”I never said, I will be able to survive out there, never said I wanted to leave, you people are the ones kicking me out and you want to sell me to an Alpha, who doesn care about me, but wants me as his sex tool. ”

”Who cares, does that matter right now? Father wants you out, you get out, no one wants you here. What is your pussy good for, isn it for banging, that pussy was meant for **ing, letting a dick penetrate you in there, not for leaving it there to rot and decay. You could have given it to him to enjoy, thats what he loves, a piece of cake, too easy. ” She laughed.

”You are sick. ” She sneered.

”Oh, let me guess, were you perhaps leaving your virginity for your hubby boo? ”

”Thats not any of your business, don call him hubby boo. ” She firmly stated, she hated that name, it was what her sister calls her boyfriends.

”Well, spill it, isn that the reason, you want to leave the house and go meet him? Let me guess, he won treat you the way a father treats you right. He will treat you like a king like you are the only person in the whole wide world, the love of his life, his one and only, he taunted. ”Trust me, you will regret it. People like that want Alphas in their dicks and not an Omega like you because they wouldn be respected well enough or probably look for a beta, she ridiculed.

”Enough, Ylva. Enough of all this talk, She glared. ”Don say one more word, Ylva, he strictly warned. ”Don insult my boyfriend, don you dare talk about him like that.

She was fed up and then, she turned toward her father, she doesn have time for Ylva right now.

”You really want me out. ” She muttered.

”Yes, Lupita answered. ”Yes, I want you out of our life,

She wiped off her tears and nodded, she was exhausted.

”Ive always wanted to live alone, Im tired of staying with you. I want to go make a living, did I say anything wrong, Father? Isn that what you wanted to hear from me? Youve always hated me from birth because Im an Omega and not an Alpha. I get it, I disgust you so much, I get it, She nodded and tears streamed down her soft cheeks, but she wiped them away. ”You never loved me, you always treated me like trash, you and Mom, like I never existed to you and now, you want me to let it slide. So, Ive made up my mind, I want to leave here and never bother you again. At least, that would be better for both of us, I won have to be around you anymore or Ylva. She said in anger with tears in his eyes.

Shes had enough for now.

”Youve always hated me because Im an Omega and thats why you hardly let me go out with you, mom and Ylva because you are ashamed of me. You don want people to think or know that Im an Omega and youve never acknowledged me since I was born. It was always Ylva and you were always telling me to stay out of your way and now, still I told you that I wanted to leave the house. You didn feel any remorse towards me or tell me to stay, she calmly said and the tears couldn stop coming out of her eyes, it was painful. It hurts to be with someone for years with no love at all and that person claims to be the father and hates her for not being who expected her to be and thatd be infuriating and painful for a father to treat his biological child like a scum. She had known all these for a long time, but he refused to accept the truth and kept doing everything to please her father, to make him love her more. However, it seems she had just wasted his time and her father will never acknowledge her.

”Since, you know the truth now. You can get out of my house and don ever let me set my eyes on you, ever again, he strictly warned as he pointed his finger at his face.

”Piece of trash, he shouted and spat on his face, the slime disgusting spit was drooling down her face and she didn seem to care.

After all, this was not the first time he was spitting on her.

”You despise me, because of what I am, dad. I never asked to be this way, I never asked for it, so why are you treating me this way. He shouted.

”Don call me, your father ever again. The next time you call me your father, you will see the other side of me. As from today, you seize to be my daughter.


”You heard me, didn you,

”I heard you, correctly, she nodded.

”Now, move, he ordered.

”What? She asked shockingly. ”So, you want to throw me out of the house, she asked again in disbelief, as she shook her head.

”Yes, you wanted to leave this Mansion, remember? Then, do that now, he pointed towards the door. ”Get out of here,

”Father, her voice began getting teary.

”Get out of my mansion, right this minute.

”Father, so… ” she stuttered. She didn mean it, she didn want to go anywhere.

”Get out of my house, Since you want to meet your boyfriend, who is not even 5% up to my level and can even stand where I stand, meet him. So, he can feed you and take care of you, he shouted aggressively and pushed her again. ”Security, someone should call the security and chase this maggot out of my house. What rubbish.

He strictly ordered as he shouted, again and again, before the securities arrived.

Was this her life, was she gone for good, her family were throwing her out of the pack.

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