Chapter 6: Frustrating a childhood friend made me popular.

The underground library after school.

“The scene of the affair, Hackeso!”

 The piggy, who appeared with an Internet slang that would surely make her a member of the Internet seniors’ association, came up to me with a boisterous snort.

“Hey you.
Your bangs are so dirty.”


 Minase shrank back at being called by the awful nickname.

“Why are you here alone with Kazu? Hey, Answer me.
What were you doing in such a dark and cramped—-! C-r-a-m-p-e-d—–! I’m going to shake you like a cicada!”


 Is she in elementary school?

“What are you doing here?”

“Someone saw you and that thieving cat go in here!”

 I see.

But that’s why she came all the way after school …….

Even though she always says, “Recording, rehearsals, interviews, ah, I’m busy♪”, but she is unexpectedly free?

“Aah, mou—-! I hate it, I hate!!!! I abosolutely hate it!!!!!!”

Buhee, buhee, the pig is raging, stomping on the ground.

“Why is Kazu, my childhood friend, with this woman! Why are you standing next to that stupid voice actor who isn’t popular at all, and not next to me! Three years from now she’ll be in p*rn and eating s**t for sure!”

“No, I won’t eat it!”

“Shut up, you trash!! Trash, trash, trash, trash, trash—-!


 Is she in elementary school? Part 2.

“Uuugh……I hate it…..I hate it…..”

 She’s crying and slobbering.
Looks like she has been busy getting angry and crying.


Minase-san said, as if gathering up her courage.

“Kazu-kun is not to blame.
He was just accompanying me.”

“K A Z U- K U N?!”

As expected of a popular voice actor, she has an amazing voice.
She could play the role of a yakuza gang leader.

“Hey, I just heard an inappropriate word.
Can you rephrase it?”

“……S-Suzuki-kun …….”

“That’s better.
You should know your place.”

She brushed her long blonde hair with a sharp, scornful look.
There was a definite line.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Kazu?”

“I don’t care what you say.”

“Why are you with such a girl with bangs? Why? She’s just a lazy, ugly, helpless woman! Look, look at her—“

 The pig suddenly reached out and lifted Minase’s bangs.


The pig’s expression froze when she saw the dainty eyes that were forming under the bangs.

 In a panic, she put her hair back.

“I-I hope you didn’t show Kazu underneath those bangs?”

“No, I haven’t shown it to Kazu…… Suzuki.”

Ho, the pig is relieved.
[I’m glad.
The peace of the earth has been protected.
……] she said.
What kind of invaders are they?

“Then I’ll have to wrap your hair with duct tape while I’m at it.”

“P-Please don’t do that!”

 Minase-san backed away with her head in her hands.

“Oi, that’s enough.”

 I couldn’t stand the sight of her and told her.

“You’re going to form a unit with her, right?”

“T-that’s right! She’s just a supporting cast member, though!”

“She trying to do her best to pull that off, you know? She’s been practicing here all by herself.”

“W-What about it? Of course she is supposed to do that, since she is working with me!”

“Then don’t get in her way.
There are certain things you are allowed to do and certain things you are not allowed to do, even if you are a popular voice actor.”

 The pigs became teary-eyed.

“Why is Kazu taking her side? Why won’t you take my side, even though we’ve known each other since childhood!”

“I’m on the side of those who is trying hard.”

“Oh, I’m trying too! I practice smiling, taking selfies, lip-syncing, dodging fans waiting for me and getting into a cab quickly. So praise me! Give me a compliment!”


Like, “Practice baseball, but practice hitting home runs and circling the diamond while the crowd cheers for you!” Like that.

 Oh well.
I’m not going to lecture a pig on the value of hard work.

“Listen, Rua.
Let me be clear.
I’ve already cut you off.”

“C-cut off?”

Hopelessness appeared on the pig’s face.

“After what you did, it’s no surprise.
That was already an act of ‘I have no problem with people hating me”

“Oh, I didn’t mean it that way.
…… I just thought it would be funny.”


I glared at her coldly.

“How many people have you hurt just because it’s ‘funny’?”


“You’re still picking on Minase-san, but is that just because it’s ‘funny’? You’re not a kid anymore, you’re a high school student. And you’re a professional voice actor, working in the business world, right? Why can’t you understand something as simple as that? Come on–‘You should know your place'”

 In the end, I took away her final line.

 The pig is staring at me in a daze.

 …… hmm?

 I don’t know, I just don’t feel like I’m in the right place at the right time.
Was it really that shocking? Her cheeks are red, too.
Her eyes are slightly moist.
I wonder if she is listening to my words or not.

 Well, it doesn’t matter.

 I said what I had to say.

“Don’t come here anymore.”


“Let’s go, Minase.”


 Practice was over, and we decided to leave.

 The pigs stood there, their backs to the door.


 As we walked out and closed the door, the pig squealed.

“I am definitely cuter than that girl! Kazu’s an idiot! Idiotl! She is trash—-!”

 –That condescending attitude is already not cute.

 Even such advice is now spared.

 After leaving school, Minase and I walked together.

 I walk to school and she takes the train.
She was going to school from the dormitory of the office she belongs to.
She seems to be having a hard time since she came from the countryside by herself.

 On the way to the station, she murmured.

“I’ve made Rua angry, haven’t I?”

“It’s okay, let her be angry.”

“But, Kazu……, uh, Suzuki-kun, it’s bothering you.”

“Kazu is fine”

 She beamed happily.

“I’ll call you Kazu-kun then! And please call me Amane, too.”

“I prefer ‘Ama-nyan'”

Is that the cat dance you just heard? Please don’t do that.”

Her face hidden by the bangs is dyed bright red and bashful.

 This is it.

Because of this, the pig

She may not be as good looking as that pig because of her bangs, but that’s what “cute” means.


“What’s wrong?”

 I shouted, and she looked into my face.

“Maybe that event will go well.”

“What do you mean? You mean the event between me and Rua?”

 The pig’s words as she was leaving gave me a hint.

This way, I might be able to tickle her pride.

I named it “Which is the really cute one?” strategy.

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