17 Nov. 2024,

London, England

”All the students are requested to come to the school auditorium. ” The Principal said in speakers.

All the students gathered in the auditorium.

”Good Morning Students… Today, Im so glad that we have our ex-student who is the present Commander in charge of Yorkshire, Michael Livingston. Lets have a big round of applause for him. He is here to teach you something. Over to you Michael. ” The principal said.

”Thank you sir… Good Morning Students… Once I also sat in this auditorium with my friends i.e., Miss Selena Williams, Mr Henry Williamson and Mr Steve Harrison. Yes, your teachers… You heard it right. Our quaternion was called Baby Sitters because we were the only students who handled the kindergarten children. We love kids so much… I also have a 6 month old boy, Daniel. So, I am here to train you with some army level exercises. Those students who want to join this, please raise your hands. ” Michael said.

Michael counted the students.

”Okay, 20 students out of 200. 10% students want to join this… Its better than our batch. ” Michael said.

Selena, Henry and Steve scoffed.

”Mr Henry will write your names, students. Please give him your names. Thank You… We will meet at 12 oclock at The School Ground. ” Michael said and went from there.

e joining this training, aren you? ” Danish asked.

”Yeah, I am… And you, Jenny? ” Jordan asked.

”Yeah, me too… ” Jenny said.

”Jansie, are you too joining this training? ” Jenny asked.

”Yeah, why? ” Jansie asked.

”No, just asking… I thought youll not join this… ” Jenny said.

”Oh, best friends are talking… Let them talk… ” Danish said in a sarcastic way.

”Shut up… ” Jenny said.

Danish and Jordan laughs.

”Helena! ” Jackson yelled.

”Hey, Jackson! ” Helena said.

”My name is Andrew, Jackson is my surname. ” Jackson said.

”Your surname is more popular than your name. ” Helena said.

”Yeah, thats true. ” Jana said.

Helena and Jackson are love birds. Danish and Jenny also love each other but hadn told to each other. Jordan and Jansie are good friends or we can say Best Friends Forever.

”Okay students… So, we are going to start our training… First of all who can do push ups in a better way? ” Michael asked.

Danish, Jordan, Jackson and Neville raised their hands.

”Good, all the other students except these 4, do 20 push ups. ” Michael said.

”Why are these 4 exceptions? ” Steve asked.

”A surprise for them. ” Michael said.

”Is that a Bad kind of surprise? ” Steve asked.

”Yup… ” Michael said.

Steve scoffed.

”Why are you laughing, Steve? ” Selena asked.

Steve went from there without saying any word.

”What happened between you? ” Michael asked.

”Break Up… ” Selena said.

”What? How? You were together since school time… ” Michael exclaimed.

”We were… But… One week earlier, Steve was at a pub and he met a guy… He was Steves friend, college friend… He told Steve that He is going to be a father… Steve asked who is his wife… He showed my photo and said she is my fiance… Thats a lie… I never met him… In fact, after some days I got to know that he was my sisters boyfriend and she was pregnant… He accidentally showed my picture… Now, Steve doesn want to hear anything and he broke up with me… ” Selena said and became emotional.

”Sir, we are done with push ups. ” One boy said.

”Okay, you may go to your respective classes… Its enough for today. ” Michael said.

All students went to their classes.

”Ill talk to him. ” Michael said.

”You will also be failed… Henry tried his best… ” Selena said.

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