“Did you hear that? The Imperial Newspaper of Economic Affairs recently updated the list of “10 businessmen who control the Empire”, and…!”

“Lady Primrose is in first place!”
“Dear heavens, how rich must the Lady be then?”

The heroine of the novel is my sister, Lilika.
That was an unchanging fact.
But at this moment, when everyone in the ballroom was paying attention to me, I felt like I was the protagonist.

‘I didn’t really want to reveal it at this moment, but it’s a bit surprising.’

A few days ago, my business, which I had been hiding due to fear of it being harmed by my image as a villainess, was revealed.
It was my great dramatic reversal, as I was known only as ‘the only stain in the duchy’, or ‘an idiot who can’t even keep up with her younger sister’.

“Since she was expelled from the Primrose duchy, she probably didn’t run her business using the family’s power.”
“That’s right, and compared to before, the Primrose family is…”
“Maybe the Newspaper of Economic Affairs is wrong? For example, maybe they took a bribe from Lady Primrose.
Ah, let’s not do this and ask her ourselves!”
“Yes, if she lies, it will be revealed right away!”

In my memory, the nobles of the social world were always stubborn.
They either looked at me, Lilika’s older sister, disapprovingly, using harsh words that they believed were advice to me, or they didn’t care about me at all because they were looking at Lilika.


Nevertheless, I guess they were too curious about my business for grace and honor to weigh heavily on their minds.

Seeing how quickly they were rushing towards me, maybe they weren’t satisfied with chattering among themselves.

“Hm, ahem.
Lady Primrose.
It’s been a long time.”

However, unlike their momentum at first, they couldn’t talk to me right away, and seemed to remember the words and actions they had been directing at me all this time.

‘Isn’t it unthinkable to talk to me first like this?’

I could see that they were pushing Lady Barmin, who had a point of contact with me, forward, even if they knew she was embarrassed.
At the very least, she only saw me a few times at Lilika’s social gatherings, and she didn’t talk much to me because she was only smiling at the kind Lilika.

Lady Primrose.
How have you been?”
“As you can see.”
“Ahaha… That’s a relief.
I was worried because I hadn’t seen you for a while.”

Even though it was difficult to pretend to be close all of a sudden, Lady Barmin continued to talk, firmly.

“Well, it’s really great to see you after a long time.
You’re dressed up so gorgeously… Huh?”

When the others poked her sides because she was only asking about my regards, Lady Barmin’s eyes suddenly opened wide.

“Dear heavens, are the diamonds on this necklace perhaps the ones that were mined recently in the Jenibe Mine?”

Her words were filled with sincerity for the first time.

When Lady Barmin raised her voice, those next to her also began to intervene by looking closely at the necklace I was wearing.

“It’s made with not just one of those precious diamonds, but with several of them? That’s unbelievable! Are they real diamonds and not a similar gem?”

I nodded without answering, and the faces of the people changed dramatically.

“Diamonds of such high quality would only be handled by the Imperial Merchant Guild.
Besides, a piece of jewelry of this quality has never been put up for sale…”
You know “Yunette”, which was in a partnership with the Imperial Merchant Guild? Is it true that Lady Primrose is the owner?”
“If you’re asking me if I established it myself, then that’s correct.”

Hearing my casual answer, a few of them gasped.
They looked back at each other and opened their eyes wide as if they couldn’t believe it.

“How did the Lady… I thought you weren’t knowledgeable about businesses…”
“No, I had a lot of interest.
It was a dream I had since childhood.”

I calmly opened my mouth.

The reason why I could say things that I would not have been able to say in the past due to my inferiority complex was probably because I left the people I was obsessed with and achieved great success.

“Maybe you didn’t know because you didn’t have any interest other than the fact that I am Lilika’s older sister.”

I didn’t mean to be so sarcastic, but the people I wasn’t even close with seemed to be bothered by what I said.

“Hm, ahem…”

I smiled kindly at them, who were at a loss, but as a vicious villainess and not a friendly protagonist, I did not say that it was fine.
I didn’t want to claim that the treatment I had received before was wrongful.

‘Would these people have been interested if I had not achieved amazing success in my business and been talked about in all kinds of media?’

Probably not.

The protagonist’s older sister.
Who would have thought that I, a villainess, would get the attention of so many people?

It was none of my business to feel sorry for those who showed signs of frustration while saying they would have gotten close to me if they knew this would happen.

“In any case, congratulations on your success.”
“Who knew Lady Primrose would be so successful? Hahaha.”

My expression did not change even as they tried to lighten the awkward mood somehow.

Then, a lady with aquamarine hair skillfully intervened among the people.
It was a familiar face.

“Sister, it’s been a long time!”
“Oh, your younger sister is here.”

The people quickly gave way to Lilika with relieved faces.
Even though she hadn’t done anything, I could feel the dreary mood starting to abate just from her appearance.

“Lady Primrose, I mean, Lady Lilika…”

They’re calling Lilika by her name because I’m here.
In the past, Lady Primrose meant Lilika without a doubt, so it was a remarkable change.
Noticing it, Lilika’s brows frowned lightly, then relaxed again.
It was a great performance.
Skillfully changing her expression, Lilika looked at me with the most pitiful gaze in the world.

“Why haven’t you contacted me? Even though you left the family because you did something wrong, I…”

Lilika’s eyes started tearing up, but my heart cooled.
Her words were secretly pointing out that I had left because I did something wrong.

“Come to think of it, Lady Yuria Primrose once…”

Thanks to that, people seemed to recall what rumors were circulating when I left the family.
This way, it might expose every single thing that was forgotten because of my great success.

“I’m glad you look good, though.
Dear heavens, you even sold the ‘Ruby of Radietta’ you got from Father.
I wondered if you were going to cut off relationships with the Primrose duchy because you sold the family’s jewelry.”

Lilika laughed softly in a trembling voice.
But I replied indifferently.

“That’s correct.
The fact that I drew a line with the Duke.”
“What? The Duke? Are you perhaps… talking about Father?”

There was a commotion inside the hall.
Lilika’s friendly expression turned into shock.

“That’s too much, Sister! Even if you were scolded, how can you address Father as ‘Duke’?”
I only did as he said, that I should never think of myself

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