What are you ? Scarletts eyes widened as she couldn grasp the point of the question , she has been and will always be a human . What did the woman mean by What are you ?

” Im sure you know what I am , a human ! That is all I am and now I would like to leave . ” Scarlett turned around to leave but suddenly a purple bubble surrounded her and she couldn move , not an inch . The only parts of her body that could move were her eyes and mouth .

” What did you do to me ? ” she asked with a faint voice as it took a lot of her strength to even speak .

” You might have come here by your own wish but you
e leaving when I say you can leave . You
e not going anywhere , you
e going to live in the academy from today and it goes without any question ” She started walking away , leaving Scarlett behind .

It was around ten minutes later , the two soldiers and the woman from before came into the room . Soon after , Scarlett was released from the hold and the soldiers were instructed to take her to one of the rooms for freshman students .

Scarlett didn really mind staying there anymore , she saw this as an opportunity . If I want to catch the vampire that murdered my family in cold blood , I need to stay here .

She was taken to one of the rooms but what she didn expect was having to share the room . ” Hey ! You can make me live with a…. whatever she is . ” Scarlett didn like the supernaturals , let alone having to share a room with one of them .

She stood by waiting for the soldiers to respond , but they didn . Instead they turned to the other girl in the room . ” Daisy , shes going to be sharing the room with you for some time . If she causes any problem , you can instantly call us . ” And just like that , they turned around and left the room .

Scarlett wasn very pleased with this . She wanted to leave the academy straight away , but she was helpless . If she wanted to catch the murdered , she had to stay in the academy .

” Hey , Im Daisy .Im a vampire . Im looking forward to know you . What are you ? A fairy ? A siren ? A dragon ? Oh , Ive always wanted to have a dragon friend . If you need any help in the academy , don be a stranger . By the way whats with them escorting you here ? ” The girl kept going on and on with her everlasting one-sided conversation.

Scarlett wasn sure what it was about Daisy that made her want to rip Daisys throat out . Maybe it was because of , her being one of the very creature that disgusted Scarlett to her core . Scarlett wasn just disgusted by vampires , she despised them .

She ignored every word that came out of Daisys mouth and moved on to her side of the room . Scarlett was least interested in interacting with a vampire but Daisy wouldn stop talking . Scarlett found that she had been provided with everything that a teenager would practically need and it consisted of headphones too . Though Scarlett had nothing on her arrival , now her room was stocked with clothes , stationary , daily essentials etc ,.

The next day , she joined everyone in the main hall where her initiation was going to take place. Scarlett couldn understand why she required an initiation when she wasn even a supernatural .

” Look at that filthy human , walking around in the same space as us ”

” I know right , I heard she can see everything even though the spell conceals our whole town . ”

” She looks so pathetic and week . ”

” Weakling ”

” I heard she has a temper . Aww , poor kitty has claws . ”

While she was passing down the corridor , it was filled with whispers . Everyone stared at her with hatred and disgust . It was as if everyone wanted her gone because she didn belong there .

She remembered what her mother had told her , ” When situation gets tough , you must make your outer shell tougher . Bad timing is like passing cloud , they come and go , never stay . ”

She decided to walk the corridor no matter what anyone has to say . She was just about to walk when she heard a familiar voice . ” Don worry , Im with you . ” It was Daisy . She had rushed past everyone as soon as she heard about Scarlett being defamed .

Scarlett didn know whether to be happy for her support or be bitter about it . She didn want to receive help from any supernatural , especially not a vampire , but she appreciated it . She turned to Daisy and gave her a faint smile to show her appreciation .

When they got to the main hall , she saw the elderly woman from that day standing up front to six stones – Cirtrine , Sapphire , Black Onyx , Amber , Emerald and an unknown stone . She couldn quite say what stone it was , she had never seen or heard about such a stone.

It was a finely carved stone which dazzled like a dew drop on a leaf . It didn seem like any other stone , it emitted an amethyst colour , but it wasn amethyst . It was enveloped in black cloudy colours and had the intensity of light . Such intensity , that no one could look at the stone for more than five seconds .

Scarlett stood there silently waiting for the initiation to begin , she didn know what exactly was going to happen . All she knew was that it would decide her place in this academy . I don even think Ill pass the initiation . Im just a human . Do they not get it !

Daisy stood next to Scarlett smiling and waving at others . ” Im so excited for this , Ive waited a long time for this to happen . ” Daisys excitement could be seen on her face , it was the same as giving chocolates to a toddler .

What does she mean ? I thought it was just my initiation . Scarlett didn exactly know much about the academy and she obviously didn know much about the initiation .

” Um..What have you been waiting for ? ” Daisy turns to Scarlett with amusement as she couldn believe her ears . Did Scarlett just speak to Daisy ?

Daisy gives her a huge smile . ” The initiation . Ive waited a long time for the initiation . My parents expect me to be selected by the Black Onyx . ” Scarlett was confused . Were they divided based on being selected by a stone ?

Just as Scarlett was about to ask what it means to be selected by a stone , the elderly woman started speaking and the hall went silent .

” To all my dear students who are back after their vacation , welcome back . To the ones who are new to the academy , welcome dear students . I am Aurelia Dave , the principal of The Bloodline Academy . Today you will all be selected by either one of these five stones and embark on a journey of lifetime . ”

So , shes the principal . No wonder she has such a powerful demeanor. Scarlett couldn help but notice the principal mentioning just five stones while there are six stones behind her . ” Excuse me Mrs.Dave , what about the sixth stone ? ”

The principal didn seem surprised by this question . It seemed like she already anticipated this question from Scarlett . ” Since someone has asked , let me give everyone a brief introduction to the sixth stone . It is known as the Blood Stone . It belonged to Gregoria Jane , the sole founder of this academy . This stone hasn chosen anyone in years and it is believed that the stone has the magic of all the ancestor of Gregoria Jane and only the one capable enough of wielding that magic will be chosen by the stone. ”

The hall was filled with whispers of people talking about the blood stone . Everyone talking about wanting to be selected by the blood stone . Scarlett was least interested as she already knew thinking about it would do her no good. She wasn a supernatural and the chances of her getting chosen by the other stones were also barely possible .

” Students , get in line for your initiation ” the principal said with her eyes on Scarlett . She didn understand why the principal was interested in a normal human like her .

Soon there was a long line of students standing in line for the initiation . Scarlett hadn expected so many people to be standing in line for the initiation . Uhh , why did there have to be so many new students !

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