I explained the situation to the store manager who came, and after that, it was the same story for the police.

It will be 10 pm soon, so it’s been decided that the details will be discussed later.

By the way, I lied when they asked me why I went to the mountain.

However, the image of the security camera shows me, who was menaced by a kitchen knife, behaving in a dignified manner, so the police and the store manager dug into it.

At first, I thought I’d explain everything, but I decided that it would be a hassle, and just told that the man didn’t look confident and looked scared so I just decided to bluff.

The adults were skeptical, but in the end they trusted my words.
However, they got really angry, saying, “Don’t do such a dangerous thing!”

“You’re amazing, Kuromine-kun”

I was suddenly praised.
Mysteriously, I gazed at the face of Hoshimiya next to me.
She has a pitiful face after crying.
We are in a corner of a convenience store parking lot now.
It’s a small area where bicycles are placed.
The cool breeze peculiar to the mountains strokes the skin.
The surroundings are pitch black.

“You improvised a suicidal act after seeing that the clerk was scared, right? You’ve got the guts and the smarts.”

Hoshimiya, whose pure eyes shine, looks up to me with respect.
Ah, was Hoshimiya deceived like the adults? Even though she’s a gal, she has a beautiful heart.
No, is it Mossari glasses now?

“Everything I told the adults were lies.
I really intended to commit suicide.”

“What I told the convenience store robbers was true, my family died in a car accident and I was dumped by my childhood friend.
That’s why I came to commit suicide.”
Was that around the eight grade? It was when my parents, sister and I were walking around the city.

My shoelaces were untied, so I stopped to tie them up, then a car rushed into my parents and sister who were walking ahead.

That’s a sight I will never be forget.
It’s hard to see a scene where people are blown away all at once.
I didn’t want to see it.

“That’s why.
Then Hoshimiya.”

I straddled my bicycle and tried to treadle — my arm was grabbed.

Wondering what it was about, I looked at Hoshimiya’s face.

And to my surpise, Ayana Hoshimiya was crying.
Endless tears, she was crying while emitting Gusugusu sound.

“Hoshi … Miya?”
“It must have been really … very painful … losing your family … being rejected by the person you love … Gusuu”

“I’m sure … I wouldn’t be able to stand it.
Because … I just imagined … Gus … Uuu …!”
Brazenly, Hoshimiya is crying like a child.
Her sobbing voice was no longer able to speak properly.
“Wow, Kuromine-kun … I really did my best … I’ve lived …”

It’s not simple comfort.
She looks sincere.
Hoshimiya is seriously speaking to me with her thoughts.
The tears of mourning are the proof above all.

“I’m sorry, I … had a peaceful life … I can only imagine Kuromine-kun’s painful feelings … but I don’t want him to die … Gusuu”
I found that Hoshimiya’s hand, which holds my arm, was tightly closed.

“Hoshimiya, let go for the time being.”
“Um, I know I’m being selfish … But, Kuromine-kun … Please live … Gus …”

I wonder what it is.
I feel strange.
A bright and gentle gal in the class is weeping, crying from her worry for me.
It feels like a warm little fire lit in the back of my chest.

“Kuromine-kun … Higu … Gusu”

“Oh … I understand.
I won’t die.”
“It’s true.”

Hoshimiya, who has an uneasy looked at me, to confirm it, so I nod deeply.
If I commit suicide with this, Hoshimiya will be immeasurably shocked.
I came to the mountain with the intention of not worrying about what happened to others, but when I saw Hoshimiya’s crying face, I changed my mind.
…… Her cheeks are sticky with tears, it’s a real mess.

“Hoshimiya is unexpectedly a crybaby.
You were crying when you were robbed too.”
“Of course I cried! I was really scared!”

Once again, Hoshimiya sheds tears.
This is my bad.
It’s natural to be scared if a knife is pointed at you.
Moreover, Hoshimiya was a girl and was alone.
What’s more it’s at night …
This is could be on a trauma level.

“Well, that … I’m glad Hoshimiya didn’t get hurt.”
“Thank you … Gus …”

Hoshimiya sniffles and finally releases her hand from my arm.
If you think about it … It’s the first time I’ve been touched by someone of the opposite sex other than my childhood friend.

“Is Hoshimiya’s house near?”
It’s about 15 minutes by bicycle from here.”
“Isn’t it far from school?”
“That’s right, but I don’t really care because I’m on the train.”

I see, was that the case?

“Is Kuromine-kun’s house near here?”
“No, I’ve been on my bike for three hours.”
“Eh ⁉︎ why ⁉︎”
“I came to commit suicide!”
“No more! I’m telling… you not to! Ah … uh … Gusuu”

The emotions seemed to rise again, and tears began to flow from her eyes.
I’m really sorry.
I’m not fashionable.
(TN: 洒落にならないわな。)
Let’s sit down and apologize.
Or seppuku.
…… It’s counterproductive, yes.
Anyway, she is crying a lot.
Hoshimiya in the class is a bright and gentle gal, and I had no image of crying.

“It’s okay, Hoshimiya.
I won’t suicide.”
I promise.”

I gaze in Hoshimiya’s eyes from the front and say it seriously.
This seemed to convince her, and Hoshimiya breathed out as if she was relieved.

“It’s hard to go home in three hours from now … Who does Kuromine live with? I wonder if that person will be able to come pick you up.”
“I live alone.
By the way, I don’t have the money to call a taxi.
I only have 5 yen on me.”

“Oh … it’s hard.”
“That’s not the case.
I met Hoshimiya in this way … I mean, we got to know each other for only 5 yen.”
“Fufu, it’s funny, Kuromine-kun”

Hoshimiya who lets out a pure smile.
What was it that was funny now? It don’t get it at all.
“Hey Kuromine-kun”
“If you want you could … come to my house?”

It was an unexpected proposal.
A stupid voice comes out.
“I live alone, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Yes there is.
There is something to worry about.
TA man and a woman around the same age under one roof.

I tried to appeal with such an idea in my eyes, but Hoshimiya had a refreshing face after crying and refreshing.
…… I see, is that it? She would have to see me as the opposite sex to worry about it.

Ah, I was told so by my childhood friend.
Inevitable darkness.
If I had a nuclear bomb switch in my hand, I would press it without hesitation.

“… Kuromine-kun?”
“It’s nothing.
Yeah, let me stay only tonight.”
“Yeah, but let me clean up the room first.”
Please clean up as much as you want.”
“It’s not that dirty, come on”

Hoshimiya, whose cheeks are slightly inflated, sends a blaming gaze.
Somehow cute.
I also ride my bicycle behind Hoshimiya, who went ahead.

I was planning to commit suicide in this way, but for some reason I decided to stay at Hoshimiya’s house.
And now I notice.
If I had committed suicide, I would have put a tremendous burden on my childhood friend.
In every sense, I may have been saved by Hoshimiya.

“Nah Hoshimiya”
“Hmm? What?”

Hoshimiya looks back at the slowdown.
I was a little shy but I thanked her.

“Thank you”
“Ah, thank you very much.
I’m the one who should be thanking you.
You saved me from a robbery.”

Hoshimiya, even if you say that…
You saved my life.
I changed my mind because I saw your pained, crying face thinking of me.
…… It seems I’m a lot simpler than I thought.

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