The Omega’s choice

Chapter 9: Kidnapped

Lewiss mother postponed the visit to Lucas place because of an emergency she had to attend to. However, she promised she would come to see Luca and his mom soon. After she cancelled the meeting two days later, she rescheduled it. Despite her politeness and a modicum of etiquette, the woman chose her words carefully. This got Luca and his mom a little worried, but maybe she was just reserved because it was her first visit to the family.

There is no way I love Lewis. However, as a man, I know when someone has a huge crush on me, and I know thats exactly what Lewis is doing, and I can deny it. I love how he makes me feel special and wanted, how he chases me and how he helps me smile again. Theres no doubt that Im glad to have him around. Hes making me feel giddy, but I don have any feelings for him. He is only a friend who allows me to be who I am.

There was no reason for me to be with him today, but he said that he wanted to speak with me. Trying to figure out what he wanted to talk to me about is a mystery to me.

The doorbell rang, and it jolted me out of my chair, which caused me to slouch, but my mother got to the door before I understood what was happening.

Hello Lewis, she said with a smile on her face. Please come in.

Mrs. Mason, good evening. Lewis smiles as he walks in.

It would be a pleasure if you could call me Mom. She grinned.

Okay mom, he chuckled, I hissed under my breath, what is the deal with him and flowers, until he said in a hearty voice ”for you Mrs. Mason ” Aww thanks Lewis as she sniffs the flower. Laughter escapes me, call me mom Lewis.

Sorry, mom,

The people around you are all lovely, but you, Luca, are the most outstanding and handsome of them all. As he cupped my face in his hands. The sun doesn shine brighter than the moon, and the stars don shine brighter than you. I glue my heart to you, even when I don think about you. My moms giggle filled the air as she walked to her room.

Its difficult to believe that I am brighter than the stars when I know that there is no bright side to my life. What do you think about someone like me? Look at me, and you say you
e thinking about me? I hissed.

”Stop talking and stop crying, its breaking my heart. ” Lewis said and he looked at Luca, whose tears were flowing through his eyes as he smiled.

Luca, talk to me. Tell me why you
e always sad, even when Im with you. Tell me everything, Im willing to listen to you. ”

Luca Mason, who couldn hold it any longer, spilled out all of his heart to him. He told him everything that had happened, from the very beginning to the very end, and what led to the very end. As Lewis shook his head with tears, he looked at Luca who was waiting to be scolded and smiled at him.

”My big baby, could you please stop crying? Would you mind paying attention to me? ”

There is no fault on Ethans part, nor is there any guilt on your part. Neither of you is to blame. Ethan acted in a repulsive manner because you are not what he expected. Now let me ask you if you are Ethan. Are you going to be satisfied? Its not that Im siding with him or that Im judging you. Im just saying that if you were him, how would you feel if someone did that to your house or office, and ruined your documents?

Luca looked at him and shook his head in disbelief. With a smile, Lewis said, Because it wasn what he was hoping for. While everyone wants what they want, he goes about it in the wrong way by insulting you. However, if you look at it from his perspective, you can make an informed decision.

Despite the fact that he is unhappy with you, he doesn hate you, and you aren just what he expected. He mightve wronged you, he mightve been an asshole, but he doesn hate you. It is imperative that you do not judge someones choices without understanding the reasons behind them.

”But I feel wronged… He shouldve asked me instead of insulting me. ”. Im emotional and don know how to act. As I cried, I waited for Lewis to continue to speak. I could see Lewis leaned closer to me and cupped my chin while he smiled at those gorgeous, glistening eyes that he held.

Luca, I like you, No, right now, I love you. Please, give me a chance to wipe your tears away. Give me a chance to love you… Let me enter your life and let me be the type of man you want. ”

Luca Mason broke out into tears, unsure of what to say or do, especially after learning that Logan Ethans actions were not motivated by hatred. His heart is now in a state of chaos. He loves Ethan with all of his heart, and his undying love for him existed even before he started, and of course, he has grown to like Lewis not out of self-pity or anything like that. A puddle of tears flowed from his eyes as he said his thanks to Lewis.

”I like you, and I mean Im willing to give you a chance to love me. However, Im not promising that Ill reciprocate your love anytime soon. ” He smiled with his tears and Lewis embraced him as he allowed his tears to come out.

I will love you endlessly and wait patiently until the day youll tell me that you love me too. For now, well make things happen at your own pace.

I love you enough for both of us to be happy. As Lewis pulled away from the embrace, he began to smile. It is a pleasure to be a part of your life, and I thank you for that opportunity. Laughing, he said, ”Ill spoil you silly. ”.

It has been two weeks since I agreed to marry Lewis, and tomorrow is my engagement, so I decided to do the silliest thing possible. My friends and I decided to have fun drinking

My mom yelled at me as I ran out of the house, ”Don stay out too late ”, and don drink. You have to look fresh tomorrow for your engagement party, okay mom, I yelled back.

The club was crowded, so my friends suggested we go to the VIP lounge. This wasn too crowded, our friends said in unison, its a strip club with male and female dancers.

We sat at a round table, and we ordered drinks. Halfway into the night, I saw Ian talking to one server, and the next thing I heard over the loudspeaker was my name. Congratulations on your engagement, Luca. My friends made fun of me after I blushed. I could swear I saw Ethan when my eyes wandered around, but what would he be doing in a place like this? Im getting tipsy. Ian, can we go home now? I am tired, and the boys were already drunk. I yelled for him to head over the loud music. One more round before we left, Ian pleaded.

Okay, I shrugged, and Im not drinking anymore.

They brought another round of drinks to our table, and the boys continued to drink and dance. I rested my head on the chair a little, and thats all I remember.

I woke up in a dark room with a terrible headache, raindrops tapping the closed window. The sound of the ticking clock. I writhed on the cold floor while moaning in a low voice. When did I get home and what am I doing on the cold floor? My hands and legs were in chains as I tried to sit up. I moved a bit, making some jingling sounds. I can be dreaming. This looks so real as I open my eyes in horror.

The door of the room opened, revealing a man. The man walked inside and kicked me. I groaned in pain.

Oh, sleeping beauty is awake. Hope you don have a headache? You and your minions had too much to drink last night.

”Ahhh….. please leave me…. ” I cried in pain

”Aww…..why? ”asked the man.

”Let me go…. ” Im getting engaged today please, I cried remembering my engagement

”But this is your sweet home now Luca Mason.. ” said the man.

Why does the voice sound so familiar? I thought.

The man crouched down and grabbed me by my hair to raise my face up, making me crumble in pain.

”Eh-Ethan? ” I stuttered.

It took you a while to recognize my voice. He smirked

Let me go home please. I sobbed

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