lso took on a different meaning or euphemism.

At the beginning, the audience believed this kind of rhetoric, but later it was only looked upon with ridicule.

However, even though no one went up to accept the award, the Golden Toilet, which has sung like a one-man show for decades, still relied on truth and transparency and has continuously won the support of the audience.

Xie Yu slowly put down his light brain, feeling a little headache coming on.

He understood that it was not only his personal problems that were involved in going on stage under such circumstances.

Accepting an award for a bad film will definitely leave a bad relationship with the film studio.

Those seniors who refused to accept the Golden Toilet will also probably not want to see or talk to him either if they were to meet.

But in any case, an apology was owed to the audience and must be voiced after all.

Xie Yu sighed, nestled in the seat to let himself go, and finally fell asleep lightly.

Xie Yu, who was by the window, rested peacefully, while Shen Qi, who was seated next to him, felt uncomfortable.

Facing the extremely restless Shen Liu today, as an older brother, he could only lock his younger brother in with his arms.

He was sleepy but he couldn’t sleep—once he felt Shen Liu making any movement, he had to open his eyes immediately to stop his younger brother from harassing the passenger next door.

“What’s going on with you today.” Shen Qi turned Shen Liu’s head and lowered his voice, “Forgot your guarantee before going out?”

“Whaooo—” Shen Liu didn’t move with his head hooped under his brother’s arms, but instead let out a soft howl.

Although Shen Qi with a keen sense of smell agreed with Shen Liu’s opinion in his heart, he still warned him, “Be polite, it’s someone else’s things, not yours.”

The cub let out a groan unwillingly, and collapsed in the arms of his guardian, motionless.

After comforting his younger brother, Shen Qi was finally free, but the aroma surrounding his nose left him unable to fall asleep no matter what.

That scent should be coming from pastries, and the other mysterious and special smell belonged to the human passenger next door.

In fact, any being can be singled out by Giant Cats like himself by their individual scent, and the human race was no exception.

This smell was faint, and it felt vaguely familiar.
It was indescribable, somewhat like an orange grove after the rain, but he didn’t know which planet he encountered it from in his memory—it was clean and fresh with a hint of sweetness.

The more he thought about it, the more entangled he became, and it was only his strictly ingrained etiquette that suppressed his urge to go around and take a sniff.

The long journey was quiet, and Xie Yu woke up when the spaceship reminded the passengers to eat.

After receiving the standard meal from the robot waiter, Xie Yu opened it and smelled it, then placed it back on the shelf under his seat.

He first put the almost empty biscuit bag on his lap, opened the cake box in his hand, confirmed that the smell of the cold cake was not too strong, and began to eat with a peace of mind accompanied with drinking water.

Xie Yu himself didn’t realize it, but Shen Qi and the cub next door clearly smelled an increasingly obvious fragrance.

Shen Liu swallowed unconsciously, and made a crisp grunt.

Shen Qi exerted strength with his hands, and firmly pressed his younger brother into his arms.

Xie Yu felt something was wrong while eating, his legs felt itchy inexplicably, so he looked down in a daze, and saw a fluffy and long gray tail emerging from next door, hooking his knees with a flick.
It also made a gesture like reaching out to him.

Xie Yu stopped biting his cake and observed it for a few seconds, and struggled to hold back his laughter.

The tail was very flexible, sweeping back and forth on Xie Yu’s thigh, like a pervert groping around, as if looking for something.

The tail was really funny, and it didn’t make him feel very annoyed or like he was being offended.

Xie Yu loved small animals, and now seeing his thighs being captured, his hand itched unbearably, and he pressed his palm on the big, gray, fur blanket.

He could clearly feel the fluffy and warm tail under his hand straighten for a moment, then he carefully hooked the tip and rolled it around his fingers.

Xie Yu finally couldn’t help it anymore, and let out a low laugh.

This laughter startled Shen Qi who was next door.

He didn’t react at first, but suddenly thought about the little brother in his arms, and he hurriedly checked Shen Liu’s posture, and saw his tail which had successfully escaped.

Shen Qi gritted his teeth and took a deep breath, really wanting to teach Shen Liu a lesson.

He stretched out his hand, but he didn’t dare to pull Shen Liu’s tail, he could only quickly reach out his hand around the partition, hoping that the passenger next door would not care about his brother’s rude behavior.

Xie Yu’s hand was still surrounded by the big tail, and he wanted to pull it away, but before he could move, he was touched by a big hand.

The two hands suddenly touched together, and quickly retreated, freezing in mid-air.

“Excuse me!”

“I’m very sorry.”

The two apologies overlapped, and the man next door repeated it again stubbornly and earnestly.

Xie Yu could only smile and say it was okay.

The tail was retracted, and Shen Liu’s whole body was controlled.
He wasn’t able to touch the cake, and instead was knocked on the forehead by Shen Qi, and began to snort in dissatisfaction.

Shen Qi rubbed his hand that was stretched out just now, held it to the tip of his nose, and took a breath.

After confirming the smell of that person, he remembered his voice from the few words that were said, feeling more and more familiar.

When the spaceship docked at the Tourist Star Airport, Xie Yu followed Zhou Cheng’s wishes and stayed in his seat for the time being, waiting for the flow of people in the spaceship to decrease before meeting with his manager and assistants.

As for Shen Qi next door, he originally wanted to take advantage of the process of getting off the spaceship to see who the other was, but he didn’t expect for there to be no movement even after waiting for a long time.

Thinking that it would be difficult to explain his motives if he stayed, he got up and took Shen Liu away.

Xie Yu and his group disembarked from the spacecraft, then took the special passage provided by the airport, and boarded an aircraft arranged by the reception staff of the film festival.

Xie Yu opened the visor of the aircraft and looked out through the transparent window.

Sure enough, this tourist star was completely different from the Capital Star.

With the film festival being held, all kinds of virtual banners were pulled up on all the tall and short buildings on the planet, and even many private aircrafts were sprayed with cartoon patterns of the film festival mascots on their exteriors.

Only now, seeing this, did Xie Yu truly feel the enthusiasm of the Interstellar citizens for entertainment culture.


Author’s Remarks: All interstellar races have humanoid forms, and the attack(gong) is part of the Interstellar Giant Cat clan, which has dual forms

TL: Oh my, they touched hands! >.<

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