The School Love Story

The Christmas Ball

”Jenny! ” Danish yelled.

”Yeah? ” Jenny asked.

”Jenny, listen please can you do something for me? ” Danish asked.

”Yup… ” Jenny said.

”Can you please become a friend of Jansie? ” Danish asked

”Have you gone mad? ” Jenny asked.

”What? ” Danish asked.

”Yeah, you have gone mad… Totally… ” Jenny said.

”Why are you both enemies? ” Danish asked.

”We have been enemies since we first met… Our first meeting was a fight… ” Jansie said to Jordan.

”Really? ” Danish asked Jenny.

”Yeah… She was lying about me to my friends… ” Jenny said.

”Why were you lying about her? ” Jordan asked Jansie.

”I was not lying about her… I was talking about her… ” Jansie said.

”No, she was lying about me… ” Jenny said to Danish.

”How do you know? ” Danish asked.

”Mae told her about me… She lied about me… ” Jansie said to Jordan.

”Ooh… And you believed her? ” Danish asked.

”Of course… She was my friend. ” Jenny said.

”Maybe she lied about her. ” Danish said.

”Why did she lie about you? ” Jordan asked Jansie.

”Because she has hated me since starting… I was the only brilliant student of class till Jenny came… I thought Jenny and I would be best friends but Mae reversed my thinking. ” Jansie said.

”Mae was trying to influence you by her talks. ” Danish said.

”And she was successful in influencing her… ” Jansie said.

”I will talk to her… ” Jordan said.

”No, please… ” Jenny said to Danish.

”No, I will talk to her… ” Danish said.

”Why? ” Jansie asked.

”Because… I love you…. ” Jordan said to Jansie.

Jansie hugged Jordan and Jenny hugged Danish.

”Im so sorry, Jansie… ” Jenny said.

”No, Im sorry… She influenced you just because of me… ” Jansie said.

”No, please don be sorry. ” Jenny said.

Jenny hugged Jansie.

”Now we can say… ” Danish said.

”BEST FRIENDS FOREVER ” Danish and Jordan said together and laughed.

Jenny and Jansie also laughed.

”Guys, did you hear about the Christmas Ball 24? ” Neville asked.

”Christmas Ball 24? Whats that? ” All asked.

”Its the Christmas celebration at our school… We
e having a huge Christmas celebration… ” Neville said.

”Really? ” Jansie asked.

”Yeah… See the notice board. ” Neville said.

All ran towards the Notice Board.

”Theres a dance competition too… ” Jenny said.

”Yeah… ” Danish said.

”So, you all are coming, aren you? ” Neville asked.

”Yeah, we all are coming… ” Jordan said.

”Who will you take to Ball? ” Neville asked.

”I will take Jenny with me… Will you come with me to the Ball? ” Danish asked.

”Of course. ” Jenny said.

”And I will take Jansie with me… ” Jordan said.

”Yup… ” Jansie said.

”You all read the last line, right? ” Neville asked.

”What? ” Danish asked.

”That Students who are couples will be the only ones who can participate in Dance Competition. ” Neville said.

”We are couples, Neville. ” Jansie said.

”Wha-What? ” Neville asked.

”Yeah… You didn know? ” Danish asked.

”No… ” Neville said.

”This is THE LOVE ” Jenny said.

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