach, he would have to stretch his entire length if he must get closer to her. However, getting closer to Julia was not in his interest at the moment, he has something more important to discuss with her.

Julia was almost losing her patience. She was yet to understand why she was in the hospital. ”What happened over here? ” she asked at again while placing one of her hands across her forehead, she must have had some pain on her forehead. The sad expression on the Omegas face has not changed either, she kept gazing at Carl as if she was expecting him to answer her immediately. A few seconds had passed before she demanded yet another explanation of what was going on and how she landed in the hospital. ”It has been almost a minute and Im yet to hear from you about what happened! ”

There was no need to keep Julia waiting because, even if he denies her any information sooner or later, she is gonna find out, the doctor or the nurses might as well inform her. He believed that would make her angry at him. ”You do not seem to remember what happened earlier on, do you? ” he asked. He expected Julia to nod yes or no to his question but that, never came instead, Julia kept staring at him in confusion.

”No, I can remember! What happened? How did I end up here? ” she sounded as inquisitive as she could be.

”Why don you relax your mind, Julia, everything will be fine. Im pretty sure you be fine and discharged soon. ” He smiled at her. It was obvious that she suffered from amnesia. He counted himself lucky enough because she was able to recognize him but not the circumstance that led to her current situation.

Julia was not comfortable with his sceptical nature. ”Why am I being administered some blood? Why all this nonsense? ” she was not tolerating them anymore, he either tells her what happened or he vanish from her sight.

”Don tell you can not remember what happened? ” he looked intensively at her.

”No, what happened? ” she couldn wait to hear him speak out. Just when Carl was going to speak out, she recalled her memories. ”Troy shot them!….he shot me, Im sure! I thought I was dead! ” She turned to look at her wounds but could barely see them. They have almost healed after a few hours of injuries. She was not too surprised as this was not the first time she was experiencing such.

”Yes, now you remember what happened! ” he smiled at her. He realized that Julia was not paying attention to him rather, she was looking at the part of her body that took a bullet shot. He looked at the same part as well and discovered that her wounds were almost gone. He smiled briefly at her and said, ”that was fast but, not as fast as I thought! ”

Julia was stunned by his words, she ceased looking at her wounds and turned her attention on him instead. ”What do you mean? ”

”I mean, you are yet to achieve your full potential as a Lycan! I can help you achieve that only if you will come with me. ” His words were tempting but, was she going to listen to him at all or will her previous position continue to prevail?

”Hell no! ” she sounded as deviant as she could be.

Carl glanced at her and then stood to his feet, he walked about a few meters away from the bed before turning to speak to her. ”What are you gonna do when the doctors and nurses come to check on you only to discover that your lesion of a few hours is gonna?…. What are you gonna do about that? I think that accepting me as your mate may not be the bigger problem but how you are going to handle the little secret of the wolves? ” he remained silent afterwards as he awaits to hear her reply.

Julia knew that Carl was right about the question that he brought up. She was convinced that she will send the doctors and nurses into a frenzied state if they should discover that her wound of a few hours ago was completely healed. She imagined the attention she would cause. There was only one thing to do to avoid such an undesirable scenario— to escape. However, she can not escape on her own, she needed help and the only help available was Carl. She was reluctant to ask him for help because she feared it will come with a prize but, there was nothing she could do. If Carl helps her escape then, she may get closer to him—something she never wanted. It was a dilemma and she was on limited time.

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