This live stream was different from the previous one because it was the first time the two of them were doing a joint broadcast.
The pre-promotion was well done and the live-streaming equipment was high-definition.
Not only were several cameras set up for easy angle switching, but there were also staff members on hand to provide reminders.

From the unseen perspective of the audience, behind the camera, there were at least a dozen busy staff members.

After a while, the live camera was divided into two parts, just like many game streamers, with a main screen and a secondary screen.
The large screen in the middle showed the teaser, while the small screen in the bottom right corner displayed the live stream.

The preview began with a barrage of comments flooding the screen.

「Did Salt Grain pick a fight with the number 30? Dare to make it longer.」

「Although I know that concentration is of the essence, you don't need to concentrate too much.
Do you think you're making coffee?」

「Everyone, calm down.
As we all know, our teaser was short and impactful.」

「Can't it be long and impactful?」

There were also some barrage comments from viewers in the live chat attempting to blend in, scrolling from right to left.

Both Wen Li and Song Yan were doing their first reaction to their own teaser video.
At this moment, they hadn't realized the seriousness of the situation.
Their expressions were calm, having just argued with the barrage of comments.
Wen Li even picked up a glass of water to moisten her throat while watching the teaser.

In the center of the teaser video, a line of text appeared.

「How you look when you're being a couch potato during the holidays:」

Immediately, the screen switched to several widely circulated animated GIFs and emojis depicting being lazy, gaming, snacking, and lying in bed.

「Too realistic.」

「It's too realistic that it's causing discomfort.
Report it.」

「Stop scolding, stop scolding.」

Then the scene changed, and the background music turned into a cheerful melody.

「How Salt Grain Couple looks when they're being couch potatoes during the holidays:」

「Let's take a look at Sanli's daily life as a couch potato:」

The screen showed Wen Li lying in a big bed in the bedroom, playing with her phone in a stretched-out position.
At this moment, Wen Li's face blushed as she watched the teaser, even her drinking motion halted.

However, in the teaser, she still had some self-awareness as a female celebrity.
After lying down for a while, she lifted her legs and started doing imaginary cycling exercises in place.

「Wow, this is the difference between me and a female celebrity.」

「You: Being a couch potato and playing with your phone during the holidays.
Female celebrity: Being a couch potato and not forgetting to work on slimming legs.」

After a short while of lying down, Wen Li sat up, crossed her legs, and raised her arms, doing several stretching exercises.

At this point, the phone was facing the camera.

Subtitle:「Let's see what female celebrities are watching during their holidays.
Zoom in—」

The phone screen in the teaser was magnified.
Wen Li was watching her own stage performance video, watching it again and again endlessly.

「Hehehe, hahaha.」

Then she happily collapsed onto the bed and let out a peal of extremely narcissistic laughter, supporting her chin, and exclaimed dramatically, “One word: perfect.”

「I've seen narcissistic people, but I've never seen someone this narcissistic.」

「Perfect? What the hell, hahaha, flourishing and dazed.」

「So this girl previously said she didn't know where she got her fans from.
It turns out it's all from Versailles.」

「Sanli: It's my first time being myself, why am I so beautiful?」

The nearby staff members couldn't help but laugh. 

After a few seconds of Wen Li's footage, it switched to Song Yan.

From the moment the camera zoomed in on Wen Li's phone screen, Song Yan felt that something was off.
His jaw tightened, and when the screen changed to him, his suspicion was confirmed.

「Let's take a look at Beauty Song's daily life as a couch potato:」

Song Yan's emotions weren't as expressive as Wen Li's, so to ensure the audience understood, the considerate subtitle person added text explanations to the footage.

Watching my wife's stunning videos.」

Can't get enough, repeatedly watching my wife's stunning videos.」

Liking all the comments praising my wife and casually replying to some embarrassing comments.」

Reporting any comments that say they want to steal my wife.」

Song Yan: “…”

「A reserved pervert, I love you, I love you.」

「Hahaha, why does the post-production team understand you guys so well?」

「I suspect they are the biggest Salt Grain CP fans.」

「Ladies, let's praise the amazing duo on the public chat screen!!!」

「Salt Grain's CP fans before they joined the mortal realm: dry as a desert.
Salt Grain's CP fans after they joined the mortal realm: flooded like crazy.」

「I love these teasers that embarrass the protagonists to the point of wanting to disappear.」

「This is the first time I've seen them so awkward, hahaha.」

In the reaction shots, both Song Yan and Wen Li had expressions of speechlessness.

Wen Li buried her head and sighed heavily.

Song Yan couldn't stop rubbing his forehead, his face blushing with embarrassment.
He could only raise his lips and force a few awkward laughs.

The staff members responsible for controlling the live camera burst into laughter when they saw the expressions of the two magnified on the screen.

After the thirty-second preview ended, the main camera switched back to the live stream room.

Gifts were continuously being sent, so Wen Li, in order to divert attention, started reading out the gift list again.

She read out a few IDs with strong sarcastic meanings, such as 'Duck Head, Your Narcissistic Personality Successfully Caught My Attention', 'Sanli Grandma Laughter', or 'Narcissistic x Pervert, A Match Made in Heaven'.

Finally, unable to continue, she threatened, “If there are any more strange IDs, I'll ban you directly.”

Amidst the arrogant barrage of “Go ahead and ban, I have alternate accounts, I'm not afraid” and “?? Is this your attitude towards fans? It's really chilling,” Wen Li threw the task of thanking for gifts to Wen Wen, who was laughing beside her, with a flushed face.

The barrage went crazy for a while, and the staff members reminded them to answer the question in the teaser about the small theater scene, which turned out to be just a movie clip.

“The drama Teacher Song chose didn't pass the censorship,” Wen Li said, “So it was deleted.”


「Which one? Sanli, did you secretly act in some indescribable drama without telling us?」

「New fans seeking resources.」

「Sanli, isn't the money you spent on him enough? Why did he do something like this!」

「Forget it, being angry is useless.
Let me see it, and I'll reluctantly forgive you.」

Wen Li: “…”

Her tone was slightly irritable.
“It's 'Nine-fold Shattered Jade Lamp,' I'm a serious actress, okay?”

「The one with the little snow ferret?」

「I'm the result of being a fan of that drama.
After that, Sanli never took on a female lead with that kind of character again, sob sob sob.」

「I still have the cute GIF of Sanli acting cute with the male lead in that drama!」

「When interviewed, Sanli said she wasn't good at that kind of character.
In the past, it was because she didn't have a choice.
Later, when there were more script choices, she never considered that kind of character again.」

「Why does Beauty Song like that drama? Actually, I think the plot is pretty average compared to the dramas Sanli has acted in = =」

「A comment from a straight male fan: Some men may look tough on the outside, but deep down, they still like cute and coquettish girls.」

Afterward, they answered a few more questions, and when the live stream ended, the staff members tidied up and prepared for the next live stream.

Wen Wen kindly reminded them, “Sister, Teacher Song, if you find it embarrassing, it's better not to look at the hot searches on Weibo today.”



Song Yan had better self-control and said he wouldn't look, so he didn't.
Wen Li couldn't resist and logged onto Weibo quietly before going to sleep, ignoring her own hot searches and only looking at the ones that would embarrass Song Yan.

She saw the series of actions of Song Yan, which ranged from reporting to liking and replying to comments under her stage-performance video.
Although the program team censored those IDs, they couldn't prevent the original comments from being seen.

Under Song Yan's latest Weibo post, one comment skyrocketed to the top of the trending list within an hour.

Sanli is My Real Wife:「The comment I reported was mine.
I didn't expect it to be flipped like this.

Beneath this top comment were over 8,000 replies.

「Hahahaha, bro, surprised?」

「Bro, why are you fucking using this name to leave comments here? Aren't you afraid of being blocked?」

「I get it, if you want to catch Beauty Song's attention, just say you want to steal his wife.」

And all the comments that Song Yan had liked and replied to under the video were being visited by fans who came from the preview and today's live stream room.

Amidst the embarrassment, Wen Li felt that this was a good opportunity to tease Song Yan.
If she missed it, who knows when she would get another chance.

She kicked Song Yan, who was sleeping beside her, with her foot.

Song Yan, his back turned against her, asked in a deep voice, “What are you doing?”

“Didn't you say you weren't going to look at the hot searches?”

“Did I say that?”

“When we were downstairs getting ready for the interview, I asked you at the elevator.
Are you pretending to have amnesia?”

Song Yan turned to face her, opened his eyes, and calmly looked at her, “I didn't say it, I just asked you which hot search you were talking about.
Do you know how many there are on Weibo in a day? How would I know which hot search you were talking about?”

Wen Li was stunned for a moment.

Suddenly, Song Yan hooked his lips and countered, “Weren't you trying to make me see your video on the hot search? Why, too embarrassed to admit it?”

Wen Li opened her mouth and stumbled for a few seconds.
Originally, she wanted to tease Song Yan, but she didn't expect him to be so eloquent and cunning, which left her speechless.

Song Yan looked at her without saying a word for a while, then turned his head back and continued sleeping.

No, she couldn't just give up like this.

She decided not to argue anymore, so she simply pounced on him, straddling Song Yan's body.
She held his face with both hands, forcing him to make eye contact with her.

Song Yan opened his eyes slightly in surprise and asked her with his gaze, “What are you doing?”

“Don't change the subject.
What I'm asking now is why were you watching my video?”

Song Yan helplessly asked, “Can't I watch it?”

“Then why did you watch it so many times, liked, replied, and reported the comments from my fans?”


Song Yan remained silent for a few seconds, pursed his lips, and lowered his voice, “You're my wife.
Is there a problem with me doing these things?”

“Tch, it's just a contract marriage, but you are taking it seriously.”

Song Yan tugged at his lips and said, “Wen Li, if you don't get off me, I might just start taking it seriously.”

Wen Li spoke disdainfully, “What can you do to me?”

Song Yan squinted his eyes, grabbed Wen Li's waist, and tickled her fiercely.

Wen Li exclaimed twice and immediately jumped off him.
However, Song Yan grabbed her arm and pulled her back, pinned her down on the bed, and tickled her.

Wen Li didn't have the strength of a man, and after being pinned down and tickled for more than ten seconds, she couldn't take it anymore.
In the end, she laughed and intermittently begged for mercy, “Okay, okay…
I won't say it anymore!”

Only then did Song Yan let her go, patting her head as a warning.

Wen Li lay beside him, blushing, and for some reason, being tickled made her whole body feel tingly, and she still hadn't fully recovered.

“Hey, Teacher Song.”

“What now?”

“Last time, you didn't say anything and quietly used my selfie as your screensaver,” Wen Li muttered, “Are you…perhaps?”

Song Yan had his back turned to her.
He quietly opened his eyes, and spoke calmly, “Am I what?”

“My fan?”

Song Yan didn't say a word for a long time.

Wen Li thought that his silence meant consent, so she scratched her nose embarrassedly, “Huh, you should have said earlier if you were my fan.
Actually, I had already noticed it.
Otherwise, why would you have chosen me when you wanted a female artist to help dispel the rumors against you? We weren't even close in high school, and we didn't have any contact after entering the industry.
So, it turns out you're my fan.”

The more she thought about it, the more proud she felt.
She didn't expect that even someone like Song Yan, who was uninterested in the entertainment industry, would be conquered by her looks.

“If you're a fan, just admit it openly.
After all, I'm so attractive that I have countless fans.
You're just one of them,” Wen Li leaned closer, patted his shoulder, and asked considerately, “I still have many selfies on my phone.
Should I send you a few more? You can change your screensaver every day with them.
They're my exclusive collection, never posted on Weibo, and no other fans have seen them.”

Song Yan smiled and turned his head.
In the darkness, his eyes stared directly at her, “I'm not just one of them.”

Wen Li blinked, “Oh, even when caught red-handed, you still won't admit that you're my fan?”

“Among your many fans…” Song Yan leaned closer, his warm breath touched her face.
Slowly, he said, “I'm the only one who is your legitimate husband.”

Wen Li: “…”

That statement was indeed true.

“Oh, do you still want my selfies?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

She suppressed the slight excitement in her heart and vaguely said, “Reciprocity.
I'll give you my selfies, you should give me yours.
They shouldn't be the ones you've posted on Weibo.
I want the ones that haven't been shared before.”

Song Yan said, “I don't have any selfies.”

“Even with such a face, you don't take selfies.
You're really wasting a precious resource,” Wen Li commented.

Being able to put narcissism in such grand terms was indeed her unique skill.

Song Yan asked her, “Do you want a few unpublished magazine photos?”

“Yes,” she answered.

Song Yan took out his phone and used the remote transfer function to send her the original photos.

After the transfer, Song Yan asked softly, “Do you want to use them as your screensaver?”

“Don't be so presumptuous,” Wen Li replied.

Wen Li secretly peeked at his magazine photos for several minutes under the covers.
If she used these unpublished magazine photos as her screensaver, everyone around her would be able to see them if she happened to place her phone in a work setting.
It would be safer to keep them in the photo album.

She hugged her phone tightly, her lips curled upwards.
She listened, but Song Yan remained motionless.
She secretly turned to look at him and found that he was still awake, swiping left and right on the screen, seemingly struggling to decide which photo to use as his screensaver.


After the recording of the third episode of [In This World with You], it was followed by the star-studded charity gala of the fashion magazine.

It was considered the annual star banquet, organized by Parisly, the leading fashion magazine in the country.
The guest list included A-listers and beyond.
Any artist who generated buzz this year would be invited.
It was a charity night, a media news night, and an artist's marketing night.

Outside the Yancheng Artificial Sports Arena, the massive red carpet was ready to welcome the guests.
Hundreds of media outlets were stationed outside the security line, waiting eagerly.
Countless flashes illuminated the entire path from the beginning to the end of the red carpet.

With extensive promotion from prominent media figures, verified accounts, and many stars' fan clubs, as well as the support of various social media platforms, this year's charity night became an online frenzy.

Unlike the official red carpets in previous years, the organizers intentionally arranged several popular CP couples to walk the red carpet together, creating more buzz.

Therefore, every year, Song Yan and Wen Li would walk their separate paths on these red-carpet events.
But today, they were rarely arranged to walk the red carpet together.

Wen Li had tried on her dress multiple times.
This custom-made outfit would make its public debut in front of the media today, making her the first domestic female artist to wear this gown.
It was an advertisement for the brand and also a self-promotion.
Therefore, the styling team attached great importance to this appearance and wouldn't allow any flaws.

Inside the car, the stylist had checked her from top to bottom many times.

“Is it a bit loose around the waist?” the stylist called out to the assistant, “Bring another safety pin.”

Wen Li quickly stopped her, “Sister, don't bother.
If you do it again, I won't be able to breathe.”

“Isn't it to make your waist appear slimmer?”

“It's already slim enough,” Wen Li hurriedly compared her waist, “It's so slim it's almost invisible!”

Song Yan, who was in the same car, couldn't help but laugh.

Wen Li immediately glared at him.

She thought male artists had it easy.
They just needed to put on a suit, apply some hair gel, at most a little foundation, and draw their eyebrows.
Unlike her, she had been busy with preparations for this red-carpet event all day.

Song Yan usually wore light-colored suits, and to match his image, his styling team always dressed him in a gentle and refined manner.
But today, in order to complement Wen Li's light purple organza dress, he wore a black suit.

The exposed wrist from the sleeve revealed skin so fair that it almost seemed translucent, with slender and well-defined finger joints, like warm white jade.

Wen Li remembered when they were studying together in the past, their school uniform was black and white.
When she went to their school to find Bai Sen, Song Yan was also in the classroom, holding a pen and doing his homework.
He merely nodded at her without much reaction.

Bai Sen sat between them, and later when he went to the restroom, Wen Li's gaze quietly shifted to Song Yan's hand.

Song Yan was diligently doing his homework and Wen Li didn't want to disturb him.
She just quietly stared at his hand, thinking how beautiful it looked.

She stared for a long time and realized that although he was holding the pen, he hadn't written a single word.

Then his hand moved and his fingertips gripped the pen tightly.
The writing on the paper was crooked and messy.

Wen Li couldn't help but wonder if her gaze had distracted him.

Later, Bai Sen returned.

Suddenly, Song Yan extended his hand towards her and said, “Teacher Wen, we've arrived.”

Wen Li tardily responded.

As they got out of the car and looked ahead, at the end of this dazzling red carpet, the host at the signboard held a microphone and exclaimed excitedly, “Alright, now walking towards us from the red carpet is the Salt Grain Couple—Song Yan and Wen Li!”

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