“It’s not difficult, but…”

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He, who took me home, has carefully requested the next meeting.
Unlike the first time I said I would gladly do it, even if he didn’t ask for more, my appointment with Valery would be delayed several more times.

If I had to pick a reason, it’s because the emperor’s influence was huge.
In fact, the emperor appointed the first prince to be the crown prince earlier this year, but the information hasn’t spread yet.
That means there has been no official announcement about that.

The emperor constantly compares their sons as they grow up.
So Valery had a lot of busy days, and the reason why my appointment was delayed was the same.
I heard that the first prince left the capital for a while because of something, but it must have something to do with him.

Delkian Elova Kasinev, the first prince and soon-to-be crown prince if everything goes smoothly, is said to be good at diplomacy.
The two sons displayed their abilities in the right place and truly fit the title of the male protagonist’s sons.

I had seen the first prince from afar in the banquet hall.
I have to say that he looks a bit sensual because he resembles my father.
And thanks to his well-built younger brother, he looked a little small, although he’s not really that small.
Their physique couldn’t be compared to the average person’s physique.
However, unlike his naughty-looking appearance, he is said to be a great model student.
Fortunately or unfortunately, Delkian loved his younger brother very much and didn’t consider him as his opponent.

Did the book say that they were five years apart…?

Anyway, in the original story, Valery will be the crown prince because Delkian stepped down on his own later.

* * *

While my appointment with Valery was delayed, invitations from young ladies who I greeted or greeted me at the banquet came in a row.

I heard that nobles from distant territories get poorly treated in the capital.
Still, looking at the invitations that come in every morning, it doesn’t seem to be like that.
But, it may have happened because of two reasons.
Whether they are curious about my story with Valery or want the pearl.


I flipped through the pile of invitations and letters over and over again.

“This is not an invitation.”

Why did they put this here?

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It wasn’t an invitation but a note to fulfill my mother’s orders.
The source, of course, is Sir Shubart.
But we will have lunch together outside, not here? It only said he would send a carriage and didn’t say the exact destination.

Usually, I get up for a while to drink water and try to sleep again until tomorrow morning, but this time I had to choose a dress instead of sleeping.

“Choose a neat dress with a high neck…”

I focused on choosing a dress, looking at the note on the letter.
All dresses here were customized for the banquets, so I must find the neatest clothes possible.

“A carriage has arrived outside.”

A knock on the door was heard outside the dressing room, and then Ian’s voice was heard.

“I will get out soon.”

I handed the dress I picked out to the maid beside me.

“Bring the necklace that is not too big.
I’m going to wear it with this.”

“Yes, my Lady.”

It didn’t take long to dress up.
Unlike the hair that is always long flowing down to my waist, it is braided loosely to one side.
After getting ready, I slowly got on the carriage, but I was slightly annoyed.

“Why are we in such a hurry?”

The carriage was running so fast that the vibration made me feel unpleasant.
I wondered why, but it seemed we were going out of the capital.

“I’m sorry.
I think we need to hurry up a bit.”

“…Aren’t we going out to just have lunch?”

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It’s not like the dish will be running out when we arrive for lunch.
At that moment, Ian grabbed my waist tightly.
At the same time, I closed my eyes tightly at the sound of the coachman and the shock hitting my body.



I may have lost my mind for a while.
When I opened my eyes, I wasn’t in bed but lying on my side.
Ian hugged and protected me, but I couldn’t stop him from hitting my head.

I got up with my hands on his chest with pain all the way to my legs.
Strangely, my knee stings, and I see blood flowing from it.
I bit my lips in the rising irritation.
Still, I was careful not to get hurt.

“Are you crazy? You were in a hurry and…”

“Are you all right!!”

A strange noise was heard outside.
The carriage door, which should be on my side, opened above my head.
The feeling of light coming in from above made my legs weaken.

Those in imperial uniforms opened the carriage to check on the condition and repeatedly shouted loudly at me, asking if I was okay.

“It’s okay.
I just bumped into it a little bit.”

“Put your hand out! I’ll get you out!”

In the meantime, Ian tidied up my disheveled dress.
I tapped Ian’s hand and reached out to whoever asked me to hold his hand.
Soon they took my hand and lifted me up.

I wasn’t seriously hurt, but I guess I was surprised inside.
As soon as I got out of the carriage, my legs weakened again when the hand that had been helping me disappeared.

Ugh, this is so frustrating.
Since when did my lower body become this weak?

As soon as I was annoyed, I saw a pair of shoes that hadn’t been stained with a speck of single dust under my lowered gaze.
The other person knelt down when  I lifted my head and sat in front of me.

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“Are you okay?”

“…I’m okay.
It’s just that my legs lost their strength.”

No wonder everyone was wearing an imperial uniform.
In addition, it wasn’t so strange that I was shocked like this because the size of the carriage we bumped into was so large.
The carriage I rode in, which had an accident to avoid the imperial carriage, was quite damaged.

“Your Highness, we will solve it.”

“Get back.”

I looked at the man called as the Your Highness.
Somehow, he looked like Delkian Elova Kasinev.

But did I ever say that Prince 1 looked sensual?

If Valery Ahibara Kasinev gave a feeling like a pure white angel with a beautiful face, the first prince looked like a fallen angel hiding something evil.
His eyes, which looked thinner and sharper than Valery, reminded me of such an image.
Wouldn’t the emperor’s face look like that when he was young?

However, the pupils they each had were the opposite.
If Valery gave you that dangerous look, this person gave you a pure look.

“Can you get up?”

“Yes, I can.
Wait, Ian.”

However, If I get up like this, more blood will come out from the open wound.
I called Ian to get help, but there was no answer.
I looked up in embarrassment, but my eyes were with the first prince.
Soon, his gaze turned to the other side.

When I followed his gaze, blood was flowing from my injured knee.
It must have been torn, not just a wound.
I turned my head slightly and looked for Ian again.
Then, my gaze fell to the irreparable carriage.
The carriage had an accident, Ian had no intention of helping me, and the coachman who caused the accident didn’t look so daring to do that.


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I guess I’ve been living like a flower garden lately.
I realized it too late.
That this is the meeting place that Sir Shubart said.

‘Ah, shit, fu—’

I said all the swearing words I could say in my mind.
The letter means I have to work here, not to have lunch with Sir Shubart.

I let go of all of the strength in my body and raised my head sadly.

“I’m sorry, could you help me?”

Then Delkian reached out to me.
The man in the imperial uniform behind him was terribly surprised.

“Your Highness, I’ll do it!”

“No worries.
Responsibility for the carriage accident will be held later.
First of all, we have to check the Lady’s condition, so it would be better to go back to the Imperial Palace as we were on the way to enter the palace.”

He helped me up, and as I limped a little, he raised his eyebrows in dissatisfaction.

“Lady, I don’t think this will work, so I ask for your understanding.”

Before I could answer, he put his hands behind my waist and knees and lifted me up.

“We will go to the Imperial Palace first.
Will you be alright?”

They offered to take me to the Imperial Palace to ensure I was alright.
The person who ordered me must have been hoping for this, but I pressed down on my unwillingness to go and nodded.
Unexpectedly, I got into the imperial carriage going to the Imperial Palace when I had no plan to go there.

In the carriage, I received light treatment from the imperial doctor, and my knee was bandaged.
Fortunately, it wasn’t torn too much.
But if not treated properly, I think it will leave a scar.
Thanks to this, I had the most depressing day since I came to the capital.

Prince Delkian, who lifted me up in the carriage, was sitting opposite me and staring intently at my treated knee.
The dress I wore at best was torn, so even if I covered my body, only the injured knee wasn’t covered, and this messy situation didn’t improve. 

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