ena said.

”What happened? Selena… ” Steve asked.

”Robert is going to kill her… ” Selena said and started crying.

”Michael! Michael! ” Steve exclaimed..

”What? What happened? ” Michael asked.

”He is going to kill her… ” Steve said.

”Who is going to kill who? ” Michael asked.

”Robert is going to kill Minerva, Selenas younger sister. ” Steve said.

”Where is she? ” Michael asked.

”Aberdeenshire, they are at Aberdeenshire. ” Selena said crying.

”Aberdeenshire? What are they doing there? ” Steve asked.

”Its her in-lawshouse… ” Selena said.

”Hello, please send the whole team to Aberdeenshire…. ” Michael said.

”Why sir? ” Officer asked.

”A murder is gonna happen there. ” Michael said.

”Where in Aberdeenshire, sir? ” Officer asked.

”Where in Aberdeenshire, Selena? ” Michael asked.

”7 Castle Street, Huntly, Aberdeenshire… ” Selena said.

”7 Castle Street, Huntly, Aberdeenshire. ” Michael said.

”Okay sir… ” The officer said and hung up the phone.

”Team is going there, Selena… Your sister will be fine… ” Michael said.

1 hour later,

*Phone Rings*

”Hello… ” Michael said.

”Sir, Mrs Minerva is in serious condition… And her child is died. ” Officer said.

”Okay, okay… Please give us information time to time… ” Michael said.

”Yes sir… ” Officer said.

Phone hung up.

”Selena, Minerva is in serious condition… Robert is in Police custody… But… ” Michael said.

”But? ” Selena asked.

”But… Her child is died… ” Michael said.

”She didn want that child… It was her compulsion. ” Selena said.

”Ooh… ” Michael said.

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