The School Love Story

The Plan is Successful Part-2

Jana took them out of the school auditorium.

”Jana, what happened? ” Jansie asked.

”Jansie, Helena, Jackson and Jordan… Something is not right. ” Jana said.

”What is not right? ” Helena asked.

”I didn see love in Jennys eyes. ” Jana said.

”I also noticed that. ” Jordan said.

”Yeah, me too… ” Jansie and Jackson said.

”What rubbish? I don think so… ” Helena said.

”Helena, why are you always against us? ” Jackson asked.

” Cause i understand how it feels. I can see love in Jennys eyes. ” Helena said.

”No Helena, i disagree with you. ” Jordan said.

”Me too… ” Jansie said.

”I have a plan by which we can get the truth out of Jenny. ” Jana said.

”How? ” Jansie asked.

”We will drink apple juice and Jenny will drink alcohol. So that we can get her drunk. ” Jana said.

”Thats not the correct way. ” Helena said.

”Then don participate in this plan. ” Jackson said.

Helena went from there in anger.

”Helena! ” Jordan exclaimed.

But Helena went from there.

”Jackson… She is already upset. ” Jansie said.

”No problem… She will be fine. ” Jackson said.

”Lets stick to the plan… ” Jana said.

After 1 hour,

”Jenny, drink this… ” Jana said.

”Whats this? ” Jenny asked.

”Apple juice. ” Danish said.

”Okay… ” Jenny said.

Jenny drank the whole glass in one breath.

”Oh, you
e so fast. ” Jansie said.

Jenny laughs.

”Im feeling dizzy. ” Jenny said.

”You stay here, Danish… We will get her to the clinic. ” Jackson said.

”Okay… ” Danish said.

All four planners took Jenny to a closed classroom.

”Jenny, Jenny… Open your eyes… ” Jana said.

”Who… Who is there? ” Jenny asked.

”Its Jana… Tell us what are you upto? ” Jana asked.

”What?… What am… i… Upto?… ” Jenny asked.

”Yeah… About Danish… ” Jackson asked.

”Ooh, that asshole (Donkey)? ” Jenny asked.

”Yeah… ” Jordan said.

”I have hot him in my trap… ” Jenny said and laughed.

”Stop laughing… ” Jana yelled.

Jenny stopped laughing….

”Why are you doing this? ” Jansie asked.

”Just for time pass… He is handsome and wise but I got him in my trap easily… ” Jenny said.

”Why? ” Jordan yelled.

”To make him suffer… I want him to suffer in pain… ” Jenny said.

”Why? ” Jordan asked.

Jenny didn answer.

”Jenny, we
e asking something… ” Jackson said.

”Jenny, Jenny… ” Jana said.

”She is asleep… ” Jansie said.

”We have got what we wanted… ” Jordan said.

”Yeah… ” Jana said.

”Our plan is successful. ” Jansie said.

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