I want to eat something delicious.
Very, very much so.
I want to eat grilled pork belly wrapped in kimchi! I want to eat fried kimchi with fried rice! I want to eat black bean noodles and sweet and sour pork!


The Mother of Corruption’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

“You don’t have to rush me; I’ll move.”

I took a heavy step across the snowfield.
The thick snow obstructed my steps, but my steel-like body pushed through the snow.


“No matter how hard you go at it, you won’t find the next sacred relic immediately.
I need some time for this disturbance to calm down, Mother.”

It was only one thing with her.
Still, The Mother of Corruption was the only one in the world I could trust without a doubt.
I was the only priest of a goddess who was hated by all.
So I didn’t hate the goddess’s voice who whined every day.

As the sun went down, terrible darkness fell over the forest.
Fortunately, as a reinforced human being, I could see ahead with just a little light, and my tireless legs led my body.
The cold wind should be enough to cut off flesh, but I found it tolerable.
The thoughts that kept popping in my head, however…

I’d chosen a con artist-like job, just like my mother always told me.
These crappy jobs…wouldn’t it be okay if I chose that kind of job and not have to experience all this cold?

The wind blew and the snow continued to fall.
It was a blizzard.
No matter how hard human beings were, there were definitely limitations.
I looked around and soon found a place to lie down for a while until the blizzard stopped in the form of a dark cave.

As I entered the dark cave, breaking through the snow piled up to my thighs, a pair of eyes stared back at me.
It was a bear the size of a house.


“I’m not going to fight, Mother of Corruption.”

I sat down in front of the cave and trained a wary gaze on the creature.
That giant bear wouldn’t attack me first.
Most monsters and animals were neutral to the priest of corruption in the game.
Unless I made the first move, they wouldn’t attack me.

From what I understood from living with this body, animals and monsters seemed to feel the dirty energy that intelligent creatures couldn’t.
Thanks to this, all but a few unusual animals were neutral to me.
Under the bear’s gaze, I closed my eyes and settled inside.
A status window slowly popped up.

[Divinity: 1623]

All of the original stats disappeared; the only thing left was Divinity.
That divinity was an amalgamation of all skill points for the Priest of Corruption.

The exchange fee was very simple.
If you paid 10,000 divinity, you got one power.
It was like a vending machine; the power came out just as you put divinity into it.
However, thanks to the vending machine-like system, I had recently succeeded in absorbing the entire divinity of a holy object and awakened a power.
If I used it openly, though, I’d also get another power: to be tracked down by all sorts of religious sects.

As I leaned against the cold cave wall, I felt a little sad.
What kind of case was this, ‘falling’ into a game?


“I’m not depressed, Mother of Corruption.
Stop worrying.”

I held the dry hand in my arms.
Still, I was glad I wasn’t entirely alone.
My mind calmed down a little as I held the dried-up hand.

Yeah, 13 holy relics.
No, now, if I gathered all the divinity of the 12 remaining holy relics, the Mother of Corruption would fulfill all my wishes.
Then, I would have to ask her to restore my sense of taste first.

After falling into this world, I replayed the self-suggestions that I always made in my mind.
This world was just a game, and I was just playing a slightly more realistic virtual reality game.
So, let’s enjoy this life.

My butt was a little sore because of the uneven stone floor, though.
I muttered mournfully.

“I’m a little sad, though.”

“Stop there.”

Guards blocked me.
Their well-maintained equipment showed that they were fairly disciplined.

“Show me your ID.”

I smiled as reverently as possible and spoke in a sincere voice.
Right now, I was wearing a priest’s uniform from one of my small, two-column inventory spots.

“May happiness remain unshakable in your life.
I lost my ID card while I was in distress on the way here.”

The guard, looking me up and down, asked briefly.

“Which church’s priest are you?”

“Of the Goddess of Maintenance, who protects everyday life.”

It was a great felony to lie about the name of the god a priest served.
The punishment was given by the god directly to the priest, not by the church.
The impersonation of priests by those who weren’t was also subject to punishment.
Those impersonated priests were engraved with a stigma manifested by the god’s anger.
The stigma of sin was only visible to the church members concerned.

The guard bowed his head slightly.

“Welcome to Guise, priest, but you’d better make a new ID card as soon as you get in.”

I smiled kindly.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”


Our benevolent Mother of Corruption was very tolerant of this impersonation.
Thanks to Mother of Corruption’s protection, I could impersonate other priests without paying any price for it.
With my body covered in snow, pretending to believe in a god I never spoke with, I entered the northern city of Guise.

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