As the Lord gave instructions, the employees bowed their heads slightly, then carefully picked up the bowl and disappeared.
I smiled.

“When will the operation begin?”

“As the monsters are gathering more and more, it is better to start the operation as soon as it gets dark.
We plan to do it tonight.
There is still a little time left, so why don’t you take a nap in the meanwhile?”

“We will.”

Carmen and I left the gloomy lord behind and parted to our respective rooms.
As I entered the room given to me, I saw the bowl on the table.


I nodded at Mother’s words that I got something hard to find.

“That’s right.
I never dreamed I could find something of the Seekers of the Stream.”

The god worshiped by the flowseekers had powers related to water, and the protection hanging onto this vessel was also related to water.
The lord didn’t seem to notice the protection blessing, but even if he did, he couldn’t use this vessel.
Because, except for me, a sacred object was something only priests who worshipped that god could use.

On the other hand, holy relics were objects that anyone could use without having to worship the god.
Naturally, making a holy relic required more complicated than a simple blessing.
That was why each church paid special attention to recovering their holy relics.

“Let’s try it.”

As I touched the bowl and expressed the blessing, water gushed from inside the bowl.

“I don’t have to worry about washing my face after using the Butcher.”


I pulled out the Froststeel sword and submerged the blade in the water.
As Mother explained, this water had a minor side effect, so when a weapon was dipped in this way, a little bit of the protection seeped into the blade for a while after it was taken out.
I then took out the Butcher and put it on the table next to me.
When the Froststeel sword had absorbed enough protection, I thought of immersing the Butcher.

While I waited, I moved to the bed.

Do you have any guesses about this incident?”


I chuckled at the answer.
Indeed, how could she know?

“Well, that’s right.
I’ll take my chances and look into it a little more.”

There was only one thing I was worried about.
If this world was really in the game I used to play, there should be something like the main quest.
I was worried this might be a warning signal that it had started, but I didn’t know anything about its contents.

I gently patted Mother’s hand as it jumped out of my pocket and played on my chest.

“Well, no matter what, I have no choice but to try at least once, right?”


I smiled at Mother’s question, asking what I was talking about all of a sudden.




As Kelton’s gate opened, five horses jumped out and raced through the snow.
The wind slapped at my face.
The horses didn’t like me, but they reluctantly followed my orders as I led them.

Shortly after they started running along the road, a dozen different cries followed.




“Keep running!”

Carmen’s call cut through the air.

Of the five participating in this operation, except for Carmen and me, three were priests.
Two of them were priests of the Restoration Church, which worshipped the goddess of healing and health, and both were huge.
The other was a reluctant Reformation Church priest, wearing their unique white armor.

As the monsters drew closer, the Reformation Church priest took out the battle hammer behind his back and swung it.

“Libra of Retribution!!!”

A hammer of light fell.
The beasts’ screams could be heard from behind us, but there was no time to look back.

When the two priests of Restoration Church chanted, a white light covered our steeds.
The horses, not tired anymore, kept galloping.
However, as if to ridicule our struggle, the monsters kept coming.

The time was near.
I shouted the lines I had prepared in advance for Carmen.

“I’ll get their attention!”

Carmen exclaimed.

“What kind of bullshit is that? Even if it’s you, Priest Marnak, it’s unreasonable to stand alone against that horde!”

“But if we keep going like this, they’ll catch up!”

“We can lose them!”

The arrow loosed from his bowstring pierced the head of a beast about to spring from the roadside.

“You know better than anyone that we can’t lose them this way! I’ll stay!”

“If we all work together, we can definitely do it! Don’t do it! Priest Marnak!”

I smiled and looked at Carmen.

“Reinforcements, Carmen.
Be sure to bring them.”

I let go of the horse’s reins and jumped off.

“Priest Marnak!”

The priests from the Reformation Church and the Restoration Church passed by me and bowed their heads to pay tribute to my sacrifice.
After answering them with a nod, I drew the Butcher from my back and smiled.

“Wasn’t my line just now a little cool?”


Hearing Mother’s praise that my acting was very good, I started the Butcher’s engine.


A harsh start-up sound resounded across the dark night.
As if in response, the mixed roar of a horde of monsters replied.
I raised the Butcher and walked out to welcome them.

Now it was time to find out what the hell was going on in the heads of the worshipers who gathered here.

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